"Master, why did you change the "Climbing Picture"?" Su Yiling looked puzzled.

"It's very simple. The son sent him the "Moon Appreciation Picture", which must have its deep meaning, and the "Moon Appreciation Picture" must be accepted!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Master, just accept it, why change?"

"Because "Moon Viewing Picture" is a good fortune given to him by the son, how can we take it?"

"Master, can't you replace it with "Dragon Rising Clouds" or other paintings?"

"No, these five paintings are a whole, inseparable, there must be other deep meanings! As for your "Green Pine Map", it is already incomplete!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Oh fine!"

Su Yiling curled her lips and nodded slightly.



Above Tianluo Continent, on a flying boat flying to the Holy Land.

The three of Zhan Tianpeng sat together.

"Young Master, Young Master, let us find a substitute, who should we find?" Fang Lao said.

"Do you still need to think about it, young master, let me come!" Zheng Lao said.

Hearing this, Zhan Tianpeng shook his head slightly.

"No! Since the son didn't name me to wait for me to act as a **** and treacherous person, that's no good!"

"Besides, our strength is still too weak, facing the evil race, we are far from opponents!"

"Our deaths are small, and we haven't finished what the prince confessed, that will be a big deal!"

"Therefore, the stronger the person you are looking for, the better, so that you can have longer time for your son to make arrangements!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

The two old men nodded slightly.

"Young Master, the strongest in the entire Tianluo Continent is the ancestors of the three great families, shall we find them?" Fang Lao asked.

"That's the only way! I heard that the ancestor of the Xuanyuan family also learned about the son, so I must agree to it!"

"However, I think the Xuanyuan family ancestor's strength is still low!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

"Young Master, do you want to invite immortals?" Fang Lao asked.

"It's better to invite a fairy!" Zhan Tianpeng nodded.

"However, the Nine Immortals of Human Race have not shown up for tens of thousands of years, and how can they please move?" Fang Lao looked puzzled.

"As sincerely, Jinshi is open, I think we will tell you everything, the fairy may agree!"

"The hardest thing now is to find immortals!"

This was just finished.


A shock rang.

Zhan Tianpeng took out a jade slip from his arms and saw the news above, his eyes bloomed with strange brilliance.

I saw that it said: Young Master, the spies are here to report, Yuji Cave Mansion is opened, presumably Yujizi is back.

It's so unintentional!

At first, I tried my best to find immortals.

In the end, there was no alternative, all the spies were deployed in the Dongfu where Jiuxian lived.

As long as the fairy returns, let them send a message.

Unexpectedly, immortals really appeared now.

"Look!" Zhan Tianpeng showed the letter jade slip to the two old men.

When the two old men looked at them, their pupils could not help but their faces were shocked.

"Young Master, God bless you, this time the master's account can be completed!" Fang Lao said.


"How can there be such a coincidence in this world?" Zhan Tianpeng smiled and shook his head.

Hearing this, Fang Lao frowned slightly, as if thinking of something, his pupils could not help but shrink.

"Young Master, what do you mean is that all this is considered good by the son?"

"The son is counted as Yujizi was born, want to ask him to be a **** and treacherous man?"

"Not bad!"

Zhan Tianpeng nodded secretly, his heart beating violently.

If it weren't for a trip to Yaochi Palace, how could I understand this?

The son is really doing everything and controlling everything!

It's completely supreme!

I wait, as a **** in the hands of the son, and help the son in the next big game.

This is truly the supreme glory!

"Young Master, this jade jade has lived for tens of thousands of years, I'm afraid I won't move, please!" Fang Lao said.

"Yes, young master!" Zheng Lao said.

Zhan Tianpeng smiled slightly, "Don't worry about this, what I am worried about now is that I can't find the trace of Yujizi!"

"My son, do you have a clever plan?"

"Natural!" Zhan Tianpeng smiled slightly.



God West Courtyard.

Outside the large array, thousands of people stood there, waiting quietly.

Among them, there is Fang Ning, the elder of the Fang family in the Northern Territory.

Fang Ning folded his arms and stood there with nearly a thousand people.

Not far from them, it was the gate of God's West Courtyard.

Outside the gate formation, there were nearly a thousand middle-aged men in black robes sitting cross-legged on the ground.

They are all embroidered with the mark of Shang Cangyuan.

The headed person is dressed in a purple robe.

He held the scabbard in his right hand, sat on the ground, closed his eyes, and did not move.

Even if he has not opened his eyes, the power radiates from him, making people afraid to approach him.

"Who is that person? So powerful!"

"You don't know him, he is the supervisor of the Supreme Court—Jiang Kun!"

"What? Is that Jiang Kun who has reached two and a half steps?"

"Yes, it's him!"

Farther away, there are many other sect people.

They looked at the Cangxi Courtyard and discussed with each other.

Look at it at a glance.

The ground and the sky are densely packed with people.

There are so many, I'm afraid there are tens of thousands.

"It's been so long, why doesn't this Wenrenshi come back?"

"It's you, do you dare to come back? There are many half immortals! Not to mention, there are also two-step half immortals like Jiang Kun and Fang Ning!"

"Yeah, most dare not come back!"

"If you don't come back again, the position of the dean of the Cang Cang West Court is about to change!"



An exclamation shocked the audience.

Looking around, the pupils of many immortal cultivators shrank, and their faces were full of surprises.

"That's Wenrenshi, great, he's back!"

"How dare he come back? How courageous!"

"This is interesting, let's see how he handles it?"

"Cope? It's not about handing over the fairy sword honestly and telling the traces of the gods and cunning men!"

"If we can learn about the traces of the gods and treacherous men, I'm afraid we will be able to get earth-shattering fortune!"

"Shocking good fortune ass, so many people rushing in, the gods and cunning people will definitely be unhappy, be careful of the gods and cunning people slap everyone to death!"

The whole scene became more and more intense.

Many immortal cultivators leaned to the Shang Cangyuan to seek the best observation position.

Outside the gate of God's Court.

"Back?" Fang Ning opened his eyes and the corners of his mouth turned up.

"I thought you were not coming back!"

Jiang Kun also suddenly opened his eyes and spoke lightly with a calm expression on his face.

In the sky.


A Changhong arrived quickly.

He is Wenrenshi.

He watched this scene and couldn't help but frown slightly.

What's the situation?

Dare to encircle the Cangyuan?

A lot of courage!

Suddenly, Wen Renshi raised his eyebrows and stared directly at the gate of God's Court.

"The Supervisory Envoy of the God Court-Jiang Kun?"

"Fang Ning, the Great Elder of the Fang Family in the Northern Territory?"

The comer is not good!

But what?

No matter what your purpose is, does the old man need to be afraid of you?


Wen Renshi slowly landed.

He walked directly to Jiang Kun, held his fists and bowed, "I don't know what the supervisory envoy is coming.

The corner of Jiang Kun's mouth raised slightly, and he said, "Don't worry, we will talk about it when you solve your own affairs first!"

After speaking, Jiang Kun continued to close his eyes.

It looks like a poisonous snake hiding in the dark, which makes people very uncomfortable.


Wen Renshi smiled slightly, turned around, stood a step forward, and spoke loudly.

"Everyone, what do you do if you come to my God West Courtyard?"


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