A dull loud noise came from the south.

The entire Nanfu Xiancheng was buzzing and shaking.

Dust on the eaves rustled down.

"What happened? Did the earthquake happen?"

"I don't know, go out and have a look!"

Many people rushed out and flew into the air, sweeping their spirits around.

There is nothing unusual in the place covered by divine consciousness.


There was another loud noise, shaking the dust on the ground slightly.

This sound, like a bang on everyone's chest, was extremely uncomfortable.

"Could it be that everything the Suppression League says is true? Something big is about to happen?"

"How about we run now?"

"Fart, it's safe to be in the moat!"

The words just fell silent.


An exclamation sounded.

Everyone squinted their eyes and couldn't help their pupils shrink.

I see.

To the southwest, a black cloud surged.

"Why am I still thinking about it? It turned out to be thunder, and it looks like it's going to rain!"

"It made me worry in vain. The evil alliance in this town is still making a fuss, even afraid of thunder!"

The cultivators secretly shook their heads and sneered.


"Boom! Boom! Boom..."

The loud noise continued and became more and more intense.

That black cloud, like lightning, came so fast that people couldn't react.

With the arrival of the black cloud, the evil spirit of terror drifted, and instantly enveloped the sky

Everyone looked at the sky and couldn't believe it.

"This...this is the blood evil spirit of the demon!"

"What? This...what about this? End...over!"

"Quick, run!"

Immediately after that, thousands of Changhongs flew straight up from the ground and rose into the sky.

They flew easily over the large array, rushing towards the blood evil spirit.

Seeing, they were about to flee.

At this time.


The world trembled.

A sky-covering claw pierced through the evil spirit and pressed down.

The evil spirit is like a waterfall, pouring down.


Thousands of immortal cultivators exploded their scalp and were about to turn around, only to find that their bodies were imprisoned and unable to move.

"I... my goodness, this is... what blood claw is this? How terrible!"

"It's over, it's over!"

"I'm sorry, I would have listened to the evil Alliance!"

These ideas just came to mind.


Thousands of immortal cultivators shattered their bodies, and their blood was silky, forming strands of blood.

Gather together, straight into the claws of the sky covering the sky.

"So weak! Only so little blood!"

In the sky, there was a roar that shook everyone's ears and their mouths and noses overflowed.

Look up.

Everyone changed their faces and their bodies trembled.

Endless fear flooded all over the body.

I saw that above the evil spirit, two blood-red eyes penetrated down.

Everyone who was swept, his body was chilling, and his voice was silent.

Like all the fear, like a black worm, crawling all over the body.


There was a burst of laughter, stunned and thinned.

On the two **** eyes, there are two hundred-meter huge horns that emit red glow from time to time, which seems to be able to tear the sky and the earth, making people feel hell, without any resistance.

"That...that's the ancient demon ancestor-win hook!"

There was a thunder in nine days, and the souls of people were split apart.

For a while, it was impossible to restore calm.

"What? Yinggou is resurrected? My ancestor!"

"It's over, Human Race is over!"

"Yes, how should this be good?"

"Who will save us!"

In the blink of an eye, a million immortal cultivators were in despair.

Ying looked at this scene with a sneer all over his face.

"Scream, shout, cry!"

"Ats, tremble!"

"The Demon Ancestor who broke your guts is back!"

After speaking, Yinggou stretched out his claws to cover the sky and pressed it down.


With a sound, the moat array shook up and rippled.

The winning hook claw was rebounded.

"Hey, it's interesting, this formation can actually stop this seat!"

"But it's useless, break it for me!"

After speaking, Ying Gou pulled out the Sky Splitting Hook from behind, aimed at Nanfu Xiancheng, and banged it down.


The terrifying power seems to be able to break the stars, and the terror is boundless.

Without any accident, the Sky Splitting Hook blasted directly onto the big formation.


Just after falling, the big formation was torn apart.

The cracking sky hook speed did not decrease, and it blasted directly towards Nanfu Xiancheng.


It looks like a meteor falling to the ground, powerful and powerful.

Seeing this scene, the faces of the cultivators below changed dramatically.

The color of despair is shown on everyone's face.

"I was wrong, I was really wrong!"

"God and cunning man, please save us!"

"God and cunning man, I'm such a stupid pig, I don't believe you!"

They bowed to the ground, folded their hands together, and began to pray.

On the south square of Nanfu Xiancheng.

"Deacon, shall we go up?"

The disciples looked at Wu Han and asked.

"hold on!"

Wu Han frowned slightly as he looked at Sky Cracking Hook.

Seeing, the Sky Splitting Hook was about to bombard the earth and blow up the city.

At this time.

The Sky Split Hook suddenly shrank and returned to the win hook.

"Jie Jie..."

Ying Gou Yangtian laughed, "Ats, are you so scared?"

"However, how can this seat make your death so easy?"

"Wait, it's all our food!"

After speaking, Yinggou stretched out his claws and grabbed it downward.

Shocking coercion, his claws shook down.

The bodies of the cultivators below were imprisoned and unable to move.

"no, do not want!"

"I don't want to die!"

"God and cunning man, please save me!"

The shouts kept ringing.

Seeing this scene, Wu Han nodded secretly, "Go!"

With a soft drink, thousands of disciples rose into the sky.

They frantically call up their physical strength and gather in one place to form a light and shadow palm.

Aiming at the win hook claws blasted over.


There was a loud noise.

Guangying's palm cracked.

Everyone in Wu Han flew upside down and hit the ground hard.


The dust exploded, vomiting blood.

One blow, serious injury.

The winning hook claw was blocked for a moment.

He couldn't help stopping, his two blood-red eyes scanned Nanfu Xiancheng, and finally stared at Wu Han and others.

"It's kind of interesting, if you still have the guts to fight this seat, then I will give you a decent way to die!"

After speaking, Ying Gou pointed his right hand toward the sky.


The world trembled.

A huge sea of ​​blood enveloped the world.

The sea of ​​blood is boundless, and the evil spirit is boundless.

The shocking coercion, pouring down from the sea of ​​blood, enveloped the entire Nanfu Xiancheng.

This power is more than ten thousand times stronger than the blood sea caused by the evil spirits before.

Just like fireflies and sunlight, there is no comparison at all.

this moment.


Everyone in Nanfu Xiancheng trembled uncontrollably, all crawling to the ground, trembling.

Fear filled my heart, and despair was all over his face.

"Blood fairy, devour them, give them the highest standard of death!"

With this sound.


The sea of ​​blood shook, and a skeleton claw was grabbed from the sea of ​​blood.

"It's over, it's over!"

"Is this God's punishment for us?"

"There is no regret medicine!"

The cry of despair continued to sound.

Wu Han watched this scene, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly, "God and cunning man, I did not shame you!"

After speaking, Wu Han closed his eyes and waited for death quietly.


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