Jin Qiu was lying in the pool, his eyes showing no signs of expression.

Four days ago, I was caught as a rice eel.

The mortal dug out a pond and threw himself into it.

No matter how exhausted, it is impossible to break free.

Soon after, his brother Chi Rong was picked up, and then he was cut into pieces.

The dignified dragons turned into human food.

Since ancient times, when did this happen?

Is it tolerable or unbearable!

At that time, he resisted.

Resistance is invalid.

Any method has no effect at all.

In this pool, he was as weak as an ordinary rice field eel.

You can't even make a ready-made hole, let alone jumping in the hole.

This pool, like a **** cage, cannot break free at all.

This is what a mortal dug up!

If it's just like this, it's better.

The scariest thing is:

These days, every day I feel a ray of terrible breath.

It felt like being in an ancient wild world, surrounded by ancient beasts.

He can confirm that a random breath can blast himself into ashes.

Where did you come?

What kind of existence is that mortal?

Why is there such a terrifying existence around him and following?

What should we do if this continues?

"Jin Shuai, can't you send a message to the dragon master yet?"

At this time, a voice came.

When Jin Qiu heard this, he secretly shook his head.

His face is full of bitterness, "No!"

"Jin Shuai, if this goes on, I will all be eaten by that mortal!"

"A mortal? You still think he is a mortal? I can be sure that he is a terrifying existence!"

"What? A mortal is a terrifying existence?"

When he said this from Jin Qiu's mouth, the dragon generals couldn't help but tremble.

"Jin Shuai, what should we do then? Aren't we dead?"

"That is inevitable!"

Jin Qiu's expression was dark, "I am not worried about us, but the entire dragon clan!"

"The entire dragon clan? Could he still destroy our entire dragon clan?"

"It's hard to say!" Jin Qiu said.

The words came out.


Several dragon generals gasped.

In addition to the dragon ruler, there is another supreme existence!

That is the existence that even the Lord of Thunder Tribulation is afraid of!

Could it be that this mortal is stronger than the supreme existence?

"Jin Shuai, don't be joking, even if Ziyang Star's dragon master is extremely powerful, ordinary immortal, who is the dragon master opponent!"

"Not to mention, behind us, but the entire dragon clan!"

"That is, how strong is the master, don't you know?"

"Behind the ruler, there is the supreme existence of our dragon clan!"

Jin Qiu shook his head secretly, with a bitter expression on his face, "Don't you feel the aura around you? Which one is weaker than the dragon ruler?"


For an instant, the four dragon generals were dumbfounded.

It is true.

Every time those terrifying auras swept away, it was as if facing the dragon ruler, extremely terrifying.

These four weeks were full of such horror.

In this way, wouldn't that mortal be weaker than the supreme existence of the dragon?

Think so.

The general Long clan gasped, his body trembled.

The endless chill spread throughout the body.

"In that case, is that existence who couldn't understand that we can eat the human race, and thus shot?" a dragon general asked.

"Yes, since ancient times, our dragons have been pampered, self-righteous, and look down on any race!"

"Now it's okay, Human Race actually has this kind of existence!" Jin Qiu looked bitter.

"Jin Shuai, you must find a way to report this to the Dragon Lord, so that he will not be an enemy of the human race, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous!"

Jin Qiu secretly shook his head, with a bitter expression on his face, "Now, let's not say that we have no ability to report to the Dragon Lord, even if we report, the Dragon Lord will listen to us?"

When the dragon general heard this, he instantly lowered his head.

Indeed, the honorable status of the dragon lord, how could he change his view of the human race because of Jin Shuai's words.

"With the character of the dragon lord, he will definitely launch an attack on the human race. At that time, it will be a disaster! A disaster for my dragon race!" Jin Qiu said.

Hearing this, the dragon generals sighed secretly, their faces full of bitter expressions.

The demise of the dragon clan means that the clan will also die.

Wife, son, daughter, father, mother, uncle...

Without exception, all will die tragically.

"Here, look!"

At this time, there was a sound.

Jin Qiu looked up, his pupils contracted, his eyes gleaming and flickering.

At this moment, he seemed to see a life-saving straw.

He stared at the fourth ancestor of the Mu family, without even thinking about it, he shouted: "Brothers, help me!"

The fourth ancestor of the Mu family was standing there stupidly at this moment, awakened by such a sound.

They looked at Jin Qiu, and for a while, they couldn't believe the scene before them.

The dignified fairy dragon turned out to be a prisoner, and he had reached the point of asking for help from the human race.

If it weren't for seeing it with your own eyes, who would believe it?

The arrogance of the dragon has never changed.

In their eyes, Human Race is just an ant, not to mention asking for help, even if you talk to Human Race, you will feel extremely ashamed.

"save you?"

Mu Ao smiled slightly and wrote coldly on her face, "Do you think I can save you under the son?"

"Brother, please, speak to the supreme being, as long as you save me, you will be sent by Jin from now on!" Jin Qiu said.

"Come on?"

Mu Ao shook his head for a while, "Why do you want to make a move? You don't know?"

"I was wrong, we were wrong! I promise, I won't do anything against Terran again!"

"If you eat another human, you won't be able to die, and be struck by thunder and thunder!"

Mu Ao swore one after another.

These voices, heard Luo Liuyan and others' ears, could not help but sweat.

A fairy dragon was forced to such a situation, in this world, except for the son, who can do it?

"Hehe, forget it! It's impossible for me to speak!"

"How do you treat your son, how dare I disobey?" Mu Ao shook his head for a while.

Upon hearing this, Jin Qiu looked sad.

In its eyes, hope was still shining.

"Big brother, I can't die, otherwise, the human race will be overwhelmed!"

"If the Dragon Lord learns of my death, with the character of the Dragon Lord, he will surely slaughter the entire human race!"

"You don't want to save me, but for the human race, you have to consider it too!" Jin Qiu said.

Hearing this, Mu Ao frowned slightly and began to think.

After a while, he looked at Sun Hao, with a strange glow in his eyes.

"Do you think that in front of the young master, can the dragon master find any storms? I'm afraid that even the dragon master will become the young master's food!" Mu Ao said.


Jin Qiu was dumbfounded and had nothing to say.

"Then can you help me pass a message to the Dragon Lord? Let him never attack the human race!" Jin Qiu said.

"Haha, dignified dragon master, will listen to me?"


Jin Qiu's face was full of despair.

He looked at the sky, wept bitterly, and yelled to the sky: "Heaven is going to kill my dragon!"

"Today, we will eat the biggest one!"

A voice came like thunder.


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