"Ha ha……"

The five pharaohs sat slumped on the ground, smiling at Chen Daoming.

That kind of playful expression is all over his face.

"Now, it's too late, you have to be buried with us!"

"You are extremely rich in qi and blood, which happens to be the delicacy restored by the ancestors!"

Hearing these voices, Chen Daoming took two steps forward.

"Hehe, even if your ancestors are resurrected, what about?"

"Do you think the son didn't count it?"


Chen Daoming stood there, without the slightest expression of fear on his face.



There was a sound of cracking eggshells.

The cultivators looked up, their pupils constricted.

I see.

On the thousand-meter statue, cracks spread all around.

The whole statue seems to be broken apart.

"No, run!"

"The statue is about to break, come here!"

Xiang Shichen led people to shout loudly.

A group of immortal cultivators turned into Changhong and hurried to Xiang Shichen's direction.

They hid in the cave, looked up at the statue, their expressions changed dramatically.

I see.


There was an explosion.

The mouth of the statue burst open directly.

No, it should be said that the layer of rock on the mouth cracked.

The sharp teeth, like Tianzhu, exude a chilling light.

At a glance, it makes people hairy and sweaty.


The rock on the face of the statue cracked.

Two big blood-red eyes, exuding breathtaking blood, make people afraid to look directly.

On his head, there are two giant horns that are shaped like horns, which are faintly red and radiate from time to time.

Depravity, bleeding, pain, hatred...

All kinds of negative auras are coming.

Blowing on people, as if being in Jiuyou Juezhu, the body was cold.

"This...this is the ancestor of the Demon Race-Hou Qing! My God!"

"What, the queen is resurrected? It's over, it's all over!"

"How can this be done? The whole world is over!"

A crowd of immortal cultivators watched this scene with horror on their faces.


The Houqing opened the huge mouth of the abyss and let out a roar.

Infinite air waves, like shock waves, sweep across the four directions.

The surrounding rock walls broke directly into powder.

The mountains above the head are arching continuously and breaking apart every inch.

A huge mushroom cloud rose up into the sky from the periphery of the mine in the early days and spread everywhere.


A dull sound spread out rapidly, sweeping the entire Tianluo Continent.

At this moment, any immortal cultivator whose strength is above the half fairyland, no matter what he is doing, his mind trembled at this moment.

They looked at the direction of the Northern Territory, frowning and uneasy.

At the outskirts of the Taichu mine, with the explosion point as the center, all of them were moved to flat ground within a radius of ten miles.

From a distance, it looks like a huge pit.

The cultivators were shrouded in dust, and it took a long time before they struggled to get up.

They looked at the queen, their bodies trembling violently.

Just a roar can destroy the world.

If it is a full blow, then the whole world can't fall apart in an instant?

Thinking about it, it makes people scared.

Everyone's body moved back involuntarily.


In the eyes of Hou Qing, two red lights shot out and swept all the cultivators.


Everyone trembled, and the whole person was imprisoned, unable to move.


Houqing's body trembled.

"Boom! Boom..."

The rock on his body cracked layer by layer.

After landing, the whole ground was lifted up with the momentum of overwhelming.


That piece of five-spirited gold like a mountain peak was directly exploded into tens of thousands of fragments, splashing everywhere.

The ground cultivators, like ants swept by a torrent, soar into the sky.

After that, he landed heavily and made his head dizzy.

The strong, vomiting blood endlessly.

Those with weak strength collapsed into blood mist.

The five pharaohs, even if their bodies were like King Kong, oscillated between these waves of air, their bodies sunken and their bones broken.

In addition to the vitality that had been sacrificed, four pharaohs died in an instant.

A thin old man fell to the ground, struggling to support him.

He widened his eyes and stared straight ahead.

"Ancestor, you are finally alive!"

The skinny old man murmured to himself, his eyes gradually losing his expression.

Seeing, the skinny old man was about to die.

At this time.


A breath of blood engulfed him at once.

In the eyes of the skinny old man, he regained the light and looked at Hou Qing with a grateful expression, "Thank you, ancestor!"

"No need!"

Hou Qing spoke lightly, her eyes sweeping.



The world trembled.

Tens of thousands of immortal cultivators were out of control and flew out.

In the end, it was all covered by a cloud of blood.

The four of Chen Daoming bear the brunt.


The blood on their bodies flew out uncontrollably.

Formed strands of blood, gathered together, and flew into Hou Qing's mouth.


The four of Chen Daoming struggled frantically and resorted to various means.

However, in this blood mist, all the means did not work at all.

"Leader Chen, this...what can I do?"

Seeing the immortal cultivators all around fell down one by one, I was full of worries when smelling the stone face.

"Don't worry, the son will come to save us!"

Even though the blood on his body was quickly disappearing, Chen Daoming didn't panic at all on his face.

"Yes! The son will come to save us!"

Although Mu Bing's face was pale, her face was calm.

"But, why aren't you here? I'm so dizzy, am I going to die?"

Su Yiling murmured, looking back at the direction of Big Demon Mountain, with a puzzled expression.


There was no response.

The vitality of the four of them is losing rapidly along with the blood.


The cultivators screamed bitterly, and finally turned into a pile of bones.

The bones were weak in the wind, and when the wind blew, they broke into dust and disappeared on the spot.

Not in a moment.

Nearly ten thousand immortals died on the spot.

More than 500,000 people, and now there are less than 50,000.

Even if it was the Chilian Sect, who cultivated by tempering the physical body, the blood was surging, and at this moment, many people died.

Sovereign Master Xiang Shichen folded his hands together and muttered to himself.

"God and treacherous man, please show your spirit, save us!"

Under his leadership, the disciples all around, clasped their hands together, began to pray.

"The supreme **** and treacherous man, I am your most pious disciple. I know that you will come to save us!"

"God treacherous man, in my entire life, I have only one wish to listen to you! Please come!"

Such a voice kept ringing.

However, there was still no response around.

"Impossible, this is absolutely impossible!"

"The son will not let us leave it alone!"

"Something must be delayed!"

Chen Daoming muttered to himself, struggling to support it.

The rapid loss of blood and vitality in his body made him weaker and weaker.

After a few breaths, he will die tragically on the spot.

At this time.


A red glow, flying up from the ground.

In an instant, he flew to the center of Houqing's forehead.

Seeing this scene, Chen Daoming's face was regained.

"I understand!"


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