Yujizi fell to the ground, angrily like gossamer.

"Yes Yes……"

Spit out the sound, if there is something like nothing.

It looked like an old man about to die.

Chen Daoming looked at Yujizi's miserable appearance and sighed secretly, "Let's go!"

"it is good!"

Mu Bing and Wen Renshi nodded, turned around, and were about to rise into the sky.

Looking back, he found that Su Yiling hadn't followed.

I see.

Su Yiling walked towards Yujizi step by step.

His face showed an unbearable color.

"Elder Su, why are you still not leaving?" Chen Daoming looked puzzled.

"Leader Chen, look!"

Su Yiling pointed at Yujizi, showing a look of unbearable heart, "Just now we were so cruel and almost killed him, he is so pitiful!"

The words came out.

Like a warm spring breeze, blowing into the heart of Yujizi.

Inwardly, I couldn't help being moved.

No one has ever cared about themselves like this!

All the way, I have been cautious, giving people black hands behind my back, and I have lived until now and become an immortal!

Even so, he didn't dare to get out of Ziyang Star.

Because, in that vicious world, it is impossible to survive.

Unexpectedly, today, someone cares about themselves.


Yujizi's eyes couldn't help but shed two lines of tears.


The next sentence scared him.

"He's living in such a painful life, why not give him a happy life!"

The words came out.

Yujizi's scalp exploded.

I was so moved just now.


It turned out to be killing myself!

What a poisonous female doll!

I remember you!

Yujizi narrowed his swollen eyes and looked at Su Yiling who was walking step by step.

The heart beats more violently.

"Damn, damn!"

"Do you really want to use that divine escape talisman!"

"Do not……"

"No way, it's important to survive first!"

Yujizi screamed unwillingly, like hundreds of millions of scimitars digging into his heart.

Take out a talisman seal, pinch it lightly, and ignite it instantly.


Around him, the air shook layers of ripples, wrapped his body and disappeared.

"Girl, I remember you!"

Only this voice is left.

Su Yiling was stunned, with a touch of embarrassment on her face, "Away?"

"It looks like this old guy is acting!" Chen Daoming said.

"I knew it, just killed it!" Mu Bing said.

"No!" Chen Daoming nodded slightly.


Everyone's face is filled with incomprehension.

"Let's not say whether it can be killed, even if it can be killed, it cannot be killed!"

"If I guessed correctly, he is one of the nine immortals of the human race, and his name is Yujizi!"

"Today, without him, I would definitely die!"

"The son borrowed his hand to save us, presumably not wanting him to die, there are other arrangements!"

"Human race is now in danger, and crisis is pervasive. It's time to hire people!"

"He, maybe it is a very important move, it is very possible that he is the stand-in that the son needs to find!" Chen Daoming said.

Hearing this, everyone nodded.

They naturally knew that Zhan Tianpeng had gone to Yaochi Palace, and also knew that the son was looking for a substitute.

Now, with the scroll in his hands, Zhan Tianpeng must have found Yujizi.

Yujizi must have won the picture.

However, does the son's picture scroll mean that it can be obtained by seizing it?

If the owner did not send it out, it could not be taken away, and it would fly back again.

Thinking of this, everyone nodded secretly.

"There is finally a kind of anxiety in my heart, it feels like a prelude to a storm, very depressing! What about you?" Chen Daoming said.

"Me too!" Mu Bing nodded.

"The old man has this feeling too!" Wen Renshi said.

Seeing everyone looking at him, Su Yiling scratched his head, the corners of his mouth raised, and the dimples were exposed on both sides, "I only feel so hungry. Is the son calling us?"

Hearing this, the three of them turned black.

After sighing secretly, Chen Daoming said: "Since the matter is over, let's go back first!"

"it is good!"

Everyone nodded together, flew up, turned into a Changhong, and flew towards the Western Regions.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the sky.



Northern Territory, in a cave.


A figure appeared in the cave like a ghost.

He is Yujizi.

The whole body was scarred.

His face is as swollen as a pig's head.


If you move it casually, it hurts.

"Damn, damn!"

"That's how the God Escape Talisman is used!"

"It took the old man 500 years and countless dangers to gather the materials!"

"After another 1,000 failures, these two aegis runes were portrayed!"

"It was actually used on several little dolls!"

"Damn it!"

Yu Jizi cursed secretly, and the corners of her mouth twitched.

The color of heartache is all over the face.

"Unexpectedly, the old man Wise Ming I would fall into the hands of a few little babies!"

"Who is this **** and cunning man, it is so terrible!"

"A piano sound can actually transform the human body to this level!"

"Little baby, I remember you, next time, don't be alone, otherwise! Humph!"

"Oh, let's recover from the injury first!"

Yu Jizi grinned and screamed again and again.

It took a lot of time to finally settle down.

He sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and began to recover.

After a while.


"It's too painful. If this continues, it will take at least 10 years to recover!"

"Do you want to use a pill?"

"No, absolutely not! An elixir is worth 10 crystals!"

"How can it be wasted here!"

Yujizi muttered to herself, closed her eyes, and continued to recover.

Not long after, he opened his eyes again, breathing in pain.

"The old lady's fairy body was destroyed into this appearance, it seems that without the elixir, it can't be recovered!"

In the extremely painful expression, Yu Jizi took out a jade bottle and carefully poured out an elixir.

Clench your teeth and swallow it into your abdomen.

When the elixir entered his mouth, it was directly transformed into a force of immortality, which flooded all over the body.

His injuries recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After a while.


He let out a foul breath and relaxed.

After that, I opened the jade bottle and looked inside, and suddenly the corners of my mouth twitched with distress.

"Only 5 left!"

"This time, I lost my life!"

"If I didn't get anything, I set up two elixir!"

"Damn it, it's all you!"

Yu Jizi muttered to herself.

Thinking of the terrifying strength of the four, suddenly lost his temper.

"A few of them, the strength is so terrifying, even if facing one person, the old man can't deal with it!"

"It's better not to provoke them, safety first!"

Yu Jizi calmed down and let out a few breaths.

"My temper seems to be much better!"

"The song played by the gods and cunning men is so effective?!"

"In that case, when the old man breaks through, I will settle accounts with you!"

Yu Jizi muttered to herself, closed her eyes, and began to practice.


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