"too delicious!"

"This fairy dragon meat is absolutely delicious in the world!"

"There is nothing better than this!"

"I blame myself for being too weak and slow to digest, it takes so long to eat a piece of meat!"

"Unlike the son, who eats meat directly!"

Su Yiling looked at Sun Hao with admiration all over his face.

Suddenly, her expression was stagnant, looking at Sun Hao's mouth, she stood silly on the spot.

I see.

Sun Hao picked up a piece of dragon meat, swallowed it in his mouth, and chewed.

It looks like it is devouring the sky and the earth.

Seeing Su Yiling's eyes at such a scene, he was instantly shocked.

Her eyes changed rapidly.

As if between the world, she was the only one left.

In other words, she is heaven and earth.

At this moment, she reached the incomparably mysterious state of harmony between man and nature.

Su Yiling felt like a swallowing beast, capable of devouring everything.

She closed her eyes, opened her mouth and swallowed hard.


Aura from all around, rushing from all around Su Yiling's mouth.

These spiritual qi, after flowing into the body, quickly change and turn into immortal power.


With just a breath, the realm membrane on her body cracked at the sound, breaking through a small realm again.

"So tough?"

Su Yiling opened her small mouth, her face shocked.

"Come again!"

Then she began to devour it again.

This kind of harmony between man and nature is extremely rare.

The naked eye can't detect the spiritual energy, and it rushes to improve Su Yiling's strength.

After reaching the ten-step ascension realm, it stopped.

To become a half immortal, you need to understand the avenue and mobilize its power.

Although he was able to mobilize Binghan Avenue before, it was all borrowing the power of the scroll.

"I actually realized the Devouring Avenue?"

Su Yiling opened her eyes, revealing an uncontrollable surprise.

Swallowing the avenue belongs to the supreme avenue, which is more difficult to comprehend than the fishing avenue.

According to legend, the Devouring Sky Demon Technique was originally to devour the avenue, but the shortcut to take could not be compared with the Devouring avenue.

Moreover, the devil power of swallowing the sky will have a very strong side effect, which is to make people bloodthirsty and unable to control their own emotions.

This is also the reason why it is called Heaven Swallowing Devil Gong.

As for himself, he had a direct sense of Devouring Dao. Although he hadn't started yet, he had at least made a good start.

From then on, all you need to do is to eat... and you can improve quickly!

This is great for me!

The son must have pointed me on purpose!

Son, you are so kind to me!

Su Yiling looked at Sun Hao with gratitude on her face.

Then, Su Yiling picked up a piece of dragon meat and chewed in a small bite.

Xianli flows into the dantian through the meridians, and gathers in the Yuan Ying.

"Huh, is this?"

Su Yi's inspiration should change in his own dantian, and the whole silly stand still.

I saw that the Yuan Ying in the dantian had become a monster that looked like a unicorn.

The difference is that this monster has a big mouth with a blood basin.

"Supreme spiritual root-gluttonous!"

Su Yiling stood silly on the spot and couldn't believe it.

Unexpectedly, this time not only the induction swallowing the avenue, but also the birth of the spiritual root!

Moreover, it is still an ancient beast—gluttonous!

This kind of good fortune is simply unimaginable.

From then on, the journey of cultivation, no more bumps, even if the immortal calamity comes, it can be swallowed!

In Su Yiling's heart, stormy waves have risen, and she can't calm down for a long time.

"My son, thank you!"

She looked at Sun Hao with gratitude on her face.

"Oh, you guys are really gentle!"

Sun Hao shook his head for a while looking at the crowd eating meat.

"Like a dream, come and eat meat!"

After speaking, Sun Hao picked up a few pieces of dragon meat for Huang Rumeng and put them into the bowl of Huang Rumeng.

"My son, you eat too!"

Huang Rumeng also helped Sun Hao catch a few pieces.

She picked up a piece and swallowed it directly into her belly.

The immortal power is surging, swiftly rushing in the meridians.

With a little guidance, all of them poured into the dantian.

These surging fairy powers were all swallowed by the Divine Phoenix.

The divine phoenix is ​​like a dry stream, desperately in need of immortal power.

Xianli was swallowed, and the realm membrane on Huang Rumeng's body instantly collapsed.

At this moment, she reached the three and a half fairyland!

To become an immortal, one needs to realize a great way to a small achievement.

And he, after devouring the blood phoenix, destroying the great avenue, he had already achieved success.

As long as the celestial power is filled up, one can become ten and a half celestial beings.

After that, it was crossing the immortal catastrophe.

Compared with the nine-color thunder robbery, the power of the immortal calamity is ten thousand times stronger!

Not an order of magnitude at all.

Once through, I am not an ordinary fairy, but a yellow fairy!

Maybe today, I can become a fairy!

Huang Rumeng looked at the big pot of dragon meat, picked up a piece again, and put it into his mouth.

After Huang Rumeng swallowed ten pieces of dragon meat.


It sounded.

The realm membrane stuck on her body instantly shattered.

At this moment, her realm reached four and a half fairyland.

Huang Rumeng looked excited, and his body trembled slightly.

Without any hesitation, I picked up a piece again and swallowed it into my belly.

After Huang Rumeng swallowed forty pieces of fairy dragon meat, she broke through again and reached a five-and-a-half-step fairyland.

At this moment, most people are still eating the second piece of dragon meat.

They chewed carefully and looked at Huang Rumeng from time to time, with envy in their eyes.

After a few moments.

"Ka Ka..."

There was a sound.

At this moment, Huang Rumeng's fairy power was filled, reaching ten and a half fairyland.

There is only one hurdle left between the fairy and the half fairy.

This hurdle is immortal robbery!

If you cross the past, you will be immortal. If you cannot cross the past, you will either become dust or scattered.

At the moment of her breakthrough.


Dark clouds rose everywhere, covering the sky instantly.

The whole world quickly darkened.


The gust of wind rushed and howled.

The whole world is buzzing.


The terrifying electric sound resounded from the dark clouds and echoed between the heaven and the earth.

Every sound made the ground buzzing.

The fourth ancestor of the Mu family stared at the sky blankly, with panic on his face.

"This...this is the Immortal Tribulation!"

"My God, I haven't seen the immortal robbery in many years!"

"Could it be her?"

The eyes of the four ancestors of the Mu family were all staring at Huang Rumeng with a dazed expression.

Especially Mu Ao, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly and his body trembled.

I have seen Xianjie!

That terrifying power, thinking about it now, is still terrified.

With just one blow, it moved within a hundred miles to the ground.

No treasure can resist this kind of power!

Naturally, the person who crossed the robbery also disappeared in smoke.

Seeing that immortal robbery, Mu Ao immediately decided not to break through.

Therefore, for so long, I have been suppressing, and I have not realized a great way to a small degree.

Now, Immortal Tribulation is coming, and myself, sitting with the person who crossed Tribulation.

Doesn't it mean that you are also within the scope of the immortal robbery?

If I want to escape now, it is too late. What should I do?

There was panic on Mu Ao's face.


With a bang, the world roared.

The dust on the ground was buzzing.

The entire Western Regions, no matter who it was, were awakened by the loud noise at this moment.


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