Time flies, and another day in a blink of an eye.

On this day, Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng had finished their breakfast and were about to play the piano.


The sky was rippling, and a huge flying boat lay across the sky.

"Rumeng, this is?"

Sun Hao squinted at Feizhou and asked.

"My son, it's Zhan Tianpeng and the others here." Huang Rumeng said.

"It's him?!"

Sun Hao's eyes gleamed.

He remembered that a few pictures were given to them, and each of them only received 50 blessing points.

I don’t know how much blessing value they can get when they come here this time and give them something?

Thinking about this, Sun Hao nodded secretly.

After a while.

Zhan Tianpeng flew down with Mo Haoshi and the two old men to the courtyard gate.


The door opened.

"Come in!" Huang Rumeng said.

"Thank you madam!"

Zhan Tianpeng clasped his fists in salute.

When Huang Rumeng heard this, his face turned red, and a happy smile was raised at the corner of his mouth.

She did not explain, but took the four people into the courtyard.

"Sure enough, a mortal!"

Mo Haoshi looked at Huang Rumeng's back, with a scornful smile that was fleeting.

Worship mortals as peerless immortals?

In order to see this mortal, he has to jump in space!

Is Zhan Tianpeng's brain sick?

Thinking of this, Mo Haoshi secretly smiled.

Although he thought so in his heart, he didn't dare to show half of his face.

He followed a few people and walked inside.


Mo Haoshi raised his eyebrows and looked up, his pupils constricted.

I saw a diversified **** lotus shaking in the wind.

The lotus is so large that it occupies the entire pond.

If there is a power of immortality, it floats from the lotus.


Mo Haoshi's face changed slightly, and he quickly retracted his gaze.

There is a demon fairy in this place, which is really extraordinary.

Is there really a peerless fairy?

Mo Haoshi played a drum in his heart, carefully following behind a few people.


At this time, a duck cry sounded.

Mo Haoshi spoke subconsciously: "Duck?"

With this sound.


A coercion swept the Quartet, and in an instant, it wrapped Mo Hao Shi.

At this moment, Mo Haoshi seemed to be in the Jiuyou Infernal Prison, his whole body cold.

It is extremely difficult to move a finger.

"Dare to call the old man duck, you are the second one! Even the master just called me a chicken! You are too presumptuous!"

Like a billowing thunder, it blasted in Mo Hao's head.

His scalp was numb and his back became cold.

Squinting, his whole body trembled.

"This...this is the Nine Heavens God Luan, I can actually see this kind of beast? This...this is a dream!"

"Is it what I exported just now?"

At this point, Mo Haoshi quickly showed weakness, "Sorry, senior!"

"Huh, sorry, forget it? If you don't today..."

The words did not fall.

"Xiaoying, if you fry the hair again, I will definitely stew you!"

With this sound.

The pressure on Mo Haoshi's body instantly dissipated.

He looked up, his pupils constricted.

I saw that the Nine Heavens God Luan was surrounding a mortal, rubbing his trousers.

That look is like a licking dog!

The dignified beast turned into a licking dog?

God, is this a dream?

By the way, the master it said just now, could it be this mortal?

One thought ends here.


Mo Haoshi took a few breaths.

This mortal, I'm afraid it is far less simple than the surface.

Apparently, Zhan Tianpeng was right.

But what?

Let me honestly hand over "Xuantianwen" and be a licking dog?

"Xuantianwen" is my life!

Let me surrender my life?

Don't think about it!

Thinking of this, Mo Haoshi revealed a touch of determination.

Even if it is death, it must not show weakness, let alone hand over "Xuantianwen"!

He followed Zhan Tianpeng carefully.

I saw that in front of him, the three of Zhan Tianpeng were also shocked.

For a while, there was no way to calm down.

Long time.

Zhan Tianpeng calmed down, walked in front of Sun Hao, respectfully saluted, "I have seen the son!"

"You are polite, sit down and rest for a while!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, I..."

Zhan Tianpeng looked at Mo Haoshi with a look of shame.

This guy didn't seem to have the meaning of "Xuantianwen" at all.

How to do?

If you can't complete the task the son confided, what should I do?

"Zhan Shao, please tell me something, you don't have to be polite!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, I want to buy a boat core from you!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

"Zhou nuclear?" Sun Hao was taken aback.

He can indeed make a boat core, does this guy really want it?

I don't know if I can get lucky value if I sell it to him.

Last time, it seemed to sell his picture scroll, and he also got 50 blessing points.

I just thought of giving them something.

Now it seems that there is no need to think about it.

"My son, just the boat core you portrayed last time. I'm willing to give out 1,000 immortal crystals. What do you think?" Zhan Tianpeng asked.

1,000 cents of gold? Such a high price?

No problem at all!

Even if he gave himself a piece of fairy crystal, he did not hesitate to agree.

"no problem!"

Sun Hao nodded, "But, now I don't have a finished product. You can sit down for a while, and I'll come as I go!"

"Master, wait!"

Zhan Tianpeng stopped Sun Hao.


"My son, this is Mo Haoshi. He heard that your formation is outstanding and wants to observe your engraving. Do you think it is okay?"

Speaking of this, Zhan Tianpeng lowered his head and looked extremely nervous.

So I shouldn't make this request myself.

Hey, I blame myself for wanting to complete the task of the son.

"of course can!"

Without any hesitation, Sun Hao nodded and agreed.

"Several people are sitting in the pavilion, I'll get the tools!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, son!"

After Sun Hao left, several people walked into the pavilion and stood there.

Mo Haoshi sneered inwardly.

"Engraved boat core? Haha!"

"I want to see how a mortal carve a boat core!"

No matter how much Mo Haoshi concealed it, it was difficult to conceal his contempt.


Sun Hao took a carving knife and walked out with a few pieces of wood.

Mo Haoshi narrowed his eyes to look at the carving knife, no matter how he looked, it was a carving knife used by mortals.

It is generally used for carpentry work, not to mention engraving the pattern, even on the iron, it is difficult to leave a mark.

Use wood to make a boat core?

Is this guy here to be funny?

After a slight glance, Mo Haoshi retracted his gaze and stopped looking.

"Several people, wait a while, it will be fine soon!"

After speaking, Sun Hao picked up the carving knife and moved quickly.

The carving knife was in his hand, like a dragon and a flying phoenix, and soon he carved a wooden ball.

Then Sun Hao continued his actions.

The ancient formations were carved on the wooden ball by him.

Mo Haoshi was instantly attracted by Sun Hao's actions.

He opened his mouth, trembling up and down, without uttering a word for a long time.

That kind of shock.

That kind of unbelief.

That kind of admiration.

Write all over the face.

His eyeballs followed Sun Hao's hand, moving.

Until Sun Hao completed the engraving, he still did not recover from the shock.

He stood there stupidly, his mouth wide open.

The whole body was trembling slightly.


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