"My son, you just call me Xiaoao!"

"My son, please call me Xiaohu!"


When Sun Hao heard this, his expression stagnated.

The stronger the cultivation base, the more humble.

However, this is still not good.

"Then call you old arrogant, call you tiger..."

"Yes, son!"

The fourth ancestor of the Mu family secretly wiped out the cold sweat, secretly being dangerous.

Call senior in front of the son?

How is it different from looking for death?

Without the son's hands, all the big guys around can stare at themselves with their eyes!

"so close!"

Mu Ao let out a long sigh, stretched out his right hand and grasped towards the void.


Ripples in the sky.

Immediately afterwards, Mu Ao took out something from the soul space and placed it in the palm of his hand.

This thing came out.

Attracted everyone's attention instantly.

"Refining the gods?!"

The expressions of everyone changed slightly.

Even Mu Bing's face changed slightly.

This thing, that is the most precious treasure of the Mu Family, compared with Xuanyuan Family Xuanyuan Zhan, it is not weak at all.

I was about to ask the ancestor to ask for it. Unexpectedly, the ancestor took it out in advance.


"My son, come in haste, a little gift, please don't mind!"

Mu Ao waved his right hand.


The refining cauldron flew out of his hand and landed in front of the hall.

The tripod is 2 meters high, has four legs, and has complicated lines on it.

A glance makes people roar and dazzle.

Compared with ordinary tripods, this tripod does not have two ears, and there are four holes in the corners.

It seems very strange.

Sun Hao looked at the refining cauldron, and he felt familiar.

For a while, I couldn't think of it.

He swept across the faces of everyone and nodded secretly.

This thing is by no means simple.

It must be a treasure.

Although I can't see it now, after I can cultivate, I can definitely see it.

If you don't accept this kind of good stuff, wouldn't it be cold to the fourth ancestor of the Mu family?

"Thank you!"

The corner of Sun Hao's mouth raised, giving Huang Rumeng a look.


Huang Rumeng waved his right hand and put away the god-cultivating cauldron.

"My son, who is this?"

Luo Liuyan looked at Mo Haoshi and asked.

"My name is Mo Haoshi!"

The words came out.


There was a thunder.

The five Luo Liuyan stared blankly, unable to believe it.

Unexpectedly, the dignified pavilion master came here.

Judging from its appearance, the relationship with the son is very good.

Licking is absolutely unparalleled in the world!

I must cheer myself!

You must pay attention to every word and every action of the son, but let go of a trace.

Luo Liuyan and Chen Daoming looked at each other and nodded secretly.

"It turns out to be Master Mo, it's polite!"

"Lord Luo, you are polite!"

A few people introduced each other and exchanged greetings.

Sun Hao looked at Luo Liuyan and the others, nodded secretly, finally looking forward to you.

I have to eat some meat today!

There are also four big yellow eels, which I have not been willing to eat.

Just wait for them to come.

"Everyone, since we are here today, we will leave after a quick meal!" Sun Hao said.

As soon as this was said, Su Yiling's eyes suddenly beamed. "Great! Son, what are we eating today? Are we eating carrots again?"

Thinking of radish, Su Yiling licked her lips involuntarily.

"No, eat some meat today!"

The corner of Sun Hao's mouth raised, "You have a good food!"

"My son, don't you eat rice eel?" Su Yiling asked.

"Not bad!"

The words came out.


A thunder blasted Luo Liuyan's minds.

Others don't know, but they know clearly.

The eel in the eyes of the young man is a dragon!

Could it be that this time, another dragon was caught?

Thinking about this, Luo Liuyan asked, "My son, are you out fishing again?"

"No!" Sun Hao shook his head slightly.

Hearing this, Luo Liuyan nodded secretly.

It seems that this dragon was not caught by the son.

It was sent by Old Man Jiuyou.

Jiuyou Longren, you can really lick it!

I can learn more in the future!

"A few days ago, Rumeng and I went out to catch a fish, but we caught some big guys!"


There was another thunder.

Boom on the soul.

Luo Liuyan stared at her wide eyes, unable to believe it.

In that case, it wasn't the old man Jiuyou who rescued Xifu Xiancheng?

It's the son who did it himself?

"Come on, take you to see, I will keep it in the backyard temporarily!"

"These rice eels are really big, I promise to open your eyes!"

A touch of arrogance showed on Sun Hao's face.

The supreme fishing technique is really not covered.

"Okay, son!"

The faces of several people were calm, and there were stormy waves in their hearts.

If the body is hit by the tsunami, it will not be calm for a long time.

Go through the main hall and open the backyard gate.


A fresh breath rushed to the face.

What imprinted in front of you was a garden beyond sight.

On the fruit trees, there are tempting fruits.

The scent is tangy, and one sip makes people feel like thunder.

"That... that is fairy fruit, all fairy fruit!"

"Brother, look, that... that is a piece of fairy tea, what is that...? Horse! That is a piece of enlightened tea tree!"

"So many young shoots, at least 100,000 pieces! Brother, I can't stand it, I want to grab it!"

"Grab? Then you try to make sure you turn into fly ash instantly."

The four ancestors of the Mu family were shocked, and it has been a long time since he recovered.

The backyard is completely a huge treasure house.

Let alone other things, just those fairy fruits, each one to the outside world, is enough to make the fairy fight for a broken blood.

Not to mention, that piece of Wudao tea, that piece of immortal medicine, that piece of fairy tea...


Seeing the son, he didn't regard these as treasures at all.

In his eyes, these things are too ordinary to be ordinary.

Son, what is your identity?

Even the five Luo Liuyan were shocked.

The dumb look is beyond words.

Especially Su Yiling's small mouth opened into an O shape, and it has not been closed for a long time.

Finally, everyone looked back and stared at the flying boat chassis.

"My son, are you building a flying boat?" Luo Liuyan asked.

"It's not the son, it's me!"

"The son is teaching me to build a flying boat!"

Before Sun Hao could speak, Mo Haoshi said first.

Hearing this, everyone looked stunned.

Looking at Sun Hao, he was full of worship.

Unexpectedly, the son can still make a flying boat!

Isn't that young master the master of formation?

Son, are you almighty?

"Everyone, don't be stunned, come with me!"

Sun Hao's voice awakened everyone.

"Yes, son!"

Everyone followed Sun Hao.

"My son, do you like fishing?" Luo Liuyan asked.


Sun Hao nodded, "Fishing is a pleasure, but it's fun if there are more people fishing together! Let's go fishing together if we have a chance!"

The words came out.

Luo Liuyan looked startled.

The son's instructions are here!

This sentence must be remembered firmly!

There must be profound meaning!

Luo Liuyan nodded secretly, secretly contemplating this.

"Okay, son!"

Everyone nodded at once.

"Just ahead, we will be there soon!"

Sun Hao pointed to the front and said with a smile.

I saw that not far away, there was a pool of several hundred square meters.

When they walked to the pool and took a look, the faces of several people changed drastically, and they were shocked for a long time without recovering.


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