Sun Hao's residence, at the foot of the mountain to the south.

There are several attics here, built by Luo Liuyan and others.

One of them is in an underground secret room.

Luo Liuyan and five people sat together.

Su Yiling pouted her mouth, looked at Luo Liuyan, and asked, "Master, why are you in such a hurry? The dragon meat hasn't been eaten yet!"

"Yes, Lord Luo, that taste is simply the best in the world!" Wen Renshi said.

"One bite will allow me to break through several realms, which is terrible!"

"So many undead medicines are stewed together, it's unique! I didn't expect Chen Daoming to be able to eat it, and I won't be shocked in this life!" Chen Daoming's eyes were full of spirits.

"I think I should eat it for a while!" Mu Bing said.

"Don't you see Young Master's worried look?" Luo Liuyan said.

When these words came out, several people showed deep thoughts.

After a while, Su Yi's spirit flashed, "Master, I saw that when the Mu family senior left, the son was very worried, afraid that they would fail to break through, and wanted to persuade them to stay!"


A violent chestnut hit Su Yiling's head directly.

"Master, why are you hitting me?" Su Yiling looked aggrieved.

"Just your mind, I really don't know what you think?" Luo Liuyan shook his head for a while.

"Lord Luo, what instructions does the son have?" Chen Daoming asked.

"Actually, this time, the son has two instructions!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Two pieces? Are there any?"

Su Yiling scratched her head, looking confused.

"The first thing, the son said about fishing, do you remember?" Luo Liuyan asked.

"I remember, the son wanted to find us fishing!"

Su Yiling raised his hand first.


Luo Liuyan knocked another violent shudder under Su Yiling's head.

"Master, why did you hit me again?" Su Yiling looked aggrieved.

"How does the master usually teach you? Use your mind more, is your brain muddy?"

Luo Liuyan sighed secretly, revealing a look of hatred for iron and steel.

"Lord Luo, isn't it right? There is a deep meaning in this?" Chen Daoming asked.

"of course!"

Luo Liuyan focused his head.

"Nowadays, other races are eagerly watching, and the human race is in danger, but they are fighting separately!"

"Does the young man know about these?" Luo Liuyan asked.

"The son has done everything, naturally knows these!" Wen Renshi said.

"What kind of fish is the fish the son caught?" Luo Liuyan continued to ask.

"Then it goes without saying that it is naturally the four dragons and the fairy dragon!" Wen Renshi said.

"Everyone thinks that if the son is looking for someone to fish, is he looking for us? Can we catch the fairy dragon? Can our fishing road be?

Luo Liuyan's words made everyone speechless.

"Lord Luo, don't be dumb, just say it!" Chen Daoming said.

"it is good!"

"Since the son considered that the human race is in danger, he proposed fishing at this moment, and his intention is to find a fairy who can fish the road and control the overall situation!"

"The human race is scattered in sand. Today, only immortals can integrate their forces!"

"The young man cleans up and arranges behind him. It is not convenient to come forward directly!"

"Do you understand?" Luo Liuyan said.

The words came out.


The sound of cold air, one after another.

The son's deep intentions are so profound!

If it weren't for the leader of Luo, who could realize it?

"Master is amazing! I thought the son was just looking for us to fish? I'm so stupid!"

An embarrassed smile appeared on Su Yiling's face, flushing red.

"I didn't expect it to be a little bit, compared with the leader of Luo, it is too far!"

Chen Daoming lowered his head and sighed secretly.

Wen Renshi and Mu Bing also blushed, ashamed.

"What about the second one?"

"The second thing is that something big will happen in the Northern Territory!"


Everyone's eyes widened, their faces full of disbelief.

When did the son point out that something big happened in the Northern Territory?

At this moment, even Chen Daoming looked confused.

"Lord Luo, do you have this instruction?" Chen Daoming asked.

"Daoyou Chen, do you remember that the son stood up while eating, looked at the direction of the northern region twice, frowning?" Luo Liuyan said.

Chen Daoming thought secretly, and then suddenly nodded, "Yes, there is such a thing! It turns out that the son is instructing something big in the Northern Territory!"

"Lord Luo, great, your savvy, no one can match!"

"Yes, Lord Luo, but the son pointed out that there is a major event in the Northern Territory. What is the specific major event?"

"The Northern Territory is so big, how should we look for it?"

Hearing these words, Luo Liuyan shook his head for a while, "This is why I am leaving in a hurry!"

"If you don't clarify what the son confessed, I feel uneasy!" Luo Liuyan said.

"In that case, think about it, everyone, the son said and deeds!" Chen Daoming said.

"it is good!"

Then, all five of them were thinking hard and began to think.

Everyone started talking about what they thought.

A few hours later.

The five stood there, looking wilted.

"The son's instructions are too profound and hard to understand!"

"Yes, what should we do? Go to the son and ask?"

"Never!" Luo Liuyan sternly refused, "The son is clean and repaired, and he can point out the Northern Territory, he has no regard for the damage of Dao Heart!"

"If I just run over and ask, I will definitely break the young man's Dao heart!"

"The matter of the Northern Territory needs to be handled by ourselves!"

Speaking of this, Luo Liuyan looked at Chen Daoming, "Daoyou Chen, didn't the Northern Chilian Sect join the evil alliance? Ask them if any major incidents have happened recently?"

"it is good!"

Chen Daoming nodded and directly took out the letter jade slip and sent a message on it.

After a while, I received a reply.

"how about it?"

"There is no major matter, but there is a small matter at Chilian Sect!" Chen Daoming said.

"What little thing?"

"Recently, Chilianmen dug a kind of scarlet ore, and some of their miners disappeared inexplicably. Every day there were as few as two people, as many as dozens!" Chen Daoming said.

"What? This is not a trivial matter, it is obviously a big one, do they know what that scarlet ore is?" Luo Liuyan asked.

"I don't know!" Chen Daoming shook his head.

"Like This?!"

Luo Liuyan frowned slightly, showing a thoughtful look, "In that case, Daoyou Chen, please leave immediately, go to Chilian Sect to investigate this matter!"

"By the way, Dean Wen has excellent knowledge and must know this kind of ore!"

"Xiaobing, your strength is infinitely close to the fairy, please follow along!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Yes, Lord Luo!" Everyone nodded together.

"Lord Luo, there is still something unclear below?" Chen Daoming asked.

"please say!"

"Now, the dragon clan fairy dragon has been eaten by us, presumably soon, the dragon master will know about this!"

"With the personality of the dragon lord, he will definitely lead the army to slaughter the Tianluo Continent!"

"Do we care about this?" Chen Daoming said.

The words came out.


Everyone gasped.

The dragon master acted cruelly!

For the death of his generals, he will never give up.

Once an army is dispatched, it will be a disaster for the human race.

Seeing everyone's worried expressions, Luo Liuyan smiled slightly.

"It's not that I don't care, but the son didn't let us care at all!"

"Presumably this matter, the son will have another arrangement, we can just do our own thing!"


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