"President Wen, I heard that you are very close to the gods, is it true?"

"Wenrenshi, chance needs to be shared, don't swallow it alone!"

"That is, you tell us the whereabouts of the gods and treacherous men, otherwise, I am afraid that this matter today will not be good!"

Many immortal cultivators flew forward and shouted loudly.

Hearing this, Wen Ren Shi's mouth raised his mouth, "Are you waiting for this to threaten me?"

"What about the threat?"

At this time, a strong man galloped over and stood directly in front of Wenrenshi.

Seeing this person, the immortal cultivator looked surprised.

"It's him? Boss hammer!"

"What? Boss Big Hammer? He is out of the mountain?"

"Even the Fang family is here, what is a big hammer boss?"

The gazes of the immortal cultivators were all on the old monster of giant hammer.

I saw that he patted his round belly and took out a black hammer.

Stopping forward, pointing at Wenrenshi, shouted: "Wenrenshi, seeing that you are the dean of the West Court of God, the old boss will let you go!"

"As long as you tell the whereabouts of the gods and treacherous people, and at the same time hand over the fairy sword, the old boss will spare you his life, what do you think?"

The threat is extremely strong.

"Ha ha……"

Wen Renshi smiled slightly, his expression indifferent, "What if not?"

"You, there is no doubt that you will die today!" The giant hammer boss raised the hammer.

"is it?"

The corner of Wenrenshi's mouth raised, and his figure disappeared instantly.

Go with the lightning, and go straight to the old monster of the giant hammer.

Upon seeing this scene, Boss Hammer showed a scornful smile on his face.

The hammer that had been charged a long time ago was aimed at Wenrenshi, and then he smashed it down.


There was a loud noise.

The hammer in the hands of the giant hammer boss was blasted into powder by Wen Renshi's punch.

At the same time, his body flew upside down like a broken kite.


Falling to the ground, a deep hole was smashed.

The old sledgehammer covered his chest, his face extremely ugly.

Pointing to Wenrenshi, ""

The words did not fall.


His body shattered directly into powder, and disappeared when the wind blew.

Such a scene strongly stimulated the eyes of a crowd of cultivators.

The whole scene was extremely silent.

All are dumbfounded.


Didn't call the spiritual power, and killed the giant hammer boss?

Even the hammer in the hands of the giant hammer boss exploded into powder?

How strong is this physical body?


The air-conditioning sounds came one after another.

A group of immortal cultivators looked at Wenrenshi, their faces full of jealousy.

A trace of fear flashed across Fang Ning and Jiang Kun's faces.

a long time.

The talents gradually recovered.

Immediately afterwards, the explosion sound continued.

"God, this Wenrenshi is a monster!"

"When have you seen him so powerful?! It still needs to be seen, it must be the good fortune he got from the gods and treacherous men!"

"If I can learn the whereabouts of the gods and treacherous people, I can also get this kind of good luck!"

The cultivators were dumbfounded, with fiery eyes all over their faces.

"Who else?"

Wen Renshi stood in the square, looking around.

Everyone who bumped into each other bowed their heads and dared not face it.

"President Wen!"

At this moment, Fang Ning stepped forward with a confident expression.

"Elder Fang, something?" Wen Renshi said.


Fang Ning stepped forward and said, "Our Fang family genius-Fang Xiaoxiao was seriously injured in the Blood Phoenix Nest, and his foundation was damaged!"

"Even the protector died tragically inside, but you walked out intact! You have to give my Fang family an account of this matter!"

"Explain?" Wen Renshi sneered, "What do you want to explain?"

"It is not easy for our family to cultivate geniuses. As the dean of the West Cangyuan Hospital, you will not be saved! This matter is both reasonable and unreasonable!"

"Come here today, we won't force you, you just need to hand over the fairy sword!" Fang Ning said.

"What if I don't pay?" Wen Renshi said.

"Haha, what do you think?" Fang Ning's face was murderous.

"If I handed the Immortal Sword to you, then, would Supervisor Jiang let me go?"

"I'm just a fairy sword, how should this be divided?" Wen Renshi said.

"Of course it is for me!"

At this time, Jiang Kun stood up.

"Why?" Fang Ning sneered.

