"What? Mu Chen arrested Wushu and Wuniang?"

"It's too insidious. So, is it true that he has taken Mu Bing Linggen?"

"That is still false? Otherwise, how could Bingfeng Linggen flew back when she heard the call?"

All the children stared at Mu Chen with surprise.

Unexpectedly, their respected Taoism is so despicable.


"Mu Bing, you didn't expect it!"

"Now your parents are in my hands. Honestly, don't move, otherwise, they are dead, you can't blame me!"

"Release my parents and hand over the spiritual roots!"

"Finally, since I was here, I let them go!"

"Otherwise, tomorrow today will be their day of sacrifice!"

"Aren't you very filial? Today, let me see if you are such a person?"

Speaking of this, Mu Chen looked up to the sky and smiled, like crazy.


Mu Bing's parents screamed.

Obviously, he has a ban and his voice is blocked.

Mu Bing watched this scene, his joints exploded.

The killing intent on his body rose to the sky.

this moment.

With her as the center, within ten miles, it was cold.

The coldness spread throughout the body.

The child below, at this moment, is like standing in the snow and ice.

Not to mention, Mu Chen and others who were in the center of Frost at the moment.


Mu Chen's face changed drastically, and his voice trembled.

In just a moment, he realized that his arms were stiff and his whole body was cold.

" are looking for death!"

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and roared, slashing the long sword at Mu Bing's parents.


However, his arm broke at the sound, fell to the ground, broken into pieces.

"I didn't want to kill you!"

"And you, how dare you touch my parents!"

"Taking my spiritual root, I can let you go!"

"Collaborate with the demons, I can also give you a way to survive!"

"Now, you actually harmed my parents, this hatred is not shared!"

" must die today!"

Mu Bing stepped into the air and formed ice flowers under her feet.

The calm voice contained monstrous anger.

She pointed her finger forward.


A handful of ice cold swords quickly took shape.

"call out……"

Binghan Xiaojian, fleeting.

He returned to Mu Bing in an instant.

"Boom! Boom..."

Several bursts sounded.

The several men holding Mu Bing's parents collapsed and died on the spot.

"Impossible, this is absolutely... impossible!"

Mu Chen's blood was rapidly solidifying, and his consciousness was quickly dissipating.

The severe pain of the broken arm disappeared completely.

His eyes turned slightly, and his face was extremely frightened.


A icy voice sounded.

A sword of icy cold rushed over quickly.

"Do not……"

Mu Chen let out a cry in his heart.


The ice sword penetrated his forehead.

His body was directly frozen into an ice sculpture, freezing the panic and unwillingness.


There was an explosion.

Mu Chen exploded, splashing into tens of thousands of pieces.

this moment.

When Mu Hong woke up, he happened to see the appearance of his son's tragic death.

"Do not……"

Mu Hong let out a hysterical cry.


The voice roared, faint.

"Mu Bing, you forced me to do this!"

"Ancestor, help!"

Mu Hong crushed the messenger.

"Hehe, even if the ancestors come out, so what?"

"You guys, go to hell!"

Mu Bing pointed with his right hand, and two ice-cold small swords directly penetrated between their eyebrows.

"Do not……"

An unwilling roar stopped abruptly.


The two of them exploded directly.

At this moment, there was dead silence all around.

Regardless of the elders surrounding Mu Bing.

Still the child below.

At this moment, they all watched this scene blankly, without responding for a long time.

"Kill? Patriarch is dead?"

"Die well, this kind of scum, he deserves to die long ago, let him be the head of the house, how can the Mu family become glorious?"

"Yes, selfishness, to deprive others of their spiritual roots, really deserve a thousand cuts!"

The children began to discuss.

More than a dozen elders stood in a dilemma.

If Mu Bing left, then there was no need to be an elder.

If you don't let go, how is it different from looking for death?

"Haha, do you want to stop me?" Mu Bing's voice was cold.


The expressions of the elders stagnated.

"Huh, indiscriminately, wait, you don't deserve to be an elder!"

After speaking, Mu Bing waved his right hand.

"Do not……"

In the forbidden ground, a man in a blood robe flew uncontrollably and fell into Mu Bing's hands.

"Let go of this seat, otherwise, you will all die!"

"This seat is the blood demon general-the first disciple under the Tiansha seat!"

"If you dare to kill this seat, you will definitely die!"

