"Do not……"

Jin Qiu roared and struggled frantically.

His face is full of unwillingness.

After a thousand hardships, he finally broke through the calamity and became a fairy dragon.

Unexpectedly, it hadn't been a few days before he was caught by Old Man Jiuyou.

How can this fall into his hands!

Do not!

Do not do this!

Jin Qiu roared loudly.

However, it has no effect.

His voice can only be heard by himself.

Soon, he felt that he had entered the water and appeared in a puddle.

"That is?"

He looked at the people above the pool with all doubts.


Jin Qiu was puzzled.

Just now, didn't the old man Jiuyou deal with himself?

But the mortal in front of me?

Is this a dream?

Jin Qiu stared blankly, unable to believe it.


It turned out that a mortal was fishing for himself.

This is much easier.

To deal with him, casually vent the dragon's breath, and he can break his body.

God helps me too!

Heaven has eyes, my Jin Qiu is all right!

Jin Qiu's face was extremely proud.

"Hey, no, there is a cultivator!"

Jin Qiu squinted his eyes, then his face was full of joy.

"It turned out to be just a ten-step ascendant doll, that would be too easy to deal with!"

"A bite of dragon's breath can solve you!"

"How dare you use this peerless fairy weapon to deal with this seat, how can you let you go!"

"When I destroy both of them, there are two peerless immortal artifacts in their hands. Isn't that your own?"

"At that time, I still need to fear the Dragon Lord?"

"It's amazing!"


At this moment, Jin Qiu's heart was already unspeakably refreshed.

It's like super good fortune in front of you, within reach.


It will be here soon.


A burst of water splashed.

Jin Qiu opened his big mouth, aimed at Sun Hao, and spit out the dragon's breath.


Just a few drops of water spit in front of Sun Hao, still far away from his body.

"This big golden eel has a bit of strength, and even spit at me!"

At this time, a voice came into Jin Qiu's ear.

Big golden eel?

When did I become a rice field eel?

He is a dignified golden dragon!

Damn mortal, you dare to insult me.

Uncle can bear it, aunt can't bear it!

Then, Jin Qiu used the golden dragon to wave his tail, aimed at Sun Hao, and drew it over.


A very soft voice sounded.

That mortal hand left no harm.

This... how is this possible?

How could a mortal withstand this deadly trick?

Why is my dragon's breath gone?

This is impossible!

"Come again!"

"I don't believe it, you can resist this dragon ball!"

After speaking, Jin Qiu vomited hard.

Next second.

He was horrified to discover that the Dragon Ball was actually sealed, and all its power could not be used.

"Don't struggle, let me take out the hook first!"

A palm is obviously not big, but it doesn't produce any strength when pressed against the body.

All means, all secrets, all powers are sealed.

How could a mortal be so terrible?

Is it possible that he is not a mortal at all?

Thinking about it this way, Jin Qiu's scalp was numb, cold and sweaty.

"This rice field eel is the largest, enough for us to eat for half a month!"


Eat for half a month?

This guy wants to eat himself? !

He wants to eat dragon?

Could it be that he was the guy who ate the second brother's son.

Oh my god, he also fell into his hands?

Dragon Lord, help!

Jin Qiu roared and struggled frantically.

However, in Sun Hao's hands, he couldn't make any waves.

He was thrown into a fishing net.

Among the fishing nets, Chi Rong and other dragons were trapped inside.

"Jin Shuai? You... why have you been arrested too?"

"You are all there?"

"Yes, Jin Shuai, this mortal is terrible, he ate my son!"

"Now, he wants to eat us again, how should this be good?"

"Jin Shuai, you can send a message to the Dragon Lord as soon as possible, beg him to save us!"

Hearing this, Jin Qiu looked bitter.

Now, the whole body strength is sealed, and it is impossible to send messages at all.

"All my methods are now sealed." Jin Qiu said.

As soon as this word came out, the four dragons trembled.

Even the dignified fairy dragon was also sealed.

So what kind of realm has this mortal in front of me reached?

By no means an ordinary fairy!

"Jin Shuai, the human race is out of this class of immortals, how should this be good?"

"Yes, Jinshuai, I'm afraid it will be a huge blow to my dragon!"

"I'm waiting for the death to be small, but for the dragon clan to survive and die a big deal!"

Hearing these words, Jin Qiu's face was full of bitterness.

"It's all my fault, I'm going to slaughter the city if I don't figure out the situation. Brothers, I'll accompany you in the next life!" Jin Qiu said.

"Jin Shuai, don't say it! It's all my fault, if I didn't want to avenge my son, we wouldn't be here!" Chi Rong said.

In this way, several dragons have been complaining to each other.

The color of regret is written all over the face.

"Rumeng, five big eels, this is enough for us to eat for a long time!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, you are so amazing!" Huang Rumeng said.

"Rumeng, I really can talk!" Sun Hao nodded slightly with a smile on his face.

This business is really profitable.

Five big eels are bigger than the previous two.

Fortunately, the fishing net I prepared is thick enough, and the strength I can build by myself is strong enough.

If it is an ordinary person, it can't be moved at all.

This world is really strange, even the rice field eels are different, they are big.

However, the taste is good, the taste is strong, and the mouth is full of fragrant.

I must wait for Miss Liu Yan and others to come, after eating, they will linger!

"Rumeng, please help you carry it back!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng walked to the fishing net and raised one hand.

Afterwards, he took Sun Hao to the sky and returned to the flying boat.

She looked at Sun Hao's back, her eyes showing endless worship.

Dignified fairy dragon, in front of the son, also did not even have the opportunity to struggle.

On this planet, who else can pose a threat to the son?

It seems that except for there, the land of human race, the son is absolutely invincible!

"Rumeng, today is a really full return, come, let's celebrate with some wine!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, I'm not good at alcohol, so don't drink it?"

Huang Rumeng's face changed slightly, and he waved his hands again and again.

I remember the last time I drank, I was drunk with a glass, and I didn't remember anything.

Just remember that the son carried himself onto the bed and fainted.

This time, I'm afraid it's the same.

However, the wine is really delicious, and it has a great effect on one's own growth.

"It's okay, getting drunk is a big deal to sleep!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng followed Sun Hao into the Zidian Feizhou.

Watching the two leave, the eyes of Jin Qiu and the four dragons beamed.

"Jin Shuai, a good opportunity, as long as we escape from this flying boat and fall down, there is a possibility of regaining our freedom!"

"Yes, Jinshuai, such a great opportunity, don't miss it!"

"In that case, let's work hard towards one place!"

"it is good!"

Under the command of Jin Qiu, five dragons struggled and jumped frantically at the same time.


They are like loaches in a deep bucket, they can't escape when they are exhausted.


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