"I am a member of the Supreme Court, and I am stronger than you!"

As soon as Jiang Kun released his breath, he walked towards Fang Ning step by step.


Fang Ning took two steps back in a row, with a look of fear.

He pointed to Jiang Kun, "You... have you broken through?"

"Haha, what do you think?" Jiang Kun said lightly.

"You... how about your breakthrough, the big deal is that the fish die and the net is broken! This fairy sword, our Fang family is bound to win!" Fang Ning said.

"Now that it's useless to say so much, it's better to take the fairy sword and distribute it, what do you think?" Jiang Kun said.

"it is good!"

The two of them stared directly at Wen Renshi.

Jiang Kun walked straight to Wenrenshi and stretched out his hand, "Bring the fairy sword!"

"You want?" Wen Renshi said.

"En!" Jiang Kun looked stagnant and nodded slightly.

"Yes, just say it, don't you say how do I know you want it?" Wen Renshi said.

Jiang Kun's face changed slightly, his breath surged, and he rushed away.

However, it was useless.

Wenrenshi stood there, motionless.

"Did I say I want to give it to you?" Wen Renshi said with a smile, and immediately put away the fairy sword.

The words came out.

The air around was stagnant.

Everyone had unbelief written on their faces, staring at this scene in a daze.

Wenrenshi plays with supervisors!

Is he going to rebel?

Now, no one can save him!

The corners of Jiang Kun's mouth twitched slightly, his face was blue, his fists creaked.

As a supervisor, he has great power in the Supreme Court, and he has never suffered such humiliation.

"Are you kidding me?" Jiang Kun's voice was cold.

"what do you think?"

After Wen Renshi finished speaking, his face gradually became cold.

The meaning of slaying, continuous rise.

"Don't think I don't know why you are here?"

"Monitor? My pooh!"

"Listen, everyone, the gods and treacherous people are repairing, and no one can disturb!"

"You can't wait to fight the demons, and will only attack the same clan. It's despicable and shameless!"

"Since you want to seize my fairy sword and good fortune, you must have the consciousness of death!"

"Also, if anyone dares to inquire the old man about the whereabouts of the gods and cunning men, die!"

Hearing the sound of people and rocks, like rolling thunder, echoing between heaven and earth.

After speaking, Wen Renshi took a big step and walked to the West Cangyuan.

Stupid, dumb, stunned...

Everyone was stunned and couldn't believe it.

A Dean of Ascended Realm, so arrogant in front of so many half immortals?

Jiang Kun watched this scene, full of secret hatred.

He and Fang Ning glanced at each other and nodded at the same time.


With a wave of hands, each took two and a half immortals, and went straight to Wenrenshi.

With one shot, all six are killer moves.


The sky and the earth trembled and the waves of air howled.

The shock wave spread out in layers.

The crackling sound kept ringing.

Many immortal cultivators flew away, away from the battle center.

Sensing the attack behind him, Wen Renshi coldly smiled.

"Since you want to die, don't blame the old man for being ruthless!"

He stood there, without any intention of moving.

"Boom! Boom..."

There was a loud noise and howled.

The explosion sounded continuously.

The dazzling light makes people unable to open their eyes.

After a long time, the surroundings were quiet and calm.

Everyone opened their eyes and saw the scene in front of them. They couldn't help their pupils shrink, and they couldn't believe it.

I saw Wenrenshi standing in place, intact.

Fang Ning and Jiang Kun widened their eyes and looked unbelieving.

The body trembled involuntarily.

What kind of monster is this?

The six-person trick, even if it is four and a half steps, is afraid that it will be seriously injured.

And he has no scars at all?

Can it be so strong just by relying on the flesh?

This is impossible!

The two kept shaking their heads, unable to believe everything in front of them.

At the moment they were stunned, Wen Renshi quickly shot and grabbed the heads of two and a half immortals.


Two sounds sounded at the same time.

The two of them hadn't reacted yet, their heads cracked, and red and white things splashed everywhere.


The headless corpse fell softly.


The other two half-immortals exploded and quickly flew away.

It's just that, where is too late.


The heads of the two also exploded.

Finally, like a weak chicken, he fell to the ground softly, and after a few convulsions, there was no movement.


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