The east gate of Xiancheng, Xifu.

In front of Su Yiling, hundreds of silver guards stood.

These silver armor guards are all transformed by the dragons.

"Thin-skinned and tender meat, full of breath, this is really the best of the human race, it must taste good!"

"It's just so big, it's not enough for us!"

"Don't think about it, she is in charge of adults!"

A group of silver armor guards looked at Su Yiling, their eyes flickering, as if they saw a piece of delicious food.

"You... what do you want to do?"

Su Yiling looked terrified and kept backing away.

"Grand Commander, let me capture this delicious piece and give it to you!"

A silver armor guard stood up and said.

"Okay! A quick fight, we have to chase down those ants!"

"Yes, Commander!"

After speaking, Yin Jiawei licked his lips and rushed towards Su Yiling.


Su Yiling screamed in fright and squatted on the ground, shivering.

"Ha ha……"

A cruel smile appeared on Yin Jiawei's face.

He stretched out his claws, aimed at Su Yiling's head, and grabbed it.

How could an ascension realm little doll be able to withstand his own claw.

In the next second, Su Yiling's brain could be seen bursting and he died on the spot.



A metal symphony sounded.

Yin Jiawei looked down at his own claws with a look of disbelief.

The bones of the claws broke, and there were bursts of pain in the heart.

He was about to scream.


A sword pierced into the flesh and blood sounded.

The silver armor guard's neck was directly twisted and deformed, and Su Yiling's sudden burst of blood, blood sprayed wildly.


He fell into a stunned body and turned into a one-hundred-meter silver dragon. After a few twitches, there was no movement.

One move, tragic death!

Such a scene strongly stimulated the eyeballs of other silver armor guards.

As dragons, they know how strong their bodies are.

A tribe of ants killed the silver dragon with bare hands?

If you didn't see it with your own eyes, who would believe it?

How strong is this person to cultivate?

Think so.

A look of fear was revealed in the eyes of many silver dragons.

The general leader also changed his face slightly, finger Su Yiling, "Go!"

With an order, nearly one hundred silver armored guards descended like a tiger, and went straight to Su Yiling.


Su Yiling snorted coldly, not dodge or avoid.

Fighting with nearly a hundred silver armor guards.


The metal cried and rang continuously.

The silver armor hit her as if hitting metal, without causing any harm to her.

But those silver armor guards were injured by the force of the counter shock.

After a while.

"All back to the main body, attack with all strength!"

The commander shouted loudly, and the silver armor moved together.


The sound of bone rubbing continued.

The body of the silver armored guard changes at a speed visible to the naked eye, and in the blink of an eye, it becomes a silver dragon.


The tail twisted in the sky, making waves of air.

The detonation continued to sound, forming a shock wave that sputtered everywhere.

The house below couldn't bear this kind of air wave at all and burst open quickly.


All the silver dragons, aiming at Su Yiling together, spit out nearly a hundred dragons' breath.

Su Yiling raised the corner of her mouth, took out the picture scroll, spread it over her head.


The rhyme of Binghan Dao gushes out quickly.

The surrounding temperature drops rapidly.

Extremely cold, wrapped up the dragon's breath, frozen into ice strands, and splashed in all directions.

"Dao Yun? Such a terrifying Tao Yun?"

"Who actually painted this, so terrible?"

"When did the human race have such immortals?"

Commander's face changed drastically, his face was full of unbelief.

With cold sweat on his head, he let out a loud roar, "Strike with all strength!"

All silver dragons move quickly, spit out the dragon's breath, resisting the power of freezing.

The rhyme of the icy road, continuous and fast, freezes the dragon's breath.

The rhyme of the ice Dao and the breath of the dragon formed a stalemate state, and for a while, no one could do anything.

When the commander saw this scene, the corners of his mouth rose.

He walked towards Su Yiling step by step, his face was full of cold killing intent, "Little baby, dare to kill my clan, and die for me!"

After finishing speaking, the leader turned into a silver dragon, with a body length of two hundred meters, exuding the breath of five and a half cents.

The five paws exude a metallic luster, which is breathtaking.

A coercion surged from the commander's body, and Su Yiling could not breathe well.

Seeing this scene, Su Yiling's face changed slightly.

Without even thinking about it, he took out another picture scroll from his arms.

This thing came out.

The commander blows his scalp and takes two steps back.

"Could it be that she still has that kind of painting?"

"This is absolutely impossible. Even if it is an immortal, this kind of formidable treasure requires painstaking efforts. It can be drawn with countless treasures of heaven and earth. How can there be one?"

"It looks like this little girl wants to lie to me and scare me away!"

"I was shocked by a little baby? If you say this, won't you be laughed to death?"

The commander secretly shook his head, stretched out his claws, and pressed straight down from the sky.

The huge claws cover the sky and the sun, and the horror is boundless.

The air blasted constantly.

"very scary!"

Su Yiling quickly spread out the scroll in her hand.


A gust of wind.

In the picture scroll, sadness, bleakness, and death breath rushed to the face.

All kinds of Taoist rhymes, like a tsunami, come straight towards the commander.

"This... this is impossible!"

"Do not……"

The commander let out an unwilling roar.

As soon as his voice sounded, it stopped abruptly.

A gust of wind passed.

Command the flesh and blood on the body, disappearing rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, there is only a skeleton left.


Without the support of immortal power, the skeleton fell directly to the ground and cracked.

In the end, it was fried into powder, and nothing was left after the wind blew.

To death, there was no scream.

Such a scene strongly stimulated the nerves of other silver dragons.

Endless fear spread throughout the body.

Their bodies trembled involuntarily.

At this moment, their intention to retreat was born, and they had no intention of fighting.


Immediately afterwards, a silver dragon moved, turned into a silver light, and rose into the sky.

If the dragon takes the lead, the dragon follows.

Nearly one hundred silver dragons, all moved.

With fear written on each silver dragon's face, it flew to the sky.



A breeze passed.

The body of hundreds of silver dragons was imprisoned, motionless.

Immediately afterwards, their flesh and blood disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the end, they became nearly a hundred bones and fell from the sky.


The explosion continued.

The skeleton all collapsed into dust and disappeared on the spot.

Seeing this scene, Su Yiling's eyes widened, her face shocked.

She looked at the picture scroll in front of her, unable to believe it.

This power is too powerful!

The son's method is really unimaginable!

"I'm all dead before I have fun?"

"I feel like I am getting better at acting!"

Su Yiling showed a smirk, and took the two scrolls as treasures in her arms and kept them personally.


Suddenly, a vibration rang.

Taking out the jade slip of the letter, Su Yiling's eyes lit up when she saw the above news, "Dragon General? I'll go and see!"


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