Tianluo Continent, Daqi Mountain in the Northern Territory, Yuji Cave House.

Yu Jizi suddenly opened his eyes, and two sharp gazes shot out.

He looked at the direction of the Western Regions and seemed to be able to see through thousands of miles.


"I haven't seen the immortal robbery for tens of thousands of years?!"

"This time, which little doll can't be suppressed anymore? Want to save the immortality?"

"What a terrible immortal robbery!"

"This immortal robbery is too powerful, at least ten times stronger than before!"

"It seems that Heaven does not allow anyone to become immortal!"

Yu Jizi muttered to herself, sighing lightly.



Tianluo Continent, to the west, there is a sea area called the endless sea.

On the endless sea, the sky is dim and there is no sunshine all year round.

On an island, in a tall tower covered by skulls.

The five-meter-high human-shaped skeleton sits in the main position, with hollow eyes, and the soul flame is slightly beating if there is no flame.

It is the Lord of the Evil Clan—Ghost Candle.



With a sound, two groups of souls throbbed violently in the eyes of the ghost candle.

The original white soul flame slowly turned red, and finally, it became red.

"Xianjie? Someone from the Human Race crossed the Immortal Tribulation?"

"I want to see, who are you?"

After speaking, Gui Zhu stretched out his hand and moved forward.


The air shook up in layers.


Immediately afterwards, there was an explosion.

Gui Zhu's body kicked straight back, and his soul flamed and jumped quickly.

I don't know if he is shaking or surprised.

"There is a mysterious atmosphere shrouded?"

"Just a light touch, hurt me?"

"Who is it? It's so scary?"

"I hope he won't succeed in crossing the catastrophe, otherwise, I'm afraid it will affect this important event!"

Ghost candle muttered to himself.

Scenes like this appeared around Tianluo Continent.

this moment.

Whether it is the old monster in cultivation, or the self-styled ancestor of the gods, he opened his eyes at this moment, showing a shocked expression.

They all looked at the direction of the Western Regions.

"This immortal calamity power is actually dozens of times stronger!"

"It looks like it doesn't make people immortal at all!"

"Fortunately, the old man suppressed the realm and didn't break through, otherwise, he will be blasted away!"



Western Region, south of the Great Demon Mountain, where Sun Hao lives.

Sun Hao looked at the sky, and looked at Huang Rumeng again. After seeing her expression calm, he couldn't help but relax.

"It seems that Rumeng is not afraid of thunder!"

Sun Hao muttered to himself, lowered his head, and continued to eat meat.

Such a scene, seeing other people's eyes, gradually relaxed.

"The son is here, what's to worry about!"

"However, this time it is a fairy robbery, not an ordinary thunder robbery!"

"That's not the same! No matter what the trouble, you can't kneel and lick in front of the son?"

Luo Liuyan spoke for a while, relaxed and continued to eat meat.

The fourth ancestor of the Mu family looked at the sky and then at the crowd, the expression on his face changing.

They suppressed their inner fear, learned a few people, and began to eat meat.

The meat on their chopsticks fell into the pot from time to time.

This time, but was frightened.

This is immortal robbery!

Can the son resist it?

All of you are so calm!

If it really falls, I will definitely die!

Thinking of this, the four ancestors of the Mu family looked bitter and looked towards the sky from time to time.

In the sky, in the dark clouds.

"call out……"

A figure composed of electric lights rushed through it.

He is the Giant Thunder Tribulation.

This time, someone crossed the Tribulation.

The Thunder Tribulation power he can use is naturally stronger than ever.

"Small, you dare to survive the immortal catastrophe, don't you want to live?"

"Today, let you taste what it means to fight against the sky!"

"This time, I'm going to blow you away, without any bones left!"

"As long as this task is completed, this year's performance will be considered complete, haha..."

"Huh, won't you encounter supreme existence again this time?"

Thinking about it this way, Lei Jie giant's figure was stagnant, and his face showed anxiety.

Afterwards, he shook his head quickly, "Impossible!"

"Supreme Existence around the few people, I know, they have just reached the ascending state! How can it be possible to cross the immortal catastrophe again?"

"Who cares about you? Give me a hammer first!"

After speaking, the Thunder Tribulation Giant took out a hammer that shone with thunder.


Wan Se Lei Mang, beating on the hammer, burst out the power of destroying the world.

A glance makes people feel shocked.


The Thunder Tribulation Giant roared, aimed at the ground, and blasted over.


The black clouds spread, dazzling light, illuminating the whole world.

A beam of thunder light shook the sky constantly roaring and blasting waves.

"call out……"

The coercion of terror, like a tsunami, is pressing on everyone.

The face of the fourth ancestor of the Mu family changed drastically, and the secret path was not good.

"It's over!"

Only these two words can be thought of.

Seeing, Leimang was about to fall.

At this time.


A figure rushed out quickly.

She was dressed in white with fluttering robes.

A firm smile appeared on her beautiful face.

She is exactly Huang Rumeng.

Looking at the thunder light falling from the sky, she stretched out her right hand and grabbed it upward.


Lei Mang went straight into Huang Rumeng's hands, jumping around, struggling frantically.

Every time it beats, it will explode the power of ruining the world.


The surrounding space, like a lens, shattered every inch, and then closed again.

Everyone looked up at this scene, their scalp exploded, cold sweat.

Catch the Tribulation of the Thunder with bare hands?

Really unheard of, unseen!

Madam's strength is so terrible to such an extent!

Unthinkable, unimaginable.

"Don't struggle, it's useless!"


Huang Rumeng shook his right hand lightly.


There was an explosion.

The entire Thunder Tribulation exploded.

Turned into hundreds of thousands of electric lights, covering Huang Rumeng.

She closed her eyes and bathed in the electric light, showing an expression of enjoyment.

After a while, the electric glow dissipated and was completely absorbed by Huang Rumeng.

She stood in the air, closed her eyes, feeling quietly.

At this moment, the world seemed to be still.

Everyone stared blankly at Huang Rumeng, and couldn't believe it.

"What? Swallow all Xianlei?"

"It's really amazing! This method is unimaginable!"

"Sister Rumeng is not the same with the son! This physical body, I'm afraid the fairy dragon can't be compared!"

The five Luo Liuyan looked at Huang Rumeng, shocked.

Next to them, the fourth ancestor of the Mu family stood there blankly, unable to calm down for a while.

Grab the Thunder Tribulation with one hand, and swallow the light of Thunder Tribulation in the body.

This is really a long time to see!

Have you seen it in millions of years?

Madam's methods are so terrifying, unimaginable.


The fourth ancestor of the Mu family gasped for a few breaths, and then gradually calmed down.

Everyone stared at Huang Rumeng again.

I see.


Huang Rumeng opened his eyes, two sharp gazes shot out.

His eyes directly penetrated the dark clouds and swept across the Thunder Tribulation Giant.


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