"you you……"

Tian Sha pointed at Lie Shang, his voice trembling.

He secretly took out a talisman seal and was about to ignite it.

At this time, a huge force imprisoned him all over, unable to move.

Lie Shang walked up to him and looked at him condescendingly.

"I ask you one last time, surrender or perish?" Lie Shang asked.

"This this……"

Tiansha's voice was trembling, and his face changed uncertainly.

Finally, he nodded slightly, "surrender!"

"That's all right, let go of your soul, this seat will plant a soul-killing curse!" Lie Shang said.

"Ancestor, need it! I will be loyal to you!" Tian Sha said.

"Hehe, I just got a drop of blood to win the hook, and I thought about betraying! How can this seat listen to you, either live or die, you choose one of the two!" Lie Shang said.

"Yes...Yes, ancestor!"

Tiansha's face was full of despair, unwilling to close his eyes.

Lie Shang waved his right hand, and a ray of black and red evil spirit penetrated into his mind from the center of Tiansha's eyebrows.


A terrible scream sounded.

Tiansha knelt on the ground, screaming screamingly.

After half a moment.

The screams stopped, Tian Sha respectfully stood in front of Lie Shang, "Ancestor!"

"Well, yes, a little bit of strength!"

"Don't worry, as long as you are loyal to this seat, the soul-killing curse will not be activated!"

"Naturally, this seat will not treat you badly!"

"Show me the drop of Yinggou's blood!" Lie Shang said.

"Yes, ancestor!"

After speaking, Tian Sha took out a jade bottle and handed it to Lie Shang.

"Hou Qing, you are actually resurrected? Hurry up and let me go out, and our brothers will smash the world together!"

Opening the jade bottle, the sound of winning the hook came.

"Brother? We are the four great generals of the ancient evil king. When did we become brothers?"

"Your consciousness shouldn't exist!"

After speaking, Lie Shang stretched out his finger and pressed it down.

The wisps of red electric light are generally submerged in the jade bottle.

"Do not……"

Unwilling to shout, stopped abruptly.

The consciousness on that drop of blood was completely annihilated, leaving no pure soul power.

"Tell me about the Demon Race in the last tens of thousands of years!" Lie Shang said.

"Yes, ancestor!"

Tian Sha clasped his fists and started talking.

Lie Shang listened carefully, frowning from time to time.

Shortly after.

There was a strange glow in Lie Shang's eyes.

"Sure enough, you are going to do that big thing!"

"However, I can help you!"

After speaking, Lie Shang took out a jade bottle and picked a drop of blood in it.

On top of the blood, there is a strand of Houqing's soul.

However, this strand of soul has no consciousness.

Seeing this scene, Tian Sha's face changed slightly, "Ancestor, what are you?"

"You should call this lord, your ancestor has been swallowed by me!" Lie Shang said.


Tiansha's pupils shrank, his face was full of unbelief, "Then you..."

"It doesn't matter who this seat is. The important thing is that you will follow this seat and rule the world together!"

"Here is a exercise method, please practice it!"

After finishing speaking, Lie Shang gave his right hand a little, and a ray of light went straight into Tian Sha's brow.

Horror information flooded Tiansha's mind like a tsunami.

Tiansha stood in place, so surprised that he didn't recover for a long time.

"This...this is the legendary "Blood Stiff Heart Sutra"!"

According to legend, in ancient times, there were four great generals in the evil king, all of whom practiced the "Blood Stiff Heart Sutra".

This exercise is extremely powerful, and can be demonized into the ancestor of blood stiff. It can jump directly out of the Three Realms, not in the Five Elements.

Even the way of heaven can't control it!

The most terrifying thing is that the ancestor of blood stiff is simply a broken star, and it's not a problem.

Even after death for millions of years, the body is not completely decayed now, which shows how terrifying this exercise is.

Unexpectedly, the Lord in front of him gave it to himself without any hesitation.

What a blessing!

"Thank you, Lord!"

Tiansha bowed to the ground, gratitude and tears.

Lie Shang looked at this scene, his mouth raised.

First slap a face, and then pass a candy, this is the way to control people.

"No, follow this seat, naturally won't treat you badly!"

"Now, there is one thing you need to complete!" Lie Shang said.

"Lord, please tell me, as long as you need it, go through water and fire, and don't hesitate!" Tian Sha said.

"First, give these two bottles to the current demon master and continue to lurch beside him!"

"You demon masters need to report anything to this seat, and there must be no concealment!"

"Remember, don't expose this seat!"

After Lie Shang finished speaking, he threw a letter-passing jade slip to Tian Sha.

"Yes, Lord!"

Tiansha picked up the jade slip and put it into the soul space, and then began to kowtow.

"Well, you go back first!" Lie Shang said.

"Yes, Lord!"

After speaking, Tian Sha took out a talisman seal, squeezed it lightly with his right hand, and the talisman seal lit up instantly.

The evil spirit quickly disappeared without a trace.

When Tiansha left, Lie Shang stood on the spot, with a smile on his lips!

"Master, are you doing well? Logically speaking, you should have broken through now!"

"Now, let me give you a bit of sweetness first, let you be proud of it for a while!"

"I want you to know what is meant by happiness and sorrow, what is meant by despair!"

"This is what you gave to the disciple. Now, it's time for you to enjoy it!"

Lie Shang looked at the direction of the Northern Territory, stepped forward and stepped forward.

Each step seems to be slow, but in fact it is fast to the extreme.

It's just one step, and it's a hundred miles away.



"My son, you have been waiting for a long time!"

Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng were drinking nectar, and at this moment, a sound came from outside.

Immediately afterwards, a flower fairy in a blue dress came.

The scent of faint orchid blows on the face, making people smell refreshing.

"Girl Xiaolan, it's only a while!" Sun Hao said with a smile.

Seeing the smile on Sun Hao's face, Flower Fairy nodded slightly.

It seems that he has completed the task assigned by the son, and the son is very satisfied.

"My son, do you like this nectar?" Flower Fairy asked.

"The fragrance is delicious, sweet but not greasy, it is the best in honey, I like it very much!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, since you like it, please accept it!"

After speaking, Flower Fairy waved her right hand.


A jar of nectar was placed in front of Sun Hao.

Seeing this scene, Sun Hao was dumbfounded.

If two people eat such a big tank, it will last ten years.

However, there are many guests at home.

You can use this to make some snacks, it must be very good.

Sun Hao nodded secretly and smiled, "Thank you Miss Xiaolan!"

With a look in Sun Hao, Huang Rumeng nodded knowingly, and immediately collected the nectar.

"My son, you are too polite, just be careful!" Hua Fairy said.

"Little Lan girl, it's getting late today. I'll say goodbye first, and we will talk together another day." Sun Hao said.

"My son, I'll give it to you!"

"it is good!"

Fairy Flower stood up and walked outside the cave with Sun Hao.


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