"Ants, **** ants, this is the end!"

"Dare to treat my dragon as food, you are the first!"

"Waiting for me to give you to the father, it will be a great achievement. By then, haha..."

Qing Chi looked up to the sky and laughed like crazy.

He walked towards Huang Rumeng step by step, his eyes cracking.

"Stay, wait until I strip off your clothes..."

Upon hearing this, Huang Rumeng screamed frantically, desperate all over his face.

"Do not……"

However, no matter how hard she tried, her body was out of control, and she stayed quietly in place.

With this feeling, the soul became a spectator, and he could only watch Qing Chi walking towards her body step by step, but was helpless.

Every step Qing Chi puts a lot of pressure on her.

Every step will make her even more desperate.



Behind her head, the hairpin suddenly vibrated.


Fen Zhao let out a big laugh.

"I finally waited until this moment, it was not easy!"

"It's been quiet long enough, and finally it works!"

"The supreme existence, you give me such good luck, how could Fenzhao not remember it!"

"Don't worry, I won't let Madam hurt a little bit!"

"This kind of soul restriction can't stop me!"

After speaking, the hairpin vibrated.


A few streams of light, spontaneously drilled into Huang Rumeng's eyebrows from the hairpin.

At this time.


There was a sound of cracking eggshells.

The restraint that hung over Huang Rumeng's soul burst instantly.

At this moment, Huang Rumeng directly controlled his body.

However, she did not move, but quietly watched Qing Jia come.

"Ant, see I strip your clothes first!"

After speaking, Qing Chi stretched out his hand and grabbed Huang Rumeng.


"call out……"

A ray of light flashed by.

Qing Chi's palm broke.

Fall straight to the ground.


The palm of the hand hit the ground and turned into a dragon's palm with a loud noise.

Qing Jia stared at his arm blankly, unable to believe it.

"This... this is impossible..."

In the next second, his pupils contracted and his face changed dramatically.

I saw Huang Rumeng stretched out his finger and pressed it forward.



Flames and electric lights swayed constantly at the fingertips.

Not waiting for Qing Chi to react.

"call out……"

Like an electric snake, it pierced Qing Chi's body and burst open.


A loud noise.

Qing Jia hit the ground hard.

A shock wave, centered on Qing Jia, spread everywhere.

With the force of destruction and rottenness, everything around is broken.

"Boom! Boom..."

Soaring dust enveloped the entire space.

Half of the Dragon Citadel collapsed into powder.

Among them, the people of the Dragon tribe also broke into powder with the house.

The surviving Dragon Clan people stared at this scene in a daze, with a panic all over their faces.

"The fairy is spared, we are innocent!"

"The fairy is on, we haven't killed any humans!"

A group of Dragon people bowed to the ground and kept saluting.

Huang Rumeng stood in the sky, his mind scanning the surroundings.

Suddenly, she raised her eyebrows and a hint of surprise appeared on her face, "It's her?!"

Huang Rumeng saw the princess of the Tianhu clan—Hu Luosao in the palace.

They are both Yaozu, so they have naturally seen it.

Moreover, although Hu Luochao's relationship with him is not close, it is still relatively good.

Mainly because of different races and few contacts.

Unexpectedly, she actually fell into this field today?

Could something big happened to Yaozu Mountain?

Thinking about this, Huang Rumeng showed a trace of anxiety on her face.


At the moment when Huang Rumeng was stunned, Hunyuan Bell rapidly spun, turned into a light, and hit the ground.


There was a loud noise, and the ground was blasted to the sky.

"Smelly lady, there is a kind to kill me!"

"I remember you, as long as I am still alive, I will slaughter the human race and wash the world with blood!"

"You wait for the old boss, this grudge must be paid, you must die!"

Voices came from Hunyuan Zhong.

"not good!"

Huang Rumeng's expression changed slightly, and he rushed down.

Standing in front of Hun Yuan Zhong, raised his hand to grab Hun Yuan Zhong.

When I mentioned it above, Huang Rumeng was completely stunned.

Hunyuan clock doesn't even move? !

She knows exactly how strong her body is.

It's not an exaggeration even to pull the mountain.

Can't pull out a Hunyuan Bell?

How can this be? !

Call the power of Xianli and the power of the Dao in the palm of your hand, and draw again.


It's still motionless again.

"Smelly lady, it's useless, you can't pull it until the fairy king!"

"This seat is here, you kind of kill me!"

Qing Chi hid in the Hunyuan Bell and kept shouting.

Huang Rumeng didn't speak, but using various methods, he still couldn't move the Hunyuan Clock.

Moreover, even the ground near the Hunyuan Bell cannot be destroyed.


Huang Rumeng took out the guqin, sat on the ground, and began to play.


The piano sounded and went straight into the Hunyuan clock.

After Hunyuan Bell zoomed in, Qing Chi's head roared.


A scream.

Qing Jia covered his ears, bleeding from Qiqiao.


The sound of the piano is getting more and more rapid, like ten thousand horses galloping, thousands of armies are fighting.

There was a loud noise, all of which rang in the Hunyuan Bell.

Qing Jia hugged his head and screamed in pain.

"Don't play, please don't play!"

"I'm wrong, can't I be wrong?"

Qing Chi fell to the ground, a painful color.

As soon as the song came down, his face was pale and his body kept convulsing.

Huang Rumeng stopped, frowning slightly.

Most of the power of this song is isolated by the Hunyuan Bell.

Besides making him painful, playing the piano is impossible to kill him.

But unfortunately, if this Hunyuan Bell could be taken away, that would be great.

At that time, it can be given to the son!

"I will let you go for the time being, if you dare to make waves and harm the human race again, next time, you will definitely be destroyed, can you understand?" Huang Rumeng said.

"Understand, understand!" Qing Jia nodded again and again, half a word.

"Listen to the Dragon Race, if you dare to come to the Terran Territory to go wild, you will definitely be swept away!"

"This time, let me wait for my life for now!"

"Today, it's just a lesson for you!"

After speaking, Huang Rumeng waved his right hand.


Hu Luociao flew out of the palace, and fell in front of Huang Rumeng in an instant.

Point your finger.


The restraint on Hu Luociao's body instantly shattered.

She looked at Huang Rumeng with a startled expression, "It can't be her!"

Afterwards, she bowed to the ground, "Thank you immortal for your life-saving grace!"

"No need!"

Huang Rumeng waved his hand and waved his right hand, enveloping Hu Luochan with a force.

"call out……"

The two rose into the sky and disappeared instantly.

All the dragons who survived collapsed to the ground in cold sweat.

"Too...too terrible, is this also Xuanxian at least?!"

"Then it goes without saying, it is said that the Nine Immortals of Human Race are terrible.

"Which fairy is she?"

"Although she is wearing a face towel, she is definitely a beauty. Among the nine immortals of the Human Race, the most beautiful is the Flower Fairy. Presumably, she is the Flower Fairy?!"

"What? The fifth-ranked Flower Fairy? Isn't she killed by the Demon Lord? Why is she still alive?"


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