" can you be stronger than the old man's spiritual mind?"

Yu Jizi released his spiritual thoughts and glanced at the four of Chen Daoming, his faces full of unbelief.

"Hehe, are you talking about this?"

After speaking, Chen Daoming released his spiritual thoughts.



Yujizi's face changed dramatically.

That kind of unbelief, that kind of shock, all over his face.

A ten step and a half immortal, his spiritual consciousness is hundreds of times stronger than himself!

How can this be?

Yujizi's face changed slightly, and her anxiety was fleeting.

Seeing Chen Daoming and the four gathered around him, his body backed away, "You...what do you want to do?"

"What do you want to do?"

"Hehe, you bad old man is very bad, obviously you came with us, you still ask us!"

"Yes, let's talk, what is your purpose?"

"Don't talk nonsense, just kill, even the son's picture scroll, he dare to grab!"

The four people stepped forward.

Every step puts great pressure on Yujizi, and her heart beats violently.

"Damn, I was shocked by the four little babies!"

"Pretend to be a fool, come on!"

Yu Jizi waved his right hand, and the four puppets of the seal of the talisman rushed towards Chen Daoming.

What pounced on Chen Daoming was a puppet holding a big knife.


The puppet raised his sword and slashed down from the sky.

The coercion of terror, like a waterfall pouring down, came straight towards Chen Daoming.

The air seemed to be chopped, breaking open on both sides.

The other three puppets also used their own means to blast towards Mu Bing and the others.

All around, there was explosions.

Chen Daoming and the four stood still, motionless.

It looks like a frightened silly.

Looking at this scene, the corners of Yujizi's mouth rose.

"Little guys, it's too late to hand over the treasures now!"

This was just finished.

In the next second, Yu Jizi stood there stupidly, unable to believe it.

I see.

Chen Daoming smiled slightly, and came first.

The big knife that had been cut from the sky was gently clamped by his two fingers.

This broadsword is tens of meters long, and it is extremely heavy.

Two fingers, pinch so easily?

How can this be!


Chen Daoming's **** pressed lightly, and the broad knife instantly shattered.


Chen Daoming stepped out, came to the big sword puppet, smiled slightly, "Knife, it is not used like this!"

He stretched out his right hand and slashed forward.


The light flashed.

All movements of the sword puppet stopped immediately.

Immediately after.


The broad-sword puppet's body shattered into powder and dissipated on the spot.

"This...this is impossible! How could his body be so strong? When he fought the post-qin just now, he was far behind!"

"This physical body, even if it is the Dragon Race of the Profound Fairyland, is afraid that it can't match it!"

Yujizi opened her mouth wide and muttered to herself, without responding for a long time.



A loud noise awakened Yu Jizi.

Looking up, his pupils contracted again and his face changed drastically.

I see.

The puppet in front of Su Yiling has turned into slag, splashing everywhere.

She gave an embarrassed smile, "It really scared me to death. It turns out that his puppet is so weak, it exploded with a little effort!"

Upon hearing this, Yujizi's scalp became numb, and the roots of hair on his body rose.

So weak?

This old man has refined it for hundreds of years, using countless materials.

This is just a talisman.

Four seals, but it took nearly a thousand years!

Damn you, it exploded with just a little effort?

Want to get angry with the old man!

Yujizi looked bitter and was about to do it.


There was another explosion, which woke him up again.

I saw Wen Renshi standing on the spot, smiling.

"A finger, with a bit of strength, can blast the puppet into scum!"

"My arm is really terrifying!"

The corners of Wenrenshi's mouth rose, and his face was full of pride.

Today, good luck, it's almost impossible to say.


There was still a blast, and the other puppet was torn into dregs by Mu Bing's bare hands.

Seeing such panic scenes, Yu Jizi's face changed drastically.

"Monster! It's a monster, this flesh body can be crushed even if it faces Huangxian!"

"Damn it, careless!"

Yujizi muttered to herself, and her body moved back slightly.


He turned around, accelerated in vain, and ran back.

"You must run fast, if it falls into the hands of these little guys, it will be hard to do good!"

Yujizi murmured to herself, running away desperately.


Just ran out a few steps.

However, a figure appeared in front of him instantly, and then, a fist banged on his face.

The speed was so fast that Yujizi had no time to react.


There was a loud noise.

The soul seemed to be blasted away from the body.

Then, the body fell like a meteor.


The head fell to the ground and the rock exploded.

Dizzy, hurt...

All kinds of uncomfortable feelings flooded all over the body.

"Damn, damn!"

Yu Jizi touched her swollen face, gritted her teeth, and roared again and again.

When he looked up, Su Yiling showed a sweet smile.

A finger flicked towards his brow.

"Do not……"

Yujizi's head flew out like a heavy blow.

Haven't landed yet.


Wen Renshi hit his face with a punch.

He flew straight out and fell in front of Mu Bing.

"Hmph, the picture scroll, how can you grab it!"

With a light kick, he kicked it directly.


Yu Jizi flew away again and fell in front of Chen Daoming.

Naturally, Chen Daoming was not polite, and he was even more ruthless.

In this way, Yu Jizi flew around like a ball.

"Oh, you livestock, don't know how to respect the old and love the young at all!"

"Don't... don't fight, you will kill you if you fight again!"

"The old man is a dignified fairy who fights to protect the human race! You can't hurt Zhongliang so much!"

Yujizi said each sentence, screaming from time to time.

"Fairy? What about the fairy? If you dare to **** the things from the young master, even if the fairy king comes, I will not miss it!"

"Old stuff, don't think I don't know, you have been coveting our treasure!"

"I'm so embarrassed to say to fight for the human race? Just now, after the resurrection, why didn't I see you move?"

After speaking, Chen Daoming kicked it.

"Oh ah……"

With a strange cry, Yujizi's face was distorted with pain.

"Damn boy, so evil-hearted, do you want the old man to cut off his sons and grandchildren?"

Yujizi gasped from the pain, cold sweat.


One finger flicked, and flicked heavily on Yuji's chin.



The teeth flicked and fell like hail.

A lot of spilled on the ground.


"Don't hit your mouth, your mouth is crooked!"

"The old man is wrong, can't the old man be wrong?"

"The old man is so old, you can do it well, don't fight anymore!"

After a while.

Yujizi fell to the ground, mad like a gossamer, motionless.

The face was directly swollen into a pig's head.

Blood bubbles are spit out from the mouth from time to time.

It looks terrible.

The four of them looked at Yujizi and stopped.

"Old Piff, I'll spare you this time. If there is another time, don't blame us for being polite!"

Chen Daoming roared, and Yu Jizi's body trembled with fright.


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