A beautiful figure flew in the cave.

This person is Su Yiling.

She firmly grasped a statue with a broken arm in her right hand, her eyes swept across.

"Leader Chen, where are you?"

"The son gave me his arm, it must have a deep meaning!"

"You guys come out!"

"It's late, but it's too late!"

"Hey, it would be great if the jade slip was passed on!"

Su Yiling muttered to herself, speeding up, and rushing forward.

Anxious color is written all over his face.

Shortly after.

Su Yiling stopped and stared at the scene in front of her, she couldn't help but froze in place.

Now, her location is an extremely huge cave.

In the cave, colorful light flows continuously.

Pieces of five-spirit fairy gold exposed on the surface, strongly stimulating Su Yiling's eyeballs.

"Ding Ding..."

A group of immortal cultivators took out the mining pickaxes and beat them.

These percussive sounds come together to form a percussive music.

At a glance, the entire cave is full of people, and there are no counts.

"A lot of fairy gold!"

"I don't know if the son likes it?"

"Do you want to dig a piece and take it back to the son?"

"I don't think so! They are so hard! I still don't dig anymore, looking for Chen Meng is the main thing!"

Su Yiling ran inside, her eyes sweeping.

"Leader Chen, are you there?"

"Elder Mu! Where are you?"

"Elder Wen! Why are you not here, how should this be good?"

Su Yiling stood there, helpless.

Not far from her.

Yujizi appeared in the cave like a ghost.

He looked at the five spirit fairy crystals everywhere, his eyes gleaming indelibly.

"Sent, sent!"

"Dig! Dig hard! When you dig it out, it's all the old man's!"

A gloomy smile appeared on Yujizi's face.

After that, he stretched out his hand, held it on top of the fairy gold, and began to pull up.

When his strength was exhausted, he found that the immortal gold pattern remained motionless, as if growing underground.

"I don't believe it!"

Yu Jizi mobilized the immortal power in his body and poured into his hands.

"Get me up!"



The whole ground was buzzing and shaking, lifting up.

It seems that the whole is about to be pulled up by Jade.

The mining cultivators all stopped and looked around with a trembling face.

"what happened?"

"I don't know, it seems that the ground is shaking!"

"It's weird, the more you dig, the deeper you dig, and the bigger you dig. Is it possible that these five spirits grow together?"

As soon as this was said, many people's expressions changed drastically.

If so, wouldn't it be useless work?

Finally received by one person!

How to do?

Everyone stopped their hands and looked around with guard.

For these, Su Yiling completely ignored.

She frowned in deep thought, her helpless face regained her energy.

"Can't just give up like this!"

"The task confided by the son must be completed!"

"Since the leader Chen is not here, he must be in another mine!"

"I'll go out first and look for them one by one!"

Thinking of this, Su Yiling ran out.


She has just taken her footsteps.


On the ground, red smoke surged upwards.

In the blink of an eye, the entire cave was enveloped.

The red smoke is as thick as blood, covering the five senses and blocking the six senses.

Everyone is isolated in a space.

The red smoke enveloped the cultivator with a terrifying tearing power.

The shield of a cultivator instantly exploded, and red smoke poured into his body through his nostrils.


The cultivator let out a scream, hugged his head and scratched frantically.

Pieces of scalp flesh and blood were directly peeled off by him.

The blood flows down like a pillar, deep into the ground, and disappears.


In the blink of an eye, the cultivator turned into a corpse, hit the ground hard, and exploded into dust.

Such scenes are constantly playing around.

Not in a moment.

Nearly half of the immortal cultivators died on the spot.

The strong smell of blood enveloped the Quartet.

The rest are kneeling on the ground at this moment, struggling to support.

", I don't want to die, heaven, save me!"

"Supreme Lord God, please show mercy and save us, I will never be greedy anymore!"

Prayer sounded constantly.

However, their five senses were blocked and could not be heard at all.

"I beg the gods, there is definitely not, I heard that the gods and cunning people are very spiritual, I ask the gods and cunning people!"

Many cultivators murmured to themselves, calling out the name of gods and treacherous people.

Many big family patriarchs even bowed to the ground, with a pious expression, "God and treacherous man, I know you are the most effective, please, save us!"

"If you can bless us to leave alive, in this lifetime, you will be my second parent!"


However, it didn't work.

The cultivator continued to fall.

not far away.

Yu Jizi looked at the red smoke around her, and couldn't help frowning slightly.

"This...this is the demons sacrificed spirit formation!"

"Damn, these five spirit fairy crystals are used to seduce people, the old man is fooled!"

"Hmph, that old man will smash you!"

Yu Jizi rose into the sky, aimed at the sky, and blasted with a punch!


With a loud noise, Yuji was slammed back by the force of the counter-shock, and her face was full of fear.

"Damn, immortal power is running out, you can't use it at will!"

"The scroll has to be suppressed by Xianli!"

"I want to see, what tricks are you doing?!"

Yujizi sat cross-legged on the ground, waiting quietly.

Not far from him.

Su Yiling looked around blankly with a puzzled expression.

"I can't see anything, can't hear anything?"

"What the **** is it?"

"I'm so hungry!"

Su Yiling hugged her belly, showing an uncomfortable expression.

"What's the bottom of all these surroundings? My spiritual roots want to eat?"

"No matter, it's too uncomfortable, just eat it!"

Thinking like this, Su Yiling opened her big mouth and sucked hard.


The red smoke around him formed a whirlpool and quickly poured into Su Yiling's mouth.

After a while.

The red smoke cleared.

Su Yiling covered his bulging belly, looking content, "So full!"

"Although it doesn't taste much, but finally I am not hungry!"

Su Yiling opened her eyes and saw the scene in front of her, her expression stagnated.

I saw that a group of immortal cultivators lay half on the ground, their faces showing a look of fear.

There are only a quarter of the immortal cultivators left.

The others have no bones.

"I'm still alive, I'm still alive, God, you finally opened your eyes!"

"Heavenly shit, he is obviously a godly treacherous man. Just now I called a godly treacherous man, and it happened immediately!"

"Yes, it's a **** and cunning man!"

Many immortal cultivators knelt to the ground, with a pious expression, "Thank you God and cunning man!"


At this time, an exclamation sounded.

Looking along the voice, everyone's eyes were on Su Yiling.

"Isn't that Elder Su of the Alliance for Suppression of Evil? She is the celebrity in front of the gods!"

"What? It's her! No wonder we didn't die, it turns out that the gods and treacherous people sent her to save us!"

"Thank you Elder Su for your life-saving grace!"

A crowd of cultivators knelt down in front of Su Yiling and bowed their heads in salute.

Su Yiling showed an embarrassed smile, "Save everyone, it has nothing to do with me, I am here by the gods!"

When everyone heard it, they nodded slightly, and their eyes showed great gratitude.

"It looks like the son sent me here to save them!"

"But what does this have to do with a broken arm? I can't think of anything!"

"This brain is so stupid!"

Su Yiling muttered to herself, shaking her head for a while.


Suddenly, the whole ground trembled violently.

The horror and abnormal change made everyone sink into **** with cold sweat.


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