"What happened? How did the forbidden area explode?"

"Go, go and see!"

Many children of the Mu family were awakened and looked at the forbidden area.

They are preparing to move.

At this time.


A long rainbow came quickly.

This Changhong is exactly Mu Bing.

She stood on the Mu Family Hall, her eyes swept.


Soon, someone discovered Mu Bing.

"Who is she? Why is she here?"

"She is the daughter of Uncle Wu-Mu Bing!"

"The person in her hand seems to be the owner of the house!"

"What? Patriarch and Auntie were captured by him? Why is she so strong?"

"What is she going to do?"

Many children showed a panic on their faces.

The owner was captured, beyond imagination.


More than a dozen figures rose up into the sky and surrounded Mu Bing.

"Mu Bing, what are you doing? Quickly let go of Patriarch!"

"Are you going to turn? You can also capture the Patriarch?"

"Mu Bing, if you have something to say, let the Patriarch go first!"

More than a dozen elders gathered around Mu Bing, threatening and lure.

Mu Bing directly ignored these.

She stood still, motionless.

"Why are you still stunned? Mu Bing defected to the family, so she shouldn't be caught quickly!"

Mu Hong struggled and let out a hysterical roar.



Mu Bing spoke lightly and patted lightly with his right hand.

It was like a heavy hammer hitting Mu Hong's head.


With a loud noise, Mu Hong fainted.


Mu Bing tossed gently.

The two were imprisoned in the air, motionless.

Such a scene strongly stimulated the eyes of the elders.

"Presumptuous, dare to beat the Patriarch, rebellious and unruly!"

An elder was grumpy and went straight to Mu Bing.


Draw out the long sword, aim at Mu Bing's heart, and pierce it.

This sword directly took Mu Bing's life.


Mu Bing snorted coldly, stretched out two fingers, and flicked forward.

"court death!"

There was a sneer on the face of the elder.


It sounded.

The long sword in the long hand was shattered and burst into powder.

"How can this be?"

The elder's eyes widened, and he was stunned.

In the next instant, his pupils contracted and his scalp exploded.

"Do not……"

The cry stopped abruptly.

The speed of the fingers did not decrease, and they flicked directly on the elder's brow.


The world trembled.

Starting from his brain, the elder's body collapsed into blood mist, and died on the spot.

See this scene.

Everyone was stunned.

One finger, shatter the spirit weapon?

One finger, bombing half a fairy?

Is that human being?



The sound of air-conditioning was pumping, one after another.

Regardless of whether it is an elder or a disciple, at this moment, they are extremely afraid.

The family has such an evildoer, I don't know if it is good or bad!

They stared at Mu Bing, not daring to move.

Mu Bing also closed his eyes, motionless.

After a while, she shot two brilliant lights in her eyes and looked towards the horizon.

"Mu Chen, don't hide, come out when you come!"

The sound rolled out like thunder.


There was a hearty laughter.

Immediately afterwards, a man in white came quickly.

He has a handsome face and a certain temperament.

Just standing there, the disciples below exclaimed.

"Daozi is here!"

"So handsome! No one can match this temperament!"

"I heard that Daozi is already a two-step and a half immortal. The real combat power can be equal to that of a four-step and a half immortal. I don't know if it is true or not!"

"Is that the strength of half a year ago? Daozi has broken through now!"

The intense discussion sounded constantly.

Hearing this, Mu Chen raised his mouth and head slightly.

He looked at Mu Bing, smiled and said, "Sister Mu Bing, why are you arresting my parents?"

"What do you think?"

Mu Bing stared directly at Mu Chen, and he was shocked when he saw it, and he dared not face it.

"I think you are traitorous!" Mu Chen's voice increased.

"Hehe, what about the traitor?"

"As the Patriarch, did he ever treat me as a tribe?"

"Peel my spiritual roots and put it in your body!"

"Family resources, all for your use!"

"Now, I have to break my soul sea and eat my flesh, you say, I can let him go?"

The words came out.


Like a thunderstorm, it blasted everyone's mind.

Shock and unbelief are written on everyone's face.

Mu Chen's body trembled, his face changed drastically, and it was difficult to maintain calmness.

He pointed to Mu Bing and shouted: "You are talking nonsense! You are spitting blood!"

"Hehe, I'm spitting blood? You've been a waste. You didn't become a genius until you were eight years old. How do you explain this?"

Mu Bing took a step forward, pressing Mu Chen's breath.

"That's the supreme elixir that my father walked around the ancient sites and found to wash my marrow!" Mu Chen shouted.

"is it?"

Mu Bing smiled coldly, "Some things are not yours and will never be yours!"

"In these years, every morning, you are like sleeping in an ice cellar, are you suffering endless torture? And getting more and more severe? Now, it's unbearable?" Mu Bing said.

"You... how do you know?" Mu Chen's face changed drastically.

"My things are so easy to take!"

"Thank you so many years for helping me warm up my spirit roots!"

After speaking, Mu Bing took out his right hand, "Come back, my spiritual root!"

With this sound.


Mu Chen's body trembled violently, and Dantian seemed to be about to collapse, shaking frantically.


Mu Chen let out a terrible scream.

Frost formed on his body, and his whole body was shaking constantly.


A sword pierced into the flesh and blood sounded.

Mu Chen's dantian, with a crack and a palm-sized ice phoenix, got out of it.

"Linggen, this...this is the supreme spiritual root!"

"It turned out to be an ice phoenix!"

"No wonder Mu Chen often screamed. It seems that he was tortured into a human form by Linggen!"

The instant the ice phoenix appeared, the bombing cries continued to sound.


The ice phoenix cried, flew beside Mu Bing and kept circle.

It looks like a mother and child meeting, there is a kind of affection between blood thicker than water.

Then, Bingfeng dived into Mu Bing's dantian and disappeared.

Mu Bing closed her eyes and felt it quietly.

I saw that in the dantian, the ice phoenix and Lei Jie Yuanying quickly merged into a Lei Jie ice phoenix, exuding monstrous power.

Above the ice phoenix, the golden light of Buddhism and the frozen blue light melt together, interacting with each other.

In a flash, the fusion is completed.


Mu Bing's strength rose rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, he reached the seventh stage of ascension.

However, it did not stop, as if it had just begun.

Nine steps soaring!

Ten steps soaring!

After reaching ten steps of ascent, it stopped.

This is just her realm.

Her physical body, tempered by these forces, is also rapidly improving.

A quarter of an hour passed.

She just opened her eyes.


Two lines of cold light, like a biting cold knife, swept the world, making people afraid to look directly.

Between her gestures, she felt cold.

" actually grabbed my spiritual root, can't die!" Mu Chen shouted.

"Ha ha!"

Mu Bing sneered coldly, "Now you take care of yourself and become a waste again. Those people you offend will not let you go!"


With a blast of thunder, Mu Chen's eyes blinked white and his body trembled.

Over the years, I have bullied others.

Now, back to waste.

Offending those people will never let yourself go.

How should this be done?

"Mu Bing, you forced me to do this!"

"If that's the case, let's fight for the death of the fish and break the net. Come, bring her parents up!"

After this sound.

Count Changhong, and flew quickly.

Immediately afterwards, a man and a woman were taken up, tied together.

These two are Mu Bing's parents.


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