Time flies, and another three days in a blink of an eye.

Sun Hao has been home for five days since returning from Ghost Longtan.

In the past five days, the name of the gods and cunning men resounded throughout the entire Tianluo continent.

Even the southern and eastern territories, the four words sacred and treacherous Taoist, shocked the minds of all immortals.

Save Jiang Yang, kill four generals, obliterate Pharaoh, and annihilate the Blood Phoenix...

This time, he did everything he could to save Xifu Xiancheng, and kill the four dragons and even the dragon commander.

This means, this strength!

It is almost unseen, heard and heard.

Many mouths are gold.

At the end, the gods and treacherous people are like a beacon in the hearts of all immortal cultivators.

There are countless trackers.

There are also many people, not far away tens of thousands of miles, all the way, to the Yaochi Palace to ask for the whereabouts of the gods and treacherous people, just to worship.

Of these, Sun Hao naturally did not know.

this day.

He stood in the backyard, watching Mo Haoshi build the flying boat, secretly taking everything in his heart.

It has been several days, and Mo Haoshi is just building a chassis.

This chassis is made of spirit iron, which needs to be forged, impurity removal, inscription...

It's simply too complicated.

If this continues, I am afraid that it may not be completed by the end of the year.

"Old Mo, how long will it take?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, it won't take long, it will be completed in about a year!"

A touch of arrogance showed on Mo Haoshi's face.

Following the son, the speed of his own construction is greatly improved!

It only takes one year to build a flying boat.

As before, if you do it all by yourself, it will take at least three years!

"Too slow!" Sun Hao said.


Mo Haoshi showed a bitter expression.

Son, this is slow, this is my fastest speed.

"You come with me!"

"Yes, son!"

Mo Haoshi followed Sun Hao to the iron room.

"Bring me the iron ore!"

"Yes, son!"

Sun Hao took the iron block and threw it into the furnace.


The blue flame ignited instantly.

The iron block that was dropped was directly turned into molten iron and burned into nothingness.

"This...this is fairy fire!"

"No, it's the supreme fairy fire!"

"The son used this kind of flame! Where can the supreme spirit iron stand it?"

Mo Haoshi muttered, shaking his face.

The longer you stay with the son, the less he can see through.

The heart of shock has not stopped for a day.

At first, I heard Zhan Tianpeng's words and didn't believe it.

He even threatened the son, insisting on accepting disciples before he would get up!

I am a fool!

You can threaten people like the son?

A character like the son, who is also worthy of being an apprentice?

Thinking about it now, how ridiculous I was then!

"My son, don't worry, I will work hard! Strive to be your apprentice in this life!"

Mo Haoshi secretly clenched his fist.

"Look, what kind of mine are you? It's too bad!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, I...I..."

"Okay, just use wood to build a flying boat!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, son"

When the two returned to the backyard, they were preparing to move.

"My son, are you at home?"

There was a sound outside the door.

Hearing this, Sun Hao's eyes flickered, "Ms. Liu Yan?"

Finally you can reap the value of luck!

Mo Haoshi followed him and was harvested every day, but the speed was still too slow.

"My son, I'll open the door!"

From the kitchen, Huang Rumeng's voice came.

"Good!" Sun Hao said.


Huang Rumeng opened the door and saw everyone in front of him, his expression stagnated.

This time, there were four more people.

All four of them possessed a semi-paradise aura, and their cultivation bases must be extremely extraordinary.

"Sister Liu Yan, are they?" Huang Rumeng asked.

"Sister Rumeng, these are the four ancestors of the Mu family!" Luo Liuyan said.

Upon hearing this, Huang Rumeng's pupils shrank and his face was shocked.

This kind of ancestor, the general strength is infinitely close to the existence of immortals.

They generally profess themselves in the source of the gods, and will not come out until the critical moment.

It seems that they are so young.

"I have seen a girl like a dream!"

Mu Ao stepped forward and took the Mu family ancestor to salute respectfully.

"Four seniors, you are polite, please come inside!"

Under the leadership of Huang Rumeng, the fourth ancestor of the Mu family walked in carefully.

They withdrew their spiritual thoughts and dared not release them.

When I came to the pond, I swept away, shaking my face.

"Lianxian! It really is the lotus fairy!"

The fourth ancestor of the Mu family nodded slightly to show respect.

There was a storm in his heart, hitting several people's chest hard.

Along the way, I was cautious and did not dare to let out the atmosphere.


Suddenly, a duck call came.

When the fourth ancestor of the Mu family heard this, his expression changed drastically, and he lowered his head without even thinking about it.

At the same time, he used the sound transmission of the divine consciousness, "I have seen seniors!"

Jiutian Shenluan has heard Mu Bing mention it many times.

The temper is weird, so don't offend it.

Before I came in, I didn't believe it.

After entering the courtyard, I realized how terrible it was!

After swept away, he knew that Jiutian Shenluan was not something he could resist.

"Well, yes, a little polite, in line with the meaning of old age!"

Yingyou's voice shook the four people's minds.

"Thank you senior!"

The fourth ancestor of the Mu family once again used divine consciousness to transmit sound.

"No, take advantage of this good fortune!"

"Yes, senior!"

The fourth ancestor of the Mu family followed the crowd and continued to move forward.

Even if you don't use divine consciousness, you can clearly feel that you have countless terrifying auras.

Every breath can crush oneself into powder.

"What kind of existence is the son? There are so many big men around him!"

"It's terrible, I feel crushed to death by these breaths, so uncomfortable!"

"My heart doesn't seem to be my own anymore, big brother, how terrible is the son?"

"It's not something I can guess!"

The four ancestors of the Mu family used divine consciousness to transmit voices to each other and discussed secretly.

"Ms. Liu Yan, you are finally here."

At this time, a voice sounded.

The fourth ancestor of the Mu family looked up, his pupils shrank.

I saw that a man with a dignified character came out.

Between his gestures, he brought his own rhyme.

Every movement is natural, without any pretentiousness, and looks very comfortable.

The smile on the corner of his mouth is warmer than the spring breeze.

Behind the man, there was also a middle-aged man who kept walking like a guard.

"I have seen the son!"

"You are too polite!"

Sun Hao smiled and waved his hand, his eyes swept over the four men standing at the back.

"How many are you?" Sun Hao asked.

Mu Bing stepped forward and bowed and saluted, "My son, these four are the ancestors of my family, this is Mu Ao, this is Mu Hu..."



The ancestors of this world, aren't all self-appointed gods?

They are all sealed in the gods to guard the family when their longevity is about to end.

Never come out until the moment of family crisis.

Each of these characters has a shocking cultivation base.

According to Rumeng, they are infinitely close to the existence of immortals.

Look at them, how do they look like people who have run out of life?

Could it be said that their strength is unfathomable, far beyond one's imagination.

Such characters must not be offended, and they must be handled carefully.

Thinking like this, Sun Hao clasped his fists and saluted, "I have seen four seniors..."

The face of the four ancestors of the Mu family changed drastically when these words were said.


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