In the Northern Territory, south of Taichu Mine, in front of a mine.

Nearly ten thousand men and women dressed in Tsing Yi, with the Chai family's mark embroidered on their clothes, looked guarded around the stations.

Around them, there are more and more immortal cultivators.


Changhong came all the way and arrived quickly.

They stand in all directions, in groups of three to five, with dozens of companions.

Fiery gaze flashed in the eyes of every cultivator.

"Why are they all from the Chai family? What about the Fang family?"

"That means it must be a black hand!"

"Are we just looking at it?"

"Then what do you want? Did you see the ground?"

Following that person's finger, many immortal practitioners gasped.

I saw that dozens of corpses on the ground strongly stimulated their eyeballs.

Some corpses were still convulsing slightly and blood was flowing.

Many people who were about to rush forward stopped immediately and watched from a distance.



The roar came from afar.

A dozen flying boats stopped in the air.

On each flying boat, there is a big "Shi" written on it.

"What, the Shi family is here too?"

"Isn't that nonsense? The second family of the dignified Northern Territory, it's strange not to come!"

"Yes, we can know the news, it's strange that the Shi family doesn't know!"

Everyone looked at this flying boat, their faces were shocked.


An obese middle-aged man led nearly 10,000 people flying down from the sky.

The obese man walked directly in front of the Chai family's children and looked at them coldly.

"Intruder, die!"

The old patriarch Chai said, cold killing intent, without any concealment.

"Elder Chai, Shi is naturally not here to forge ahead, but to discuss with you!" said the fat man.

"No need!"

"Don't say that, look, it's been a few days now, and your Patriarch hasn't come out yet, will something happen?" said the fat man.

The words came out.


The elder raised his long sword and slashed at the obese man, "Dare to curse the Patriarch and seek death!"


There was an explosion.

The two of them kicked straight back, their faces full of jealousy.

"Shi just reminded you that you made a move to hurt people. Is it true that Shi did not become you?" said the fat man.

"Hmph, if you dare to curse the Patriarch, die!"


The obese man's chest was stagnant and there was nothing to say.

He stepped back a few steps, stood in front of a crowd of immortal cultivators, turned around, clasped his fists slightly.

"Dear fellow daoists, everyone has seen it just now, this Chai family came to my Northern Territory, arrogant and domineering!"

"They deliberately prevented us from letting us in!"

"Presumably the Fang family has been brutally murdered."

"Maybe the next target is you or me!"

"If we are like scattered sand, then the Northern Territory will no longer be the Northern Territory, but a part of the Chai family!"

"This, can you bear it?"

These words came out.

All around suddenly fry the pan.

"The Chai family is too domineering! They must be driven away!"

"That is, if Xuanyuan's family were here, how could they be so arrogant?!"

The faces of a group of cultivators were full of unwillingness.

When the obese man saw this scene, the corners of his mouth raised up like a smile.

A look was swept away.


"This Chai family is too overbearing. As a monk, I have already put my life and death away!"

"Yes, good fortune is in front of us. As long as we can win a piece of immortal gold, there will be no worries in this life. What are we afraid of?"

"This kind of good fortune is earth-shattering, even if it is dead, what about it?"

Such a sound rang from the crowd of cultivators, shaking every ear.

The body is **** and intense.

Many immortal cultivators secretly clenched their fists, their eyes shimmering and flickering.

"Don't be afraid of death, rush to me!"

"Kill, there are so many of us, I'm afraid he is a bird!"

"Yes, one spit is enough to drown them!"

Many cultivators flew up and went straight to the chai family cultivators.

Someone takes the lead, others follow.

More and more practitioners join in.

"The Chai family deceived too much, I Shi Quan swears here, the person who shot today will share the Fairy Gold Mine with my Shi family, and it will be counted as killing the Chai family!"

The words came out.

Let the immortal cultivators who were hesitant to join the battle immediately.

"Don't be afraid of death, just come!"

Family Chai always looked at these people with cold laughter on his face.


With a wave of his hand, tens of thousands of children moved all at once.

Seeing, the two parties will fight together.

At this time.


The ground trembled.

A shock wave rushed in, swaying the two parties.

Immediately after.

"Boom! Boom..."

The explosion sounded constantly.

The mountains exploded in rows, and the rock and soil soared into the sky.

Everyone was shocked to their ears, and did not recover for a long while.

When the dust cleared, everyone squinted and stared.

I saw that a row of mountains as high as a kilometer was densely packed with mines.

These mines spread to the depths of the mountain.

"Such a hard mountain, has it all exploded?"

"This mountain rock is comparable to the best spirit weapon, how did it explode?"

The crowd of cultivators stared wide-eyed and couldn't believe it.


An exclamation sounded.

"What? Colorful light, this is the light emitted by the Five Spirits Immortal Gold!"

This word just sounded.

"call out……"

A group of figures, like a streamer, went straight to the mine.

"Damn, damn!"

Those who react slowly, hate in secret, all kinds of magic weapons, constantly sacrificed, rushing to the mine madly.

The sky full of light, like a meteor, disappeared into the mountain.

When Mr. Chai saw this scene, his face changed drastically, and he waved his right hand, "Flush me!"

"Elder, Patriarch let us stay here!"

"They all went in, and they kept a fart! Come with me to protect the Five Spirits Immortal Gold!"

"Yes, elder!"

All the children of the Chai family went straight to the mine.

In the blink of an eye, only a figure remained outside the mine.

She was sweet-looking, standing outside the mine, her eyes sweeping.

She is Su Yiling.

"It seems that I haven't seen the leader Chen!"

"Don't they come to the mine?"

"Or are they in another mine?"

"If so, what should this be?"

Su Yiling held a broken arm of the statue with a face full of doubt.

"Without Leader Chen, I would never realize what the son meant!"

"If there is a respected master, that would be great!"

"My son, what do you mean by giving me this arm?"

Su Yiling murmured, her eyebrows furrowed tightly.


At this time, the stomach rang.

She touched her shriveled belly and shook her head for a while, "I feel hungry when I think of my son. I'm really disappointed!"

"Let's eat something first!"

Su Yiling took out a steamed bun and took two bites.

"It's terrible!"

"Okay, finally I'm not hungry!"

Su Yiling put away the buns, looked at the mines, frowned and thought deeply.

Suddenly, her eyes flashed sharply.

"Why am I so stupid! With the strength of Leader Chen and the others, who can stop it!"

"They must have gone in long ago!"

"Leader Chen, I am here!"

After speaking, Su Yiling turned into a ray of light, and went straight to the mine.


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