Over the city of Xifu.


There was a phoenix sound, shaking to all directions.

A blue ice phoenix covers the sky.

The icy air, like a silk thread, spilled over the entire Xifu Xiancheng.

Finally, the body of a group of cultivators flowed to dissipate heat and repair their injuries.

this moment.

There is an incomparably refreshing sensation that floods everyone's body.

All the immortal cultivators trembled slightly with excitement, revealing a happy aftermath.

Look up.

See you.

Below the ice phoenix.

A woman in blue stood there, waving her hands.

Immortal power is like silk, pouring into the ice phoenix from her body.

From a distance, it looks like a fairy falling from the sky, beautiful to suffocating.

She is exactly Mu Bing.

Everyone stared at Mu Bing blankly, for a moment, dumbfounded.

After a while.

"Plop! Plop..."

The sound of kneeling and worshiping kept ringing.

They folded their hands together and looked respectful.

"God treacherous man appeared, he sent fairies to save us!"

"God and cunning man, you are so merciful!"

The moving voice continued to sound.



The ground around Xifu Xiancheng kept shaking.

The ground cracked through the roads, and the long corridors leading to the underground appeared in front of everyone.

"This... what is this?"

"Where does this lead?"

A group of cultivators stood up, gathered around the underground entrance, and began to watch.

"Listen well, everyone, hurry into the underground, the Dragon Race is about to attack!"

Mu Bing's voice, like thunder, reached everyone's ears.

"The fairy has spoken, hurry...hurry in!"

"Unexpectedly, the fairy was so thoughtful that he even dug the tunnel!"

A group of practitioners, like a torrent, flooded into the various underground passages.

The passage leads to deep underground.

At a depth of one thousand meters, it converges into an extremely huge passage leading to the outside of Xifu Xiancheng.

Shortly after.

In Xifu Xiancheng, except for Mu Bing and others, the other cultivators had already left.

Outside the dragon flame cage.


Fire dragons surrounded the surrounding areas, spewing out flames from time to time, like fire snakes, whistling towards the dragon flame cage.

The terrifying heat caused the air to be distorted.

Outside the Dragon Flame cage, in the western sky, nearly a hundred silver guards stood.

Each one exudes a breath of half wonderland.

The majestic and murderous atmosphere oscillated.

It looks like a battle-tested army.

These silver armor guards are all transformed by the dragons.

Among the silver armor guards, a rough man looked at Xifu Xiancheng with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

"Scream, shout!"

"My dignified dragon, how can you wait for ants to deceive?"

"Just slaughtering you a million is considered the greatest kindness of our clan!"

"I really hope you will die less, otherwise, you won't be addicted this time!"

The rugged man murmured to himself, his eyes were sharp and flickering.


Suddenly, a long rainbow flew quickly.

"Say!" said the leader of Yinjiawei.

"Commander, Xifu Xiancheng has no screams!" said the messenger.

The words came out.

It quaked on Thursday and Monday.

Many silver guards whispered and talked in a low voice.

"No, there will be no screams? Could it be that they all burned to death?"

"That Terran Cultivator is too weak, right? Doesn't it need us to take action?"


The leader of Yinjiawei frowned slightly with a look of doubt.

It stands to reason that Terran should be able to persist for a while.

Is it that the human race is weak and has lost the courage of the past?


The Nine Immortals of the Ziyang Star Human Race have not been present for tens of thousands of years, and they must have fallen.

In these tens of thousands of years, a fairy has not been born, and it seems that it has indeed declined!

"Hey, four generals, there is no need to send a large army to slaughter the city. With me and a dragon, it is enough to kill them!"

The leader of Yinjiawei shook his head secretly.

"All soldiers follow orders!"

"Target, Xifu Xiancheng! Attack from the west gate, one can't let it go!"

"Come with me!"


Under the leadership of the commander, hundreds of silver armor guards rushed towards Xifu Xiancheng.

In the crowd, the rough man took the lead and rushed to the front.

His eyes bloomed with excitement and roars from time to time.


Soon, he and nearly a hundred silver armor guards rushed into the dragon flame cage.

These flames, for them, did not hurt at all.

Entering the dragon flame cage, the rough man was instantly dumbfounded.

There are also a group of silver guards who look like him.

"Why is it so cool inside?"

"There is a breath of ice phoenix!"

"Damn it, is Bingfeng doing the right thing with us? Saved everyone?"

"How is it possible that the Ice Phoenix clan has long since perished, and can only be entrusted to the human clan in the form of spiritual roots, linger!"


At this time, a silver armored guard pointed to the ground.

"No, they all fled to the ground. Let's report this to the general!"

"Report a fart, do you still need to find the general for such trivial things? Just chase it directly!"

"Listen well, all, chase the group of ants as fast as possible!" The commander shouted.


Hundreds of silver guards flew down.

They just landed.

At this time.

"Ha ha……"

There was a laugh.

Looking for the reputation, the silver armor guards couldn't help but their pupils shrank.

The look on his face is different.

Some are excited, some are shocked, some are unbelief...

I saw that in front of them, a man came step by step.

He carried a big knife on his shoulder, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he stroked a handful of silver hair with his hand from time to time, full of arrogance.

He is Chen Daoming.

"There is another one who didn't run. It looks like it came after the break!"

"Commander, leave this to me, you go and chase down those ants!"

"it is good!"

The division of labor is completed.

One silver armored guard stepped forward, and the others rushed to the ground.

However, they have just taken their steps.

But Chen Daoming picked up the long knife and slowly pulled it out.


With a sound, the world trembled.

this moment.

The silver armor guards were stripped of light and plunged into darkness.

An arc-shaped knife light lit up in the dark.

It makes people unable to open their eyes.

"call out……"

The light of the sword seemed to be far away, but in an instant, it struck a group of silver guards.


The explosion sounded constantly.

"Boom! Boom..."

The surrounding houses simply cannot withstand this pressure.

It burst in the first time.

The shock wave, layer upon layer, whistling everywhere.

The ground was pulled up one after another, crushing rocks into the sky.

Yin Jiawei's body, along with the shock wave, crashed into all directions.


After struggling to get up, blood flew wildly.

"Damn it, kill me!"

The commander waved his right hand, and hundreds of silver guards quickly surrounded Chen Daoming.

Every face is full of fear.

He just pulled out a knife and wounded all his subordinates. How could this be possible? !

This kind of strong man, no matter what, must be killed in the cradle, and must not let him rise.

Otherwise, the human race will give birth to a terrible fairy!

How can little ants stand at the same height as themselves!

They looked at Chen Daoming, killing intently.


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