Over the city of Xifu.


Five Changhongs came quickly.

The person headed is Mu Bing.

Behind her were the four ancestors of the Mu family.

After landing.

A man stepped forward immediately, clasped his fists and bowed, "Is this Girl Mu Bing?"

Mu Bing looked puzzled, looking at the man in front of him, she didn't know him.

He has not lived in Xifu Xiancheng in the future, why does he recognize himself?

"Are you?" Mu Bing asked.

"Miss Mu Bing, I am a fellow from Wangxinglou. Shopkeeper Wang asked me to wait for you here!"

"Lord Luo and they have already arrived, please follow me!" the man said.

Hearing this, Mu Bing nodded secretly.

"it is good!"

Under the leadership of the man, Mu Bing came to an underground secret room.

In the secret room, Luo Liuyan, Su Yiling, Chen Daoming, and Wen Renshi were already standing inside.

Seeing Mu Bing's arrival, several people came forward, "You are finally here!"

"Sorry, the family has been delayed for something!" Mu Bing said.

"Who are these?"

Looking at the four middle-aged men behind Mu Bing, Luo Liuyan frowned slightly.

"Lord Luo, these are the four ancestors of my family!" Mu Bing said.


Several people were surprised.

I heard that there were only four ancestors in the Mu family who named themselves Shenyuan, and the others were already dead.

Others, it is not that they don't want to proclaim themselves at the source of God, but it is extremely difficult to find a source of God.

Even for a big family like the Mu family, it is extremely difficult to have four gods.

Could it be that Mu Ao, the founder of the Mu family, was among them?

"I have seen four seniors!"

A few people came forward, holding their fists in salute.

"You don't have to be polite, you've heard about it, we've heard that it is really a role model for the human race!"

"It is our blessing to be able to do something for the son!"

"Yes, the supreme existence of the son is really honored to be a chess piece in his hand!"

The fourth ancestor of the Mu family spoke.

"Thank you seniors!"

"With all the seniors here, this battle will undoubtedly be won!" Luo Liuyan said.

"As long as you don't touch the fairy dragon, the old man still has the power to fight, but if the fairy dragon comes, what should I do?" Mu Ao showed a trace of fear on his face.

"Senior, don't worry about this, the son has done everything, and I must have a way to deal with it!"

"What I need to do is to protect the Xifu Immortal City as much as possible!" Luo Liuyan said.


The fourth ancestor of the Mu family nodded slightly, with a trace of shame on his face.

The son can transform the supreme sacred place and restore his vitality.

This method is extremely against the sky.

It's disrespectful to suspect the son here.

In the future, there must be no such thoughts!

Thinking about this, Mu Ao nodded secretly, her expression getting firmer and firmer.

"The dragon race is slaughtering the city, and they are gaining momentum. They will definitely not let anyone go!"

"So, I have the following countermeasures..."

Everyone began to discuss.



Time flies, and it is five days in a blink of an eye.

For the past five days, Xifu Xiancheng has been business as usual without any exceptions.

Outside the Xiancheng of Xifu, in a cave.

Four men in silver armor sat together.

The leader of their Dragon Clan is the Dragon Warrior Chi Rong.

"Second brother, just take someone to slaughter, why bother?"

Said a rough man.

"Fifth brother, don't be impatient!"

Chi Rong patted the rugged man on the shoulder, with a solemn expression, "Everyone is brothers. Since I am leading the team this time, everyone will put their lives in my hands!"

"I can't sacrifice everyone for personal enmity!" Chi Rong said.

"What's the fear of each little human race? Is it possible that in this little Xifu Xiancheng, there can be a fairy?" The rough man was full of disdain.

"Fifth brother, wait a minute, if there are no abnormalities today, how about I immediately send someone to take action?" Chi Rong said.

"That... that's all right!"

Time flew fast, and it was night in a blink of an eye.


At this time, a loud shout awakened several people from their cultivation.

"Come in!"

A messenger arrived quickly and bowed in front of several people.

"Report to General Chi, Xifu Xiancheng, everything is normal today, and the number of cultivators and mortals has not increased or decreased much!" said the messenger.

"Got it, go on!"


Wait for the messenger to leave.

The rough man stood up directly, "Second brother, what are you waiting for, give an order!"

"Don't worry, let's study first, which method to use!" Chi Rong said.

"Second brother, study a fart, a small human race, every method is the same!" said the rough man.

"Since you are so good, you lead the team, okay?"

There was a trace of displeasure on Chi Rong's face.

The rough man saw this scene, scratched his head, and smiled awkwardly, "Second brother, this...I can't do this. I let me kill people, and I will never frown!"

"Since it's not good, let the second brother finish talking!"

"That's right, fifth brother, let alone fourth brother not helping you, you really have to change your temper!"

"Second brother, ignore him, let's continue talking!"

"it is good!"

Chi Rong took out the map, pointed to it, and started talking.

"Xifu Xiancheng, as the center of the Western Regions, naturally has its roots. The three strongest forces are Wangxing Tower, Qin Family, and Fan Family!"

"Not long ago, I heard that Qin Yu, a genius from the Qin family, turned from a waste to a supreme spiritual alchemist in just one day!" Chi Rong said.


The faces of several people were all surprised, "Second brother, become a supreme spiritual alchemist in one day? How is this possible?"

"It's true! However, he has left the family, no one knows where he went!" Chi Rong said.

"Second brother, an alchemist, even if he is in Xiancheng, what about?"

"That's right, second brother, you are too careful, how can the alchemist uncover any storms!"

Chi Rong shook his head slightly, "I am not worried about him, but the person who turned him into the Supreme Spiritual Pill Master!"

"There really is such a person in this world?"

"Not bad!"

"So, this is why I'm cautious!" Chi Rong said.

A few people nodded as soon as they heard it.

"After a few days of observation, it must be that those people are not in Xifu Xiancheng, we can make a move safely!"

"Now, what we need to deal with is mainly Wangxinglou! Do you have any opinions?"

Chi Rong looked at several people and said.

"Second brother, I heard that Wangxinglou has a profound background, but anyone who shoots at Wangxinglou is now dead. I wait for it to make a move, I'm afraid..."

"Three brothers, I'm afraid of a ball! I'm a dignified dragon, and I'm afraid of him looking at the Star Tower?"

Hearing this, Chi Rong nodded slightly.

"In that case, use the first plan!"

"First enclose the city with a flame cage, and then send troops into the city to suppress it. No one can be spared!"

"How can ants invade the power of my dragon clan!"

There was a fierce light on Chi Rong's face, which was fleeting.

"Second brother, people were massacred by his men, what about us?" said the rough man.

"We? Naturally, when a master appears, we will attack again!" Chi Rong said.

"That's not enough, right?"

The rough man sat directly on the ground, his expression wilted.

"Fifth brother, listen to the second brother!"

"That is, if we want to kill a city, isn't it too cheap!"

"Three brothers, fourth brothers, it's hard for me!" The rough man sighed secretly.

"If this is the case, then you pretend to be a soldier, go and kill, don't expose it!" Chi Rong said.

"Yes, brother!"


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