Mu Bing and Chen Daoming looked ahead, with a touch of caution on their faces.

Behind them, a group of Chilian Sect disciples stood all over the passage.

At a glance, it looks like a pile of bright light bulbs.

"Crossing this line is the Taichu mine!"

"There are many crises inside, life and death are unknown, you, wait, if you want to leave now, there is still time!" Chen Daoming looked at everyone and said.

However, all of them looked firm and did not intend to leave.

"Leader Chen, it is a great honor for us to do something for the gods and treacherous people!"

"That is, in order to save the world, the gods and treacherous people do not care about honor or disgrace, not afraid of danger, let alone the Taoist heart being broken, this kind of righteousness is a model for my generation to learn!"

"For world peace, we are willing to contribute our blood! Even if it is death, we will never regret it!"

They clenched their fists in excitement, and had no intention of retreating.

Hearing this, Chen Daoming nodded secretly.

"Okay! With you here, Human Race is promising!"

"However, after the past, I will reiterate that you must not release your spiritual consciousness and alarm the soul eater!"

"Otherwise, even if they are gods and treacherous people, they can't save you, can you understand?" Chen Daoming said.

"Yes, Leader Chen!"

The neat sound shook the entire space, buzzing.

"set off!"

Chen Daoming waved his right hand, leading the crowd, and ran in.

Entering the Taichu mine, Chen Daoming looked at the surrounding rock walls and frowned slightly.

"Master Xiang!" Chen Daoming shouted.

"The little one!"

Xiang Shichen ran up quickly, smiling.

"You dug the mines here?" Chen Daoming asked.

Xiang Shichen touched his bald head and smiled awkwardly, "Leader Chen, these all existed before, we just got through here!"

Chen Daoming nodded slightly.

Looking back at Mu Bing, he asked, "Elder Mu, look, when did these cave structures look like?"

"It's airtight inside, and the rock walls that have been mined are all weathered, at least from ancient times!" Mu Bing said.

"So, in ancient times, mining was done here?"

"should be!"

"Let's be careful!"

"it is good!"

Chen Daoming slowed down, led everyone, and moved forward.

Shortly after.

"Crimson Spar!"

Chen Daoming looked at the spar on the rock wall, his eyes shining.

I saw a few crimson spars on the top of the rock wall, emitting a faint red glow.


Chen Daoming flew up, carefully pulled out the scarlet spar, and put it in the soul space.

"Leader Chen, there are so many here!"

"Leader Chen, it's a big place here!"

"Wow, it's all scarlet spar, so terrible!"

Along the way, more and more scarlet spars were encountered.

Finally, everyone stood in a circular cave.

The sky above the cave is densely covered with scarlet spar.

It looked like a towering tree covering the entire cave.

In other words, these scarlet spar are attached to a big tree.

"This should be the nest of the Soul Eater!"


"Start collecting!"

"it is good!"

Chen Daoming looked back at the group of children and said, "Attention everyone, start collecting, don't disturb them!"


Everyone flew up and collected them carefully.

The **** spar in the sky decreases rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.



At the beginning of the mine, there was a cave deep in the ground.

There is a statue of a thousand meters tall standing in the cave.

The statue holds a long sword in both hands, and looks forward.

The mighty and domineering appearance, just like a **** who tears the world apart.

Under the statue, five elderly men dressed in blood robes and holding long sticks sat together.


Suddenly, an old woman opened her eyes, showing a look of joy.

"This time there were more than half a million people, and there were hundreds of thousands just above the ascent!"

"Pharaoh, do you start?"

Hearing this, a skinny old man who looked like a dead wood opened his eyes.

There was no hint of expression in the dead gray eyes.

"Also-no-wrong!" The skinny old man said lightly, his voice hoarse.

"However, it's not time!" said the skinny old man.

"Pharaoh, there are 500,000 people, enough to resurrect the ancestors! Why hasn't the time been yet?" the old woman asked.

"The old man is always upset, like something big is about to happen!"

The face of the thin old man was full of anxiety.

He looked at the old woman and said, "Fifth, how are you going to see those soul eater?"

"Pharaoh, don't you believe me!"

"That's the Thousand Years Sunken Soul Tree, the most pleasant place for Soul Eaters!"

"Those soul-eaters have already gone to sleep now!" said the old woman.

"Fifth, don't mind, just ask the old man!"

"Since you are so determined, you don't have to go to see it!" said the skinny old man.

"Of course, we have gone through a thousand years before we drove all the soul eater over there!" said the old woman.

"Fifth, hard work!"

Having said this, the skinny old man looked at the other old man, "Second, how about it? Any news?"


The old man opened his eyes and shook his head slightly, "Pharaoh, I'm sorry, I can't figure it out!"

"So it seems that some kind of existence has already focused on us!" said the skinny old man.

"Pharaoh, are you worrying more? Isn't it just a lack of popularity?"

"You are too careful like this, we must not give up at this critical moment!" said the old woman.

"Yes, Pharaoh!" said another old man.

"This matter is very important, you must be careful!"

"You don't know. Recently, the Human Race has produced a **** and treacherous man, who will do everything to check and balance the evil race!"

"Although my clan hasn't hurt the roots, this **** and cunning man is really hateful!"

"What if he targets our clan and bad things happen to my clan?" said the thin old man.

"Calculate everything? Great Pharaoh, do you believe that? Even the bald donkey in the Paradise of Bliss can't do everything, right?"

"Yes, Great Pharaoh, you are too worried!"

Hearing these words, the skinny old man nodded secretly, "I hope I worry too much!"


Another old man opened his eyes.

There was a touch of fear on his face.

"Da Pharaoh, there is a fairy on my side, who is coming here!" The old man looked up and looked over his head with a look of jealousy.

The words came out.

Everyone opened their eyes at the same time.

"What? Fairy? How should this be good?"

"Great Pharaoh, a thousand-year plan, is it going to fall short?"

"Damn, how come immortals come here?"

The faces of several people were full of unwillingness.

The skinny old man waved his hand, and everyone shut up immediately.

His eyes can't seem to move, he can only stare at the same place.

"What about the immortal, even the immortal cannot escape the big formation we set up!"

"The fairy don't move him for the time being, first swallow other popular blood. After the ancestor is resurrected, even if he is a fairy, he will only become the strength of the ancestor!" said the thin old man.

Hearing this, everyone nodded at the same time and relaxed.

"The fairy is here!"

"Pharaoh, the fish has entered the net, do you want to close the net?"

"Don't worry, there is another one, look at it!"

The thin old man waved his right hand, and a picture appeared in front of everyone.


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