Xifu Xiancheng has disappeared.

On the ground, thick dust, tens of meters deep.

One by one huge deep pits strongly stimulated Luo Liuyan's attention.


After a few breaths, everyone calmed down.

This battle is too thrilling.

Xianlong just dropped a phantom and possessed such terrifying strength.

In my heart, there is no resistance to it!

Fortunately, the son has done everything and made arrangements in advance.

This has turned danger into a breeze.

"Everything today, thanks to the son!" Chen Daoming said.

"Yes, the son's methods are really unimaginable!" Luo Liuyan nodded.

When the fourth ancestor of the Mu family heard this, his face was puzzled.

"Leader Luo, isn't the old man Jiuyou who killed the Dragon Clan? Why is it related to the son?"

The face of the fourth ancestor of the Mu family was full of doubts.

Hearing these words, Luo Liuyan smiled and shook his head.

"Four seniors, you are wrong!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Wrong? Isn't it the old man Jiuyou's method?" Mu Ao asked.

"In fact, everything, the son has already arrived!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Lord Luo, according to what you said, it was the old man Jiuyou who made the move today, but it was just a move for the son?" Mu Ao asked.

"Not bad!" Luo Liuyan was determined.

The words came out.


The fourth ancestor of the Mu family gasped coldly, his face was full of shock.

Even the immortal is just a **** of the gods and treacherous men?

How strong is that **** and treacherous person?

There is no way to imagine.

It's terrible!

After a long time, several people calmed down.

"The son is so terrible!"

"These people really want to go to see you, but they are afraid to disturb the son!"

"Yes, don't you know if we can go to see the son?"

Luo Liuyan frowned, and after thinking for a while, he nodded slightly, "Of course!"


The face of the fourth ancestor of the Mu family was completely polished.

"Then we go now?"

"Wait, the son has experienced as a mortal, did you know that?" Luo Liuyan said.

"Naturally know!" The four ancestors of the Mu family nodded together.

"In that case, let's go!"

Just when everyone was about to leave.

"Lord Luo!"

At this time, the sky is full of rainbows, flying quickly.

These people are all Xifu Xiancheng cultivators.

The leader is the shopkeeper of Wangxinglou Wang.

He brought the two Patriarchs of Xifu Xiancheng Qin Zheng and Fanluo to come forward.

Behind them, there are even more immortal cultivators.

Everyone, bow down.

"Thank you Lord Luo for your life-saving grace!"

"Thank you Lord Luo for your life-saving grace!"


The sound was neat and shook so that the world was reverberating.

Hearing this, Luo Liuyan's face changed drastically and waved his hands again and again.

"Everyone, get up, this matter has nothing to do with me waiting!"

Luo Liuyan's voice shocked everyone's mind.

"Lord Luo, don't be joking. The underground tunnel was dug according to your requirements. I didn't prepare in advance. I was dead soon!"

"That is, Lord Luo, you are too modest. Of course, in addition to you, there is also your evil alliance!"

"Yes, yes!"

Everyone looked at Luo Liuyan and others with gratitude.

Luo Liuyan shook his head for a while.

Such great achievements belong to the son!

How dare you claim it for yourself!

"Everyone is really wrong. In all of this, I am waiting to act according to the instructions of the gods!"

"It was not me who saved everyone, but the gods and treacherous people!"

This word came out.

Everyone stood in place, all shocked.

"God treacherous people? Surely it was God's treacherous people who sent the leader of Luo to save us!"

"In this way, is it useful for us to pray?"

"Then need to say! Gods and cunning people are gods!"

"God and treacherous man is not only a god, but also a bodhisattva who saves suffering!"

Many cultivators bowed down.

They folded their hands together and began to pray.

It looks like a devout believer.

"Lord Luo, can you take us to visit the gods and treacherous people?"

"Yes, Lord Luo! I have only one wish in this life, and that is to meet the gods and treacherous men!"

Looking at the hot eyes, Luo Liuyan shook his head for a while.

If you let you go, the young man's Dao heart will definitely be broken.

"Everyone, listen to me first!"

"Although the gods and treacherous people can calculate everything, they are currently practicing as mortals, so it is inconvenient to shoot directly, otherwise, the Dao Heart will be damaged!"

"Everything today, the gods and treacherous people also used the hands of others to destroy the dragon commander!"

"You need to remember that gods and cunning people should not be disturbed in any way!"

Luo Liuyan's voice roared, shaking in everyone's mind.

After hearing this, everyone nodded secretly.

That's it.

"In this case, this is a little bit of care, and I hope that the Lord Luo will transfer it to the gods and treacherous people on my behalf!"

"Lord Luo, I beg you to transfer this to the gods and treacherous people for me!"

Many cultivators took out their peerless treasures and handed them to Luo Liuyan.

"Quiet everyone!"

"Just your little things, don't talk about gods and treacherous people, even me, I'm afraid I won't look down on it!"

"Since the gods and treacherous people take the savior of the world as their own responsibility, they don't care about fame and fortune, you understand!"

Luo Liuyan's voice sounded like thunder, blasting in everyone's mind.

Hearing this, the crowd of immortal cultivators drank like a head.

It is true.

How can such a big person like a **** and treacherous person look at these things!

Not for fame, not for profit, just to save the world as our own duty.

This kind of selfless spirit is worth learning from my generation!

God treacherous man, you are the most just god!

Many cultivators were moved to tears.

"Everyone, when I have something else, I will leave first!"

"I will leave it to you all about the construction of Xifu Xiancheng!"

After speaking, Luo Liuyan and others turned into Changhong and rushed towards the Great Demon Mountain.

Everyone looked at their backs, and it took a long time before they looked back.



Ziyangxing on an island.

An old man with a hat on his head and a fur coat was closing his eyes and sitting on a stone, just like a wooden sculpture.

A fish basket, a fishing rod.

A bend of clear water came up with white smoke, like a fairyland.


The old man's gray beard trembled slightly, and his entire mouth slowly opened.

Take a breath, straight into the chest.

"Ah... sneeze..."

The old man charged a blow and sneezed several times in a row.

Sound waves rippling out.

The entire island trembled slightly.

A bend of clear water, like boiling, bubbles billowing.

"call out……"

The fishing rod quickly retracted.

The old man stood up, his eyes shot out two brilliant lights.


The whole world was shaken.

He looked at the sky, as if it showed thousands of miles.

After a moment, he withdrew his gaze.

"Who is scolding me?"

The old man frowned slightly, and his right thumb moved quickly on the other fingers.

It seems to be pinching fingers to calculate.

"Unexpectedly, there is a mysterious atmosphere enveloped!"

"The old man hasn't been born for tens of thousands of years. Has the whole world changed? There are such characters?"

"I want to see who is causing trouble!"

"Old man Jiuyou, it's time to be born!"

"The world won't forget the old man, right?"

The old man murmured, waved his right hand, and took the fish basket and fishing rod away.

Immediately after.

He took a big step and went up in the sky, with each step shaking up layers of ripples under his feet.

It seems slow, but it is extremely fast.

In just one step, it disappeared over the island.


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