That carving knife is not a mortal thing at all!

But I can't see the rank at all!

That wood is not ordinary wood, not even spirit wood.

There is only one possibility, that is fairy wood!

Engraving the boat core with immortal wood, this... Isn't this too rich?

Mo Haoshi's heart felt as if he was hit by a huge wave of 10,000 meters.

The whole heart was torn apart and hard to heal.

Everything today is beyond imagination.

What shocked him most was that Sun Hao's supreme engraving technique.

It seems that it is natural and automatic, and it is impossible to fault it.

In the entire history of refining, who can achieve this level?

Just ask, who else?

This must be a dream!

This is absolutely false!

He must be hanging up!

Mo Haoshi pinched himself a few times, grinning with pain.

Suddenly, he raised his eyebrows.

His eyes were fixed on the wooden ball in Sun Hao's hand.

Why are you so familiar?

No, this is my own formation that imitated "Xuantianwen"!

How did he reach this kind of situation in his hands?

Perfect and flawless, I can't fault it.

It is even more perfect than the formation on "Xuantianwen".

In this world, there is such a great master of the battle?

This... This is God's favor of the old man, right?

In Mo Haoshi's eyes, tears were involuntarily shed.

Sun Hao took the engraved boat core and looked up and down.

"What's the matter? Isn't it bright?" Sun Hao looked puzzled.

"My son, you need this!"

Huang Rumeng took out the fairy crystal and handed it to Sun Hao.


Sun Hao picked up a piece of fairy crystal and placed it on the boat core.


The fairy crystal turned into strands of blue light and poured into the boat core.

On the boat core, hundreds of striped roads light up quickly.

"not enough?"

Sun Hao directly put the boat core on the pile of immortal crystals.


Pieces of fairy crystals melt at a speed visible to the naked eye, turning into ray of light, and blending into the boat core.

It took a hundred pieces of fairy crystals to activate all the lines on the boat core.

The light blue light gushes out, like a gem, extremely bright.

"What? Swallowing immortal power, this...this is the immortal level boat core!"

"This is a hundred times stronger than the boat core that I portrayed. No, it's a thousand times, ten thousand times more!"

"Not a grade at all!"

"I, Mo Haoshi, is fortunate enough to meet these people!"

Then what is there to hesitate.


It sounded.

Sun Hao was taken aback.

I saw Mo Haoshi knelt in front of him, clinging to his feet.

"Master, please be respected by the disciples!"

After speaking, he performed the ceremony of three kneeling and nine knocking.

Such a scene not only scared Sun Hao in place.

It even shocked the people of Zhan Tianpeng.

Mo Haoshi, an old stubborn, has no moral integrity?

Is this a dream?

In the next second, several people were surprised.

I saw that Mo Haoshi took out an ancient booklet after he finished the ceremony, which read: "Xuantian Pattern".

These words strongly stimulated several people's eyeballs.

"Master, here is a little gift from the disciple, please accept it!"

Mo Hao presented the "Xuantianwen" with both hands, with an extremely respectful expression.

It took a long time for Sun Hao to come back to his senses.

What's the situation?

Okay, how do you kneel?

Call yourself a master?

Did you agree?

This person just looked contemptuous, don't think you haven't seen it.

Why did he change his face in the blink of an eye?

Is it because he engraved the boat core?

Thinking of this, Sun Hao quickly understood.

He picked up "Xuantianwen" and began to check it.

"Xuantianwen?" Sun Hao muttered.

Then, they began to read.

After Sun Hao took a look at each formation pattern, he remembered it in his mind, even if he wanted to forget it.

Moreover, I can find out the shortcomings inside and amend it myself.


Turn page by page.

Mo Haoshi glanced around, his heart beating violently.

"It's page 32, Master turned to page 32, my God!"

Mo Haoshi's heart was indescribably impacted by the huge waves.

This "Xuantianwen" is overwhelming.

