Beifu Xiancheng, in a teahouse.

"Big news, big news!"

At this time, a mustache ran up to the teahouse quickly and said loudly.

As soon as this sound came out, it immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Soon, they surrounded a bunch of immortals.

"What news, don't be mysterious, tell me!"

Looking at the crowd, the corners of his moustache's lips raised.

"Tell you, something big happened in the Taichu mine in the north!" Moustache said.

"What's the big deal? Don't tell me that a monster came out?"

"I heard the old man say that there were dirty things in the mine in the early days. As long as you touch it, you will have bad luck for the rest of your life, and there will be no place to turn over!"

"What? So terrible, what kind of monster is it!"

"Don't interrupt, listen to Mustache first!"

As soon as this was said, everyone's eyes focused on Mustache again.

"Let me tell you the first thing. Do you remember the Chai family's arrival in Xiancheng of Beifu?" Xiaobeard asked.

"Of course, 108 flying boats, tens of thousands of elite children, the scene is quite domineering!"

"Yes, it's worthy of being one of the three great families in the Holy Land. It's really enviable!"

Hearing these voices, the corners of Moustache's mouth raised slightly, "That's the past. This time, the Chai family suffered heavy losses. Tens of thousands of children died in the Taichu mine, even the owner of the family!"

Quiet, very quiet.

Everyone stared at the mustache blankly, unable to believe it.

After a while.


The sound of air-conditioning was pumping, one after another.

"What? The Chai family dare to dig the Taichu mine? Even the Patriarch is dead?"

"In that case, wouldn't the three great families of Holy Land become two great families?"

"Yes, this time, the Chai Family is completely finished, even the third-class forces can't compare it!"

"What about the Fang family? How are they?"

The crowd looked at the mustache with all their faces confused.

"Fang Family? That's even worse, basically the whole family is dispatched!"

"This time when digging the Taichu mine, it was the Fang family who dug into the Taichu mine to dig the fairy gold. This matter has long been passed to the ears of the Chai family!"

"What everyone doesn't know is that the immortal gold matter is just a conspiracy of the demons. In order to resurrect the ancestors, they lured the immortal cultivators into the mine, and then performed blood sacrifices!"


The mustache said each sentence.

Everyone's eyes widened and couldn't believe it.

The cold air spread from the soles of the feet and rushed all over the body.

"Although the blood demon ancestor has been beheaded, but this sky full of soul-eaters, but the taboo exists to raise them, who can be their opponent."

"In an instant, these soul-eaters will target the surviving immortal cultivators!"

"At this critical moment, guess what?"

Having said that, Mustache deliberately picked up the tea cup and took a sip, "Everyone, I'm sorry today, I'm hungry, go eat some food, and talk about it tomorrow!"

"Isn't it the spirit stone? Here you are!"

"Yes, just speak directly!"

After a while, a lot of spirit stones were piled up beside Mustache.

The moustache closed up quietly and clasped his fists slightly, "Since you are so generous, then I can only lay down my life with the gentleman!"

"At this critical moment, the gods and treacherous people cast down a divine mind, played a song, and all the soul-eaters fell asleep!"

"Each cultivator has not only recovered from his injuries, but his strength has skyrocketed!"

"The surviving immortal cultivators have broken through several realms in succession, their Taoist heart is stable, their mood improved, and their talent has become a talent!"

"And these people have all joined the Alliance for Suppression of Evil!"

Hearing these words, the eyes of the cultivators were full of worship.

"What? Break through several realms? Isn't it a mistake?"

"This method is completely a divine method!"

"The gods and treacherous people are originally gods, what are you talking about?!"

"I remember, when in the Blood Phoenix Nest, some people had heard the gods and treacherous people play the piano, and it seemed to have no such effect!"

"This shows that the gods and cunning men have become stronger!"

"What? Gods can also become stronger? It's terrible!"

"In this life, if you can see the side of gods and treacherous people, you will die without regret!"

"I want to join the Alliance of Suppressing Evil! Only in this way can I have a chance to meet the gods and treacherous people!"

"I also want!"

The cultivators looked excited.

Fiery eyes, long lasting.

For a long time, there was no calm around.

And scenes like this, appeared in different places in Beifu Xiancheng.

Then take Beifu Xiancheng as the center and spread to the surroundings.

After this incident, the name of the gods and treacherous people was more deeply imprinted in the hearts of the cultivators.

There are countless believers.

Many families have added a deity to the ancestral halls.

The four words "God and treacherous man" are particularly huge.

Moreover, the position of God is placed in the center.

God and treacherous man has become a **** in the hearts of everyone.



The center of Xifu Xiancheng, the top floor of Wangxing Building.

Three men sat inside.

The headed person shook his fan lightly, looking handsome.

This person is Zhan Tianpeng.

"Young Master, what happened to the mine in the early days, is it true?"

Old Fang's face was full of worries.


Zhan Tianpeng sighed secretly and patted Fang Lao on the shoulder, "Everything is true!"

When Mr. Fang heard this, his expression was sad, "Xiaoxiao, you will be fine!"

"Bo Fang, are you okay?" Zhan Tianpeng asked.

Mr. Fang wiped away his tears, smiled and shook his head, "Young Master, I'm fine, don't worry!"

"Do you want to go back to Fang's house?" Zhan Tianpeng asked.

"No! I have nothing to do with the Fang family anymore!" Fang Lao shook his head slightly.

"Well then!" Zhan Tianpeng nodded slightly and stopped advising.

"Young Master, the blood demon ancestors have not been resurrected, presumably the demon race has already started operations, which is very detrimental to our business!" Fang Lao said.

"Don't worry, there is a son, everything is not a problem!"

Speaking of this, Zhan Tianpeng looked at Elder Zheng, "Uncle Zheng, how is the matter of the Five Spirits and Immortal Gold?"

"Young Master, all the five-spirited golden fragments are in the hands of Chilian Sect!" Old Zheng said.

"Chilian Sect?" Zhan Tianpeng frowned slightly.

"Young Master, I've inquired about it. Many people in the Chilian Sect have heard the song of Gongzi Dan in the Blood Phoenix Nest, and they are now members of the Evil Suppression Alliance!" said Old Zheng.

Hearing this, Zhan Tianpeng nodded slightly and closed the fan, "Then this matter is easy to handle, and all these immortal golds must be collected and sent to the son!"

"Yes, young master!" Old Zheng nodded.

"By the way, where is the person who sent the fairy crystal?" Zhan Tianpeng asked.

"Young Master, they will be here soon, wait a minute!" Old Zheng nodded.

"it is good!"

Zhan Tianpeng nodded.

"call out……"

At this time, a stream of light came quickly.

Directly penetrate the wall and enter the room.

A picture scroll flew in front of Zhan Tianpeng, shaking slightly.

"this is?"

Zhan Tianpeng took the picture scroll, opened it, and suddenly his pupils contracted.

Isn't this picture scroll the "Climbing Map" that was snatched by Yujizi?

Why, flew back by myself?

"Young Master, is this?"


Opening the picture scroll, it was presented in front of the two old men, their pupils contracted and their faces were shocked.

"Young Master, it seems that the things the Young Master gave, it's useless for them to grab them!"

"Yes, as long as we don't send it, this picture scroll will always be ours!"

"The son's method is simply unimaginable!"


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