Chen Daoming frowned as he watched this scene.

"Little Demon Race, rampant and domineering in my Human Race Continent, do you really think we are no one?"

"Break for me!"

After speaking, Chen Daoming picked up the hatchet and aimed it at the skinny old man who leaped over, cutting it away.

At this moment, the surroundings are dim.

All people are bright, as if deprived.

All that can be seen is the sharp light in Chen Daoming's eyes.

The skinny old man's face changed slightly when he saw this scene.

"Unexpectedly to gather the sword intent domain in a sword, extremely enchanting!"

"However, this is not enough to defeat the old man!"

The skinny old man stretched out his staff and blasted forward.


There was a loud noise.

The skinny old man flew upside down like a broken kite and hit the rock wall hard.

He struggled to get up, looking at Chen Daoming, his eyes were full of jealousy.

"How can you be so strong?"

"It contains three layers of sword intent domain! Even so, it is impossible to hurt the old man!"

"The hatchet in your hand is not easy!"

The skinny old man gleamed his eyes and stared at the hatchet in Chen Daoming's hand.

"Hehe, old stuff, don't you like to hurt?"

"Come on, hurt each other!"

After speaking, Chen Daoming rushed forward and came to the skinny old man to fight with him.

the other side.

Mu Bing and Su Yiling looked at each other, and they rose to the sky, each facing a blood-robed old man.

"Boom! Boom..."

The loud noise continued, and the air wave rolled.

The surrounding rock walls, despite the formation of blessings, are cracking rapidly.

A crowd of cultivators watched this scene, wiping cold sweat from time to time.

"It's terrible, it's completely fairy fighting!"

"Yes! I didn't expect that the people in the Evil Suppression League are so strong! This time, if I can survive, I must join the Evil Suppression League!"

"I also want to join, cut the evil, eliminate the evil, defend the right way! Thinking about it makes people excited!"

"In this world, it is the most righteous to belong to the gods and the cunning people, who can follow the gods and the cunning people to save the people, and die without shock!"

Many immortals clenched their fists and looked excited.

They stared blankly at the fighting in mid-air, with blood surging.

Yu Jizi hid in the crowd, her eyes swept in the air, her eyes flickering.

"That...that is the ice phoenix, supreme spiritual root, if you take it, you can definitely sell it at a sky-high price!"

"At least ten million immortal crystals, sent it, really sent it!"

"That's a gluttonous, supreme spiritual root, no weaker than an ice phoenix!"

"God, you are so fond of the old man! This time out of the mountain, it's worth it!"

"The two immortal swords can't even see the rank, they may be the supreme immortal weapon, and the hatchet is also the supreme immortal weapon!"

The more I watched, the more excited Yujizi became.

"Hit it, hit it hard, it's best to lose both!"

"At that time, your darlings will all be old men, haha..."

Yujizi grinned.

If it weren't for more people, I'm afraid to laugh out loud.

"Boom! Boom! Boom..."

Terrorist explosions sounded constantly.

The whole cave was buzzing and shaking.

The five great pharaohs were repelled at the same time.

They stood in the air, looking at the four of Chen Daoming with jealousy.

The look on his face changed again and again.

"Pharaoh, we are not opponents at all. Their physical bodies are several times stronger than us. If we continue to fight, we will definitely die!" said the old woman.

"The old man knows!"

The skinny old man nodded slightly, and the light swept over the jade jade below, a touch of jealousy, fleeting.

"Resurrecting the ancestors is a top priority!"

"Wait, listen, you will drag the four of them in a while, you will kill all the cultivators below, not one left!" said the thin old man.

"Yes, Great Pharaoh!"

After some discussion, the five pharaohs made a decision.

However, he was still waiting for their response.


Four figures, divided into four directions, surrounded the five people.

Chen Daoming stroked a hand of silver hair and looked at the skinny old man, "Old guy, do you want to kill everyone?"

"Tell you, no way!"

"With us, you will never succeed!"

"Today, save your lives!"

After speaking, Chen Daoming went straight to the five.

Suddenly, the swords and swords were shadowed, and the air wave shook.

The whole world seems to be exploded.

After a while.

"Boom! Boom..."

Five explosions.

The five great pharaohs of the demons fall straight down like a broken kite.


Struggling to get up, blood spurts wildly.

This time, five people were seriously injured.

"Pharaoh, what should I do?"

"There is no way! Sacrifice yourself, you must resurrect the ancestors!"

"Yes, Great Pharaoh!"

The five people sat down cross-legged, pinched the Jue with both hands, and muttered words.

Surrounding the rock walls, blood-colored formations flowed continuously.

Formed a series of **** rays, shrouded the five people.

"No, stop them!"

Wen Renshi's face changed drastically, pointed at the five great pharaohs, and shouted.

When Chen Daoming heard it, without thinking about it, he drew out his body's power and poured it into the hatchet.

Break the sky and use it directly.

the other side.

Mu Bing pointed with his right hand.


The ice phoenix let out a howl, all power and power hidden in the fairy sword.

A sword light, containing the power of shaking the sky, aimed at the five pharaohs, and blasted over.

Su Yiling looked cautious, calling out gluttony.


Taotie let out a roar, opened his mouth, pointed at the five pharaohs, and bit it.

"call out……"

The fairy sword in Wenrenshi's hand made a sound of breaking through the air, piercing a pharaoh.

The four of them had their tricks, without any accident, blasting on the five of them.


The ground exploded and the rock wall exploded continuously.

The array pattern engraved on the rock wall burst directly into pieces.

The shock wave screamed and hit a group of immortal cultivators in the distance.


A crowd of cultivators like fairies scattered flowers, bumping everywhere.

The whole cave was shrouded in dust.


"it hurts!"

"This is terrible, even the immortal can't make such a terrifying blow!"

"It's a monster, it scares me to death!"

"Now, the five pharaohs have been blasted into scum, right?"

A group of immortal cultivators struggled to stand up, looking at the dust, their eyes motionless.

As the dust gradually dispersed.

The five figures caught everyone's eyes.

Everyone could not help their pupils shrink, and their faces changed greatly.

"What? It's okay? No injury at all!"

" should this be good? Who can be their opponent!"

"It's over, we're over, **** and cunning man, please come quickly!"

The face of the cultivator showed a panic, and his body kept moving back.

"Ha ha……"

"Er wait, let's be buried with us!"

The faces of the five great pharaohs were all sneered.

Five dazzling red glows flew out of the five people and rushed towards the statue.

"not good!"

Seeing this scene, Chen Daoming's complexion changed drastically, the secret path was not good, and without even thinking about it, they made a haste and went straight to the five red lights.

It's just, where is too late!


There was a sound of cracking eggshells.

In the next second, the abnormal change emerged.


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