No matter how strong they are, they can’t read them.

I used all my strength and couldn't turn to page 4.

Unexpectedly, Master turned to page 32 so easily.

Too tough!

Too mighty!

Too domineering!

After a while.

"Page 58!"

"80 pages!"

"120 pages!"


"The first half is finished?"

Mo Haoshi was dumbfounded, unable to calm down for a long time.

The first half is all ancient formations.

That being said, the master's understanding is incredible, unimaginable!

In the bottom half, that is about runes.

This is used to engrave talisman seals. Without the talent for writing talisman seals, it is impossible to read them.

Is it possible that the master wants to read it?

"What? Open it?"

"Master is actually Master Fu Zhuan?"


"Turn 12 pages?"

"Page 25."

"Page 63."


"Finished reading?"

Mo Haoshi looked at Sun Hao, dumbfounded.

The coercion on this "Xuantianwen" has doubled.

There is no way to imagine how strong the pressure on the last page is.

Only the supreme talent can read it.

Master has turned all the way to the end with ease?

Moreover, there is not the slightest discomfort.

What kind of evildoer is Master? It's so terrifying!

Master, you are in the hearts of disciples, that is God!

Mo Haoshi's face was filled with admiration and fiery eyes.

"This formation map is good, put it away!"

After speaking, Sun Hao handed the "Xuantianwen" back to Mo Haoshi.


Like a thunder.

Mo Haoshi's head was blank.

Master, is this unwilling to accept himself as a disciple?

How should this be done?

I finally found a master, but I didn't want to accept myself.

Do not!

Even if you die, you must worship the master as your master!

Thinking like this, Mo Haoshi fell on his knees and walked forward.

Kneeling directly in front of Sun Hao, tightly hugging his thigh.

"Master, please, accept me!"

"Master, the disciple can't live without you!"

"You are the beacon in my heart, illuminating my direction!"

"Master, please accept this disciple's gift!"


Mo Haoshi cried bitterly and didn't mean to let go.

When Sun Hao saw this scene, three black lines appeared on his forehead.

This old man, he has noticed.

Naturally majestic, not easy to approach.

I did not dare to ask.

Unexpectedly, under the majestic appearance, it turned out to be like this.

This is really hard to describe in words.

the other side.

The three of Zhan Tianpeng almost dropped their jaws in shock.

Wouldn't he be willing to hand over "Xuantianwen" if he said that he died?

Why, in the blink of an eye, he cried and begged to send it out?

Moreover, has become a licking dog?

Licking so smart!

What a shame!

This old guy is too cunning.

"Get up first!" Sun Hao said.

"I don't, I don't, Master, if you don't accept me, I won't get up!"

"Even if you kill me, the disciple won't get up!"

Mo Haoshi resolutely shook his head, without any intention of getting up.

Seeing this scene, Sun Hao showed a look of helplessness.

This is really a toilet stone, smelly and hard.

However, how can he accept disciples as a mortal?

Teach him to strike iron? Teach him to sculpt? Teach him to draw...

Is he that piece of material?

"I have written down all this "Xuantianwen", it is useless to hold it, you take it back, it may help!" Sun Hao said.

The words came out.


Like the nine gods of thunder, it exploded in the minds of several people.

That shocking color is beyond words.

I thought I looked up at Master.

It seems that it is far from enough.

Those who can remember such ancient patterns and runes at once, will definitely not find a second person today.

Master is definitely the Grandmaster of the Supreme Immortal Array! Moreover, he is the supreme master of runes!

Must become a master apprentice!

for sure!

Mo Haoshi clenched his fists, his face firm.

He clung to Sun Hao's thigh tightly, and didn't mean to let go.

"Master, you can refuse to accept the gift, but the apprentice can't refuse to accept it!"

As soon as he said this, the air around him stagnated.

Infinite coercion swept all around and pressed straight towards Mo Hao Shi.


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