Sun Hao easily passed the first two hurdles for the assessment of the educator of Baihua Valley.

Now, only the last level is left.

The location where Sun Hao is located is an examination room resembling a classroom, and no one else is allowed to enter.

As a last resort.

Only let Huang Rumeng wait outside the assessment field.


A principal in red stood on the stage and waved his hand gently.

Down below, all fell silent.

"Congratulations to everyone for successfully entering the third round of the test. As long as you pass, you will be the educator of my Hundred Flower Valley!"

"Enjoy the treatment of a fairy crystal every year!"

The words came out.

Except for Sun Hao, everyone was dumbfounded.

"What? Xianjing? This... is this a dream?!"

"In any case, I must become a trainer of Baihua Valley!"

Dozens of people's eyes gleamed, excited.

When everyone is quiet, the principal will continue to be injured.


The principal waved his right hand, and more than a hundred bottles of flowers flew out of her hand, quietly floating in the air.

"You can choose three bottles of these flowers, as long as one bottle is alive, it will be considered a pass!"

"The time is limited to one hour, regardless of the method!"

"Now, let's choose!"

The words just fell silent, and everyone began to rush.

Each displayed his magical powers and gathered the three bottles of flowers with the greenest leaves in front of them.

Seeing this scene, Sun Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head.

It's not that I don't want to grab it, but I don't have this ability.

He was still a mortal, how could he have robbed those cultivators.

"That kid is a stunned boy, indifferent?"

"There is no power fluctuation on the body, it seems to be a mortal!"

"No, mortals also come to be an educator, is he here to be funny?"

A group of examiners locked their eyes on Sun Hao, smiled and shook their heads.

When the principal saw this scene, he also secretly shook his head.

A wave of his right hand.


Three bottles of flowers floated on Sun Hao's table.

The remaining three bottles of flowers have withered, only the roots are still green.

"Timing begins!"

When the principal finished speaking, he went out.

Before leaving, his face was full of disappointment.

"I don't know why those guys eat it? Even the mortals were let in!"

"After this batch of assessments is over, we must report the matter to the elders. It won't work if we don't handle them properly!"

The principal muttered to himself, full of anger on the pretty face.

Assessment room.


A ray of light flew out of everyone's hands and went straight to various flowers.

After these spiritual power poured into the flowers, those withered yellow leaves turned green at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, it resumed as before.

It seems that the green is dripping, compared with the previous withered and yellow, full of anger.

Seeing such a scene, Sun Hao smiled bitterly.

This is just like magic, it's incredible.

I can only use the most ordinary planting technique.

Hey, it's not cool at all.

Sun Hao sighed secretly, looking at a bottle of dying flowers in front of him, holding a small triangular hoe.

After digging loose, apply some fertilizer to the top, then take out the spring water that was prepared long ago and start watering.

After one bottle is processed, the next bottle is processed.

Soon, the three bottles were processed.

He sat there, waiting quietly.

After a while.

The principal quickly walked back and stood on the stage.

Sweeping his eyes into the house, he shook his head for a while.

Finally, she fixed her gaze on Sun Hao, her eyebrows frowned slightly, "This kid doesn't even move?!"

"Hey, it seems like digging loose some soil and pouring some water!"

"With these mortal methods, you also want to save these three moon spirit flowers?"

The person in charge glanced at Yue Linghua and shook his head for a while after seeing that its withered leaves did not change.

Time passed a little bit.

Soon, the assessment time is about to end.

Those immortal cultivators who used spiritual power to pour the flowers into the flowers all dropped their heads and sighed again and again.

Every flower is full of vitality when it is first poured.

After a while, it will quickly wither, and there is no chance of rescue.

This scene is like returning to the light.

Not only did they fail to save the flowers, they also killed all the flowers.

"Hey, it seems that no one passed, it's all gone!"

The principal shook his head for a while.

The examiner also sighed and walked out.

Just as the principal was about to leave, there was a sound.


Everyone was attracted by such a sound.

All eyes were fixed on Sun Hao.

"What does this kid want to do?"

"I don't understand, could he save a plant?"

"Save the ass, all three are the same."

The person in charge frowned slightly and looked at Sun Hao, "This son, what can I do with you?"

"I just want to ask, is the assessment time up? If I remember correctly, there is still a quarter of an hour!" Sun Hao said.

As soon as he said this, the principal showed three black lines on his forehead.

A quarter of an hour?

What if I give you ten quarters of an hour?

Is it possible that you can still save these three moon grasses?

"No, there is a problem with this mortal's head? How dare you say it for a quarter of an hour?"

"This is deliberately embarrassing Baihuagu, if I were the person in charge, I would definitely beat him up!"

"Come on, he didn't violate the rules, he just told the truth!"

Everyone looked at Sun Hao, jokingly, all over their faces.

Sun Hao ignored these glances.

He sat there calmly, calm and calm.

"My son, you are right, there is still a quarter of an hour!"

The principal smiled, walked back and stood on the stage.

Next second.

She couldn't help but stagnate, five steps and two steps, and quickly walked to Sun Hao, the waves were turbulent, shaking up and down.

She stared at the three bottles of Moon Spirit Flower in front of Sun Hao, she couldn't believe it.

I saw that Yuelinghua sprouts shoots at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the shoots quickly turn into leaves.

The whole process is like magic, incredibly magical.

Everyone looked at this scene and couldn't believe it.

"God, alive, fully alive, without any spiritual power, how did he do it?"

"Unbelievable, unimaginable, there is such an instructor in this world, it's amazing!"

"This... this is not a moon spirit flower, this pattern is like a moon fairy flower!"

"My ancestor, has evolved, he has evolved! He... is he still a nurturing teacher? This is exactly the nurturing master!"

"Even if the grandmaster can't do it, my heart feels almost stopped!"

"It's so rich, I only took a deep breath, it feels equivalent to one month of cultivation!"

"God, this... after swallowing these fairy qi, it can actually strengthen the soul!"

Such exclamations kept ringing.

The whole examination room burst into pieces.

The principal looked at the three Yueling Flowers, no, Yuexian Hua, his whole body trembled with excitement.

"This... this is impossible. There is such a powerful trainer in this world?"

"It's so incredible, how did he cultivate it?"

"Could it be that he secretly used a scam to change posts?"

Thinking like this, the person in charge secretly used divine consciousness, scanned the moon fairy flower, and suddenly stood silly on the spot.

"Yes! The imprint I set up is still there, I haven't changed it!"

"So, isn't his talent for nurturing..."

The more I think about it, the more the person in charge cannot restrain the inner shock.

"My Hundred Flower Valley is saved, and I must tell the elders about this!"

At this point, the person in charge took a few breaths and looked at Sun Hao, "Master, wait a moment!"

After speaking, the principal left quickly.


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