"This...this is?"

Mo Haoshi's eyes widened, his eyes straight.

"Nine colors?"

"There are nine colors, only nine-color glazed wood and nine-color unicorn wood!"

"Nine-color glazed wood is just a spiritual wood, can it be said that this is the legendary nine-color unicorn wood?"


"This is the supreme fairy tree, its value is immeasurable!"

"I'm afraid to sell the entire Tianluo Continent, no! Ten Tianluo Continents are sold, it is not worth this piece of nine-color unicorn wood!"

Mo Haoshi opened his mouth and muttered to himself, without closing it for a long time.

I saw that in Sun Hao's hand, there was a huge wood directly reaching one meter.

Above the giant tree, the nine colors of light flow constantly, making it suffocating to see.

"Look up!"

After speaking, Sun Hao moved quickly, and a giant ball with a diameter of one meter took shape.

Immediately after.

A series of ancient patterns are engraved on the fairy wood.

These patterns are interlocking and connected to each other.

After half an hour.

Sun Hao stopped.

In front of him, a huge boat core was placed.

Above the boat core, there are densely packed, full of ancient formation patterns.

These formations, after being strengthened, improved, and blended, are completely integrated.

There are millions of patterns on it.


Mo Haoshi stared blankly, shocked beyond words.

This boat core contains heaven-shattering power.

Although it is not activated, if it explodes, it is enough to destroy the world.

Mo Haoshi could confirm that the nuclear explosion of this boat, I am afraid that the entire Tianluo continent will be moved to the ground!

A glance made Mo Haoshi's heart jumped, and he quickly retracted his gaze.

"This... this boat core is terrible!"

"It's at least a million times stronger than the one that the son gave me a few days ago. No, it's over a million times stronger!"

Mo Haoshi muttered to himself, shocked for a long time without regaining his senses.

Sun Hao took out all the remaining fairy crystals and placed them on the boat core.


All the fairy crystals turned into blue awns and poured into the boat core.

However, only tens of thousands of array patterns are activated.

Sun Hao watched this scene, his forehead was black.

The fairy crystal was used up, and even one-tenth of the formation pattern was not activated.

To be fully activated, I am afraid that tens of thousands of fairy crystals are needed.

Where can I find so many fairy crystals?

"Hey, there is no fairy crystal, it seems that it can't be activated temporarily!" Sun Hao sighed secretly.

The words came out.


It was like a thunderstorm on the top of Mo Hao's stone.

The son has no fairy crystal!

Speak out in front of me on purpose.

The meaning is so obvious, I am so stupid not to know.

Before, the son seemed to have mentioned it before, but he didn't care about it.

Damn it!

To solve problems for the son, this is what the apprentice should do.

"My son, don't worry, I will go back right away and call on the entire Qige!"

"We will work hard to earn fairy crystals for you, don't worry!"

Mo Haoshi secretly clenched his fist, his face firm.

"Let's go, let's go out, let's talk about the fairy crystals later!"

"Yes, son!"

The three of them walked out of the flying boat and just came to the front yard.

At this time.

"My son, are you at home?"

Outside the courtyard, Zhan Tianpeng's voice came.

Sun Hao raised his eyebrows, his eyes gleamed, "Slow?"

"My son, I'll open the door!"

"it is good!"

After a while.

The three of Zhan Tianpeng came to Sun Hao and saluted respectfully, "I have seen the son!"

"You are welcome, show less, please sit down!"

"Thank you son!"

Zhan Tianpeng took out a bag and presented it to Sun Hao respectfully.

"My son, there are 50,000 fairy crystals here. Except for the 4,000 owed you last time, the other 45,000 are all considered deposits!"

"If you have a boat core in the future, we will accept it all!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

As soon as he said this, Sun Hao's eyes sparkled.

It happened that he lacked the fairy crystal and could not activate the boat core.

Unexpectedly, this Zhan Tianpeng delivered it immediately.

What a nice guy!

With these fifty thousand immortal crystals, it may be possible to activate the boat core.

"Zhan Shao, it's so polite. When I have time, I will engrave the boat core!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, son, you don't need to activate the boat core you sell to me in the future!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

No need to activate?

so good?

Doesn't it mean that you have no business at all?

This is simply wonderful.

"Thank you Zhan Shao!" Sun Hao said with a smile.

The more I look at Zhan Tianpeng, the more satisfied.

"My son, I..."

Zhan Tianpeng wanted to say something but stopped, with a look of shame.

"Zhan Shao, just say if you have anything." Sun Hao said.

"My son, I am really ashamed that I have not been able to find the gods and treacherous men!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

"Zhan Shao, don't worry, don't worry about this at all!" Sun Hao said.

Hearing this, Zhan Tianpeng sighed and relaxed.

"Zhan Shao, here today, no matter what, I have to finish eating before leaving!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you son!"

Ever since I ate tofu last time, it is still unforgettable.

The son-in-law tofu is simply delicious in the world, making people linger!

If it weren't for being ashamed, I would definitely come to eat Gongzi tofu often.

Zhan Tianpeng's face is full of fine light.

"You guys, you have a blessing, I still have a rice eel that I haven't eaten!"

"This rice eel is not easy, take you over and see!"

After speaking, Sun Hao walked forward.



This kind of worldly things, the son actually likes to eat?

Say you have a good fortune?

Son, I want to eat your tofu!

Don't eat rice eel, OK?

Zhan Tianpeng looked bitter, sighed helplessly, and followed Sun Hao.

Walking into the backyard, what appeared in front of Zhan Tianpeng was a small flying boat.

"This...this is the Supreme Immortal Wood!"

"Did the son make this? It's too tough!"

"It's a pity, it's a bit small, otherwise, it will definitely sell for a good price."

Zhan Tianpeng looked at Xianzhou, opened his mouth, and muttered for a long time.

"My son, you built this flying boat?" Zhan Tianpeng asked.

"Yes, I built it with Lao Mo!"

Sun Hao nodded, "Let Zhan rarely laugh. It can only be made of wood. If there is iron ore, it will be better!"

The words came out.


Like a heavy blow, it hit Zhan Tianpeng's head severely.

The son needs iron ore!

This matter must be firmly remembered!

"Of course!" Zhan Tianpeng nodded.

"Come with me, I will show you this big eel!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, son!"

Leaving Xianzhou, Zhan Tianpeng's eyes swept away, their pupils contracted, and their faces were full of shock.

"Young Master, look, there are all fairy fruits over there!"

"Each of these fairy fruits is worth at least 10 fairy crystals. How much is it worth for such a large piece?"

"I think at least hundreds of millions of fairy crystals!"

"It turns out that the son is so rich, in our home planet, he is definitely a great god!"

"Look there! That's enlightenment tea, what, a piece of enlightenment tea tree!"

"That piece is immortal tea, and it is supreme immortal tea, each piece of tea is worth ten pieces of middle-grade immortal crystal!"

"Then...that's the immortal medicine, my god, much! Son, such a large area, it is worth ten Wangxinglou?"

Zhan Tianpeng's chests were severely injured, and they could not calm down for a long time.

That kind of shock, that kind of unbelief, indescribable.

"Look, this eel is big enough, right?"

At this time, a voice awakened the three of them.


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