One after another giant dragons swept across the four directions, coming straight toward Huang as a dream.

The sea rushes and flows turbulently.

"Damn ants, how can you break my clan!"

"Even if you are a fairy, you have to confess your life here today!"

"My clan Longwei, how can an ant invade!"

Thousands of dragons are rushing, and the breath of dragons howls.

The monstrous might, directly cut off the sea water, and hit Huang like a dream.

Huang Rumeng stood in place, his face unchanged.

She took out a fishing net and threw it upward.




The sea water freezes and time stands still.

All the movements fell silent at this moment.

In other words, in front of the speed of fishing nets, their speed can be ignored.

"call out……"

Huang Rumeng rose rapidly following the fishing net, standing still on top of the dragons.

At this moment, the dragon recovered.

All actions continue.


The dragon's breath all burst open.

A spherical air wave pushes the sea water around to form a spherical space.

"Oh, I was bombed into nothingness. I didn't even eat such tender human flesh!"

"What a pity, what a pity!"

The face of the dragon was full of bitterness.

The words just fell silent.

"call out……"

A whistling sound came quickly.

See you up.

The dragons couldn't help but shrink their pupils.

"What? Not dead? She ran away!"

"What it is?"

Looking at the fishing net from above, the giant dragons were puzzled.

"This is? Fishing net? There is no spiritual power fluctuation, no immortal power fluctuation, this is a mortal thing!"

"No, she wants to deal with us with mortal things? Is she going to be funny?"

Thousands of dragons watched this scene with a sneer.


"call out……"

The fishing nets shrank rapidly, covering all the thousands of dragons.

No matter how they struggle, there is no effect at all.

This fishing net seems to have a way to reach the sky.

All the mana and physical power of the dragon was sealed and could not be used.

Their bodies shrank rapidly.

In less than a moment, there is only the thickness of the arm.

"How is this possible? A broken net has such power?!"

"Dreaming, one thing is dreaming, my mana has disappeared?"

"Dragon Lord, help, help!"

Shouting in panic, kept ringing.

For all this, Huang Rumeng completely ignored.

She looked at these dragon soldiers and couldn't help frowning slightly.

"It looks like a dragon in appearance, not a loach at all!"

"How can they turn into loach?"

Huang Rumeng muttered to himself, frowning and thinking.

Suddenly, she raised her eyebrows and her face was full of joy.


A guqin appeared in front of her.

She sat cross-legged in the air and fiddled lightly.


The sound of the piano came out, and a transparent wave of air vibrated.

The backflowing sea water was squeezed out again.

The invisible barrier keeps the sea water out and cannot return.


Following the movements of Huang Rumeng's hands, the sound of the piano, like a storm, poured into the fishing net.


"no, do not want……"


In the fishing net, the sound gradually ceased.

The bodies of thousands of dragons are changing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Their bodies shrink rapidly and change rapidly.

As the sound of the piano gradually stopped, their bodies gradually turned into loaches.

"It's done! With so many, the son should be satisfied, right?"

Huang Rumeng nodded in satisfaction, and closed the fishing net in the soul space.

The four Dragon Commanders stared at this scene, their eyes widened.

A chill radiating from the bones rushed all over the body.

Is she the human being who eats dragons?

This method is simply incredible and unimaginable.

With so many dragons, with a full blow, even Huang Xian would be killed in seconds.

She was safe and sound, moreover, she swept all the Dragon Clan soldiers who had just shot!

She's leaving?

How to do?

The four Dragon Commanders looked at Qing Chi, but saw that he was muttering words.

"Huh, dumb..."

The ancient dragon language was spit out from Qing Jia's mouth.

On Qing Chi, an ancient bell slowly floated up in the air, getting bigger and bigger, covering Qing Chi.

Countless blue silks have been rushing down since ancient times, like a waterfall, into the body of the green chi.


A dragon chant shook the world.

A cyan dragon ball was spat out by Qing Jia.

On the dragon ball, there are many ancient dragon runes, exuding the power of destroying the world.

"The Dragon Lord is using Promise Still!"

"No, she's going to run, stop her!"

The four Dragon Commanders glanced at each other, then turned into a thousand-meter dragon, roared to the sky, and blocked Huang Rumeng in front of him.

See this scene.

Huang Rumeng frowned slightly, stretched out a slender jade finger, and pointed forward.


The nine-color electric glow kept moving around at the fingertips, entwining each other.

Then they merged together and turned into a wisp of white electric lights, sizzling.


Faintly spit out a word.

The jade finger presses forward.


The air oscillated and ripples spread out.

"call out……"

The white electric light rushed out like an electric snake.

In the blink of an eye, he blasted onto a dragon handsome.

"This... this is impossible!"

"Do not……"

Long Shuai looked frightened and kept running away.

It's just that, where is too late.


There was an explosion.

The dragon commander in ten steps and a half fairyland exploded into powder and disappeared on the spot.


The only thing left in place was the sizzling electric sound.

Seeing this scene, the remaining three Long Shuai were cold and sweaty.

"This...this is the Tribulation of the Thunder Tribulation, my god, is she the subordinate of the Lord of the Tribulation?"

"Impossible! This kind of immortal robbery thunder is controlled by the Heavenly Dao, so you can't use it if you want to!"

"This... how should this be good?"

They looked at Huang Rumeng, their bodies involuntarily backed away, they didn't have the intention to fight.

Seeing that they didn't stop, Huang Rumeng didn't kill any more.

She waved her right hand.


A layer of air wave blasted upward rapidly.

The sea above the water is divided into two sides, exposing a passage.

Huang Rumeng was about to move on, and his scalp exploded.

Looking back, his pupils shrank and his face changed drastically.

"Dead bitch, give it to me!"

A roar, accompanied by a huge ancient clock, flew quickly.

In an instant, Huang Rumeng was enveloped.


Inside the ancient clock, countless blue silks rushed down and wrapped around Huang Rumeng.

This intangible force instantly held Huang Ru in place, unable to move.


Huang Rumeng's face became huge and he struggled wildly.

However, it was useless.

Between his soul and body, there seemed to be a kind of terrifying power.

This kind of power isolates the soul alone, unable to move.

"This...this is Promise stillness, how could Hunyuan Zhong be in his hands?"

Huang Rumeng muttered to himself, his soul struggling constantly.

However, in the face of this power, it is like a baby facing a giant, and there is no comparison at all.

"It's careless!"

Huang Rumeng murmured, two lines of tears slid down involuntarily in his eyes, "My son, I'm sorry, I'm all useless!"

"I will repay your kindness in the next life like a dream!"

There was despair on Huang Rumeng's face.


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