Three figures appeared beside the ancestors of the Mu family.

Among the three, there is a middle-aged man and two elderly men.

Only sparse hair remained on the heads of the two old men, their faces were covered with wrinkles, their skin was not shiny, and a dead gray color.

It looks like a dying old man, a gust of wind seems to be able to blow them down.

The middle-aged man has a red face and extraordinary temperament.

After these three appeared.

The children below couldn't help exclaiming.

"Look, isn't that Mu Ao, the founder of the Mu family?"

"What, Ancestor Mu Ao is still alive?"

"Kneel down and worship the portrait every day, today, I finally saw myself!"

Everyone's eyes were on Mu Ao, with shocked expressions.

Even Mu Bing's face changed slightly.

Mu Ao was in Mu's house, that was a legend.

Unexpectedly, I can see it now.

Mu Ao took the three ancestors and walked directly in front of Mu Bing.

Bend down and began to salute.

"Mu Bing, I'm sorry, I am here to accompany you!"

"You are not wrong, we are the one who is wrong!"

"It is also us who should leave Mu's house!"

"Look, these children, with a righteous heart and nature, are full of passion!"

"Didn't you set up the Alliance for Suppression of Evil? You included them and led them to eradicate evil spirits together!"


The founder of the Mu family bowed and saluted.

In the history of the Mu family, there is no such thing.

Mu Bing stood there, tears streaming down her eyes.

All grievances were released at this moment.

"Child, my parents are useless, you have been wronged these years!"

"Child, the Mu family is sorry for you, but we always have the blood of the Mu family!"

"The Mu Family Patriarch, come and lead them to slay evil spirits!"

Mu Bing's parents, standing beside Mu Bing, gently hugged her.

"Sister Mu Bing, please be the Patriarch and lead us to kill demons!"

"Sister Mu Bing, you are the beacon of my Mu's family. Without you, the Mu's family would eventually be a mess!"

The children shouted loudly and burst into tears.

"Sister Mu Bing be the head of the family!"

I don't know who is taking the lead. The whole Mu family bowed down and shouted together.

The voice echoed back and forth between Mu Family Heaven and Earth.

Mu Bing watched this scene and took a deep breath.

The grievances were released and the mood improved a lot.

The Evil Suppression Alliance really needs people.

If all the children of the Mu family join, the strength of the Evil Suppression Alliance will increase many times.

It is undoubtedly a great help for the layout of the son.

The influence of the Alliance for Suppression of Evil will be unprecedentedly high.

Now that the culprit has been condemned and the grievances have disappeared, it is not impossible to do things for the son and become the head of the Mu family.

"In that case, I will temporarily take over the position of Patriarch of the Mu Family!"

"However, there are several conditions!" Mu Bing said.

"You said!"

Mu Ao looked at Mu Bing and said.

"First, everyone, must unconditionally obey my orders!"

"no problem!"

"Secondly, I will lead the Mu family to join the Alliance for Suppression of Evils and take the fight against demons as their own responsibility. No one can withdraw!"

"no problem!"

"Thirdly, several ancestors have to promise me a condition in private!"

"You said!"

Several divine consciousness transmissions sounded.

"The gods and treacherous people ordered me to save Xifu Xiancheng. You four, will you be with me?" Mu Bing said.

"no problem!"

"Do you not ask what you are dealing with?"

"Since it's an order from the gods and treacherous people, I'll be gracious, don't hesitate!"

"I will tell you the truth, this time it is the Dragon Race!"

The words came out.


Several explosions of thunder sounded in the heads of several ancestors.

There was a trace of fear on everyone's face.

The ancient dragon clan is going to slaughter the city again?

If you shoot, I'm afraid the entire human race will be overwhelmed!

How should this be done?

"What? I'm afraid!" Mu Bing showed a sneer.

"Child, do you know what the ancient clan is? Do you know what the ancient clan king is?" Mu Ao asked.

"Ancient race? Isn't it a race left over from ancient times?" Mu Bing asked.

"Yes! Every ancient race has ancient secrets, even if they are now declining, they are not something that Human race can contend!"

"And this dragon clan is even the king of the ancient clan. How does offending them differ from seeking death?" Mu Ao said.

"Hehe, are you scared?" Mu Bing said.


Mu Ao's chest stagnated, and he lowered his head in shame.

Facing the dragon clan, there is really no heart to fight.

"It turns out that Patriarch Mu Ao is also a coward!"