The figure of the man in the blood robe changed rapidly, incarnate with nine heads, roaring and struggling constantly.

In such a scene, in the eyes of a group of children, the scalp was numb and sweating.

"What, gorefiend? Damn! Patriarch really colluded with the demons!"

"Digging people's spiritual roots, colluding with demons, kidnapping tribesmen...Either one is a capital crime!"

"This blood demon dare to threaten us and kill him!"

Many children clenched their fists and looked angry.

The elders looked at the roaring Gorefiend and bowed their heads in shame.


With a soft drink.

Mu Bing shook his right hand.


The whole blood demon, exploded into powder, disappeared.

After doing this, Mu Bing looked down.

"From today on, Mu Bing and Mu Family have nothing to do with me!"

The sound roared, echoing back and forth in the Mu Family Heaven and Earth.

This sound resounded in everyone's minds like a thunder.

Every disciple looks stagnant.

"Sister Mu Bing is leaving the Mu family? How can my Mu family rise after the geniuses leave? The Xuanyuan family that is in shock?

"Sister Mu Bing, don't leave the Mu family, the family needs you!"

"The family needs you!"

Many people shouted loudly.

Mu Bing was expressionless for this scene.

"The family needs me? But, I don't need a family!"

After speaking, Mu Bing took his parents and rose into the sky.

Seeing, he was about to leave the Mu family.

At this time.

"Hold on!"

It sounded.

Then, a white-haired old man fell from the sky and stood in front of Mu Bing.

His face is full of gully, his eyes are dumb and dull, and he looks like a zombie.

He is the ancestor of the Mu family.

"Are you trying to stop me?" Mu Bing said.

"Do not!"

The white-haired old man shook his head slightly, "I already know what happened. It is indeed my Mu family who is sorry for you!"

"However, please give the Mu family a chance to compensate, what do you think?" the white-haired old man said.

"make up?"

Mu Bing grinned madly.

"I have always suspected that the spiritual roots have been taken away, but I have never complained to the family!"

"Even, I still seek good luck from the gods and treacherous people, and I want to turn the family into the supreme sacred place, in order to compete with the Xuanyuan family!"

The words came out.


A thunder blasted everyone's mind.


Turn the family into the supreme holy land?

Or do you ask the gods?

I heard that Xuanyuan Poetry had also met gods and cunning Taoists, and the Xuanyuan family became the supreme holy land.

Many people went to inquire, but the Xuanyuan family remained silent and did not tell them.

Mu Bing actually asked for such good fortune for the family.

How could the Patriarch treat these characters like this?


"And when I return, how did the family treat me?"

"Wrapped in sugar, poisoned me, and then forced to ask the whereabouts of the son! Finally, it also broke my soul space, so that I can never live beyond!"

"Just ask the ancestor, what were you doing at the time?"

"Say it!"

Mu Bing looked at the old man and shouted loudly.

"I..." The old man's chest was stagnant, and he lowered his head in shame.

"Since you don't say it, I will say it for you!"

"Actually, you have known that the Patriarch colluded with the Demon Race, and everything he did to me, you have a panoramic view!"

"And you didn't do anything. It's tantamount to fear that after the source of the gods is broken, you won't live long!"

"For the sake of a little life, you actually ignored the safety of your family, you are in vain as an ancestor!"

"You still have the face to tell me now, give me compensation?"

"Do you think you are qualified?"

Mu Bing's voice rolled out, resounding in the ears of every child.

Everyone's mind roared, staring blankly at this scene.

That kind of unbelief.

That kind of shock.

That kind of aggrieved.

Write on everyone's face.

As if they had become Mu Bing, they were wronged by heaven.

After a while.

"What? The ancestor is actually such a selfish villain? Let the Patriarch do all things, and even care about it?"

"It's so disappointing, it's so disappointing, let alone Mu Bing sister, even me, I have to leave Mu's family!"

"This kind of family can't stay, I also want to leave the Mu family!"

The explosion sounded constantly.

Many children clenched their fists, showing an expression of righteous indignation.

The Mu family ancestor lowered his head in shame and sighed secretly.

"You're right, I am very selfish, and I have no face to stay at Mu's house!"

"It is me who should go, not you!"

"They are innocent! They, like you, have a pair of righteous blood, they need you to lead!"

"My old bone, staying at Mu's house without a face, let me leave Mu's house!"

This is the end.

"And us!"

Three figures appeared beside the ancestors of the Mu family.


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