The old man's punch was shocking.


Around him, the air kept trembling, as if it was about to burst.

Without any accident, the old man blasted his fist above the big formation.


There was a loud bang, deafening.

The large array trembles a few times, and an incomparable counter-shock force is generated and hits the old man.

Seeing this scene, the old man's face changed drastically.

"not good!"

The old man retreated physically.

However, there is no time.


There was a loud noise.

The old man flew out like a broken kite, raining blood in the sky.

Finally, he fell heavily to the ground.

"Fang Bo!"

Zhan Tianpeng's expression changed slightly, and he ran over to help the old man.

"Young Master, I'm fine, I just suffered a little injury!"

The old man waved his hand to signal that he was okay.

Then he stood up.

The three returned to the same place again.

When the Chuanxin disciple saw this scene, his face changed slightly.

He was not killed by the formation?

This matter must be reported to the palace lord.

Thinking about this, the Chuanxin disciple left quickly.

"Bo Fang, are you okay?" Zhan Tianpeng asked.

"Young Master, I'm really fine, all thanks to the Lord's meal, my physical body is strengthened!"

"Otherwise, the force of the counter-shock just now will definitely make me shattered!" said the old man.

Hearing this, Zhan Tianpeng let out a sigh of relief.

He looked at the direction of Big Demon Mountain with a grateful expression, "Master, thank you!"

"Don't worry, what you confessed, even if it is dead, Tianpeng will definitely complete it!"

Zhan Tianpeng clenched his fists, looking at the big formation, his fighting spirit rose.


He rose into the sky, stood quietly in the sky, and was about to shoot.

At this time.


There was a sound.

I saw that Luo Liuyan came quickly.

"Are you Luo Liuyan?" Zhan Tianpeng asked.

"Yes! Why are you looking for me?"

"If you are investigating the news of gods and treacherous people, please go back!" Luo Liuyan asked.

"Of course not, do we have a good conversation inside?" Zhan Tianpeng said.


Luo Liuyan looked confident and didn't care that the few people were half immortals.

When they came to the hall, everyone took their seats.

"Lord Luo, I heard that you have established an alliance for suppressing evil, and I admire it very much. Come today, I have a treasure to send, so I can do my best!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

"Oh? What treasure?" Luo Liuyan asked.

"A peerless painting!"

After speaking, Zhan Tianpeng took out a picture scroll and said.

Peerless paintings?

Did this guy come to be funny?

Today, whose painting can be compared with the son?

Such a vulgar thing, too embarrassed to take it out?

Zhan Tianpeng didn't care about the contemptuous smiles on Luo Liuyan's faces.

I'll see it later, it will brighten your eyes!


After speaking, Zhan Tianpeng opened the picture scroll.

This is a "Moon Appreciation Picture". In the painting, the family reunites with a strong sentiment and rhyme.

At the moment when they saw this painting, Luo Liuyan and a few people stood up.

Familiar taste!

This painting must be made by the son!

Is this person related to the son?

It must be so.

If so, then it cannot be offended.

Thinking about this, Luo Liuyan calmed down after taking a long breath.

"Are you really Zhan Tianpeng?" Luo Liuyan asked.

"Replacement like fake!" Zhan Tianpeng nodded.

"Where did you get this painting?" Luo Liuyan said.

Hearing this, Zhan Tianpeng's face showed arrogance, "It was given by a peerless immortal!"

Luo Liuyan nodded slightly, it seemed that it was correct!

"Tell me your true purpose?" Luo Liuyan asked.

Zhan Tianpeng smiled slightly, "Palace Master Luo, I know that you have a close relationship with the gods and wicked people. This time I came here to find out about the gods and wicked people according to the request of the peerless immortal!"

The words came out.

Luo Liuyan and Chen Daoming looked at each other, dumbfounded.

The son wants to inquire about his own news?

"It's not impossible to inquire about the gods and treacherous people, but tell me everything you met that peerless immortal, and don't hide anything, otherwise, I won't tell you!" Luo Liuyan said .


Then, Zhan Tianpeng spoke.

When I met Sun Hao, I didn't have any reservations.

Wait for Zhan Tianpeng to finish.


Luo Liuyan and Chen Daoming breathed a sigh of relief.

After calming down, Luo Liuyan said, "Actually, you have already seen the gods and treacherous people!"


Have you ever seen a godly treacherous person?


I don't know how.


Zhan Tianpeng seemed to have thought of something.

The pupils contracted and his face changed slightly.

"Palace Master Luo, you are... Do you mean that the peerless immortal I saw is a **** and treacherous person?" Zhan Tianpeng asked.

"Not bad!" Luo Liuyan nodded.


The three of Zhan Tianpeng gasped.

Unexpectedly, what I saw turned out to be a **** and treacherous person.

Then why does he want to see himself?

What is the reason for this?

Zhan Tianpeng was stunned.

"Palace Master Luo, the young man wants to see himself?" Zhan Tianpeng asked.

Luo Liuyan smiled slightly, revealing an unpredictable smile.

"There are two reasons. First, the son is a mortal, so naturally he can't penetrate what he has done!"

"Second, it is more complicated!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Please also Palace Master Luo for advice or two, Tianpeng is grateful!" Zhan Tianpeng clasped his fists.

"Say it!"

"How about I exchange a painting with you?" Luo Liuyan asked.

"Of course, even if this painting is given to the leader of Luo, there is no problem!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

"That's not necessary!"

After finishing speaking, Luo Liuyan took out a "Climbing Chart" and gave it to Zhan Tianpeng.

Zhan Tianpeng's pupils shrank and his face was shocked, "This...this is also what the son did!"

"Not bad!"

Luo Liuyan nodded.

"Thank you Lord Luo, please help me out!" Zhan Tianpeng clasped his fists.

"You don't have to be polite, Zhan Shao, I ask you, have you heard of what the son did?" Luo Liuyan asked.


"The son has done everything he can to make arrangements in advance, destroy the demons, kill the blood phoenix... he is simply the savior!"

"These deeds are a role model for my generation!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

Luo Liuyan nodded, "If you were the Lord of Demons, what would you do?"

"Naturally, I hate the son to the bone, and try to get rid of it quickly!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

"Good point!"

Luo Liuyan stood up with a serious look, "Now, the two demons and demons want to destroy the son, they do everything they want!"

"The son can naturally count all of this, but he is currently undergoing a clean repair, so it is not appropriate to come forward."

"The son said this, in fact, he wanted to find someone to become a **** and treacherous man!"

"In this way, the son can make better arrangements behind the scenes!"

"Do you understand what I mean?" Luo Liuyan said.

Hearing this, Zhan Tianpeng took a few breaths.

It turned out that the son meant this!

I am stupid, I don't even know.

If it weren't for coming to the Yaochi Palace today, I would have missed what the young master meant!

At that time, the trouble was big!

What if the demons and demons find the son's true body and destroy it at all costs?

Thinking of this, Zhan Tianpeng's body trembled.

It took a long time before he calmed down.

He looked at Luo Liuyan with a look of gratitude.

"Leader Luo's words really made me start!"


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