"In that case, goodbye!"

After speaking, Mu Bing took his parents and rose into the sky.

"Wait!" Mu Ao stood in front of Mu Bing.

"What? You want to shoot at me?" Mu Bing's face didn't show the slightest fear.

"Do not!"

Mu Ao shook his head and sighed secretly.

After taking a few deep breaths, he said, "Human race, it's really been silent for too long. In that case, let's do it vigorously!"

"Even if it's dead, we recognize it!" Mu Ao said.

"Ancestor, did you agree?"


In Mu Bing's eyes, there was a glimmer of light, which was fleeting.

Now, it is much easier to fight against the dragons.

"When will we leave?" Mu Ao asked.

"Of course, the sooner the better, but before you go, transform the family first!"

After speaking, Mu Bing took out a pair of couplets and looked at the Xuanyuan family's direction, "Xuanyuan Poetry, my Mu family will never be under Xuanyuan's family!"

The couplet spread out.

"Xianglong Teng Zi Pavilion, Xifeng goes around Zhu Xuan!"

Dragons and phoenix dance, full of artistic conception.

The horror rhyme rushed out.

Immediately after.


With a long chant, the Central Territory Holy Land buzzed and trembled.

The Xianglong rose into the sky and turned into a golden dragon with golden light.

On the golden dragon, the colorful brilliance radiated, very auspicious.


Jinlong roared towards the sky.

The colorful auspicious light is prosperous, and it looks endless and boundless.

Immediately afterwards, the golden dragon rose into the sky, his body rapidly growing, and standing proudly in the sky.

Colorful auspicious light rushed down from it, sinking into every corner of Mu's house.

this moment.

Whether it is an ancestor, a child, or a servant, they are standing still at this moment.

Everyone’s face is full of smiles, which is extremely refreshing.

The flowers, plants and trees all quietly changed at this moment.

When the colorful auspicious light dissipated, the golden dragon rushed into the Mu Family Ancestral Hall and disappeared.

Everyone has not recovered from the shock.

Immediately after.


There was a cry of phoenix.

The golden phoenix is ​​flying up.

The nine-colored rays of light circled around the golden phoenix.

In the end, the same method was used to spread the nine colors of light to every corner of Mu's house.

At this moment, everyone stood there again, motionless.

Their souls are growing fast.

After a while.

Jin Feng also got into the ancestral hall and disappeared.

The whole Mu's family was silent.

Everyone looked dumbfounded, words could not describe.

The most exciting is the four ancestors.

Although the strength has not risen, but the talent has been improved, and there is hope to hit the fairyland.

And what shocked them the most was that their physical bodies were strengthened hundreds of times, their body functions were completely restored, and they would live for another ten thousand years without any problems.

The wrinkles on the face have disappeared cleanly.

It seems that the face is full of red light and full of vitality.

Mu Ao is ten years younger, looking like a thirty-year-old youth, at the peak of his life.

"It's terrifying that the gods and treacherous men have such methods!"

"There are gods and treacherous people who are so powerful behind the back, and they are afraid of a fart!"

"Yes, such a strong person is completely supreme, and can do something for the gods and treacherous people. That is a blessing that can only be cultivated in a few lifetimes!"

Several ancestors clenched their fists, extremely excited.

After a long time, the few people calmed down.

They gathered around Mu Bing with gratitude.

"Patriarch, thank you! If you have any instructions in the future, just speak up!" Mu Ao said.

Hearing this, the corner of Mu Bing's mouth raised slightly.

There are these four ancestors by their side, fighting against the Dragon Clan, and they are sure about it.

It's impossible to slaughter a fairy city in Xifu, right?

As long as the dragon does not come, the four ancestors are enough to deal with!

In addition, his strength is not weak!

Thinking about this, Mu Bing nodded secretly.

Then, she swept her gaze around, looking at the children below.

"You wait, listen, the Mu family has become the supreme holy land, you need to cultivate, and you must not slack off!"

Mu Bing's voice roared, clearly spreading to every child's ears.

"Yes, Patriarch!"

All the children bowed down and saluted respectfully.

"Daddy and mother, you stay in the family to practice, and at the same time, help me supervise them. If anyone dares to be lazy, he will be severely punished!" Mu Bing said.

"it is good!"

"Ancestor, let's go!"

"Yes, Patriarch!"

Mu Bing took the four ancestors and flew to Xifu Xiancheng quickly.


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