Tianluo Continent, in a cave in the Northern Territory.


There was a shock.

Yu Jizi opened her eyes, her face was full of brilliance.

He clenched his fists, his body trembling slightly with excitement.

The uncontrollable surprise was written all over his face.

"Sudden... broke through, broke through!"

"The old man has finally become a Huangxian, haha..."

"Nine Immortals of Human Race, I am no longer at the bottom!"

"Taoist Ling Xu, from now on, you should be the last existence!"

Yu Jizi muttered to herself, her expression getting more and more excited.

Unexpectedly, after listening to a song by the gods and treacherous men, my understanding would increase several times!

Only a few days ago, he broke through to Huangxian.

If this continues, within a year, he is likely to become a Xuanxian!

At that time, he can even rank in the top five!

"There is one more year, it will be a fairy celebration once in ten years, just in time!"

"This time, I have to shine, let Er Deng admire you!"

"My Yujizi is also qualified to stand with you!"


Yujizi looked up to the sky and smiled, like crazy.

"It's time to go out and exercise!"

Yu Jizi smiled slightly, and appeared in the sky for a moment.

He closed his eyes and took a quiet breath.


He just opened his eyes and raised his eyebrows.

I saw that there was a figure in a blood robe in front of him.

Seeing that, it was obviously a demon dress.

With the divine mind swept away, Yu Jizi couldn't help but explode.


Yujizi's face was full of jealousy.

A demon commander, but truly possessing the power of a demon, is just like a fairy possessing an immortal power.

The strength of the magic commander is generally the strength of the Yellow Wonderland.

He is just now in Yellow Wonderland, he may not be an opponent.



Several figures suddenly appeared.

These figures directly surrounded the jade jade scorpion, and the water couldn't escape.

Everyone was dressed in blood robes, and his breath was at least not weaker than that of Yujizi.

The head of the person is covered with a **** evil spirit, and it is impossible to detect the breath at all.

Behind him, two blood-red wings flapped constantly.

Look at it.

You don't need to guess, you can know that he is terrifying, and his strength is far above him.

Just breaking through, before he had time to be happy, he was surrounded by six generals.

Who is going to make sense?

Yujizi showed a smile that was uglier than crying, "Brothers, I don't know what you are looking for, what is the matter?"

"What's the matter?"

The Lord of the Demon Race-Xue Ye walked straight forward, but there was a biting cold in his calm voice.

"God and cunning man, will you still pretend now?" said Xue Ye.

"God treacherous man?"

Yujizi's scalp exploded, cold sweat.

Who told you that the old man is a **** and wicked man?

"This Xiongtai, I think you made a mistake, I am not a **** and treacherous person!"

Yu Jizi couldn't help but shrink her pupils just now.

In his eyes, the **** night figure rapidly zoomed in.

In an instant, Xue Ye appeared in front of him.

Immediately after.

A **** fist aimed at his chin and banged over.


With a blast, Yujizi was blasted with gold stars and fell straight down.


Yu Jizi hit the mountain and burst into loud noises.

The entire mountain range fell directly into dust.

Yujizi plunged into the ground, struggling.

Just got up.

See you.

Xue Ye appeared in front of him instantly, and blasted Yu Jizi with a punch.

"Old boss let you pretend, let you pretend!"


With a loud noise, Yu Jizi hit the ground directly.

This punch made Yu Jizi's head roar and dizzy.

Haven't reacted yet.

"God and cunning man, you have repeatedly and repeatedly bad things about this place, and you can be arrogant again!"

"Today, even if Zhong Ion comes, I can't save you!"

"Where does this seat provoke you to provoke you, and even bad things of this seat one after another!"

"You said, are you cheap?"

"You said, should you fight?"

"Today, if I don't beat you into a Muggle, I won't be a **** night!"

Bloody night said each sentence.

Every time he said something, he punched Yujizi.

The shocking giant punch made Yujizi unable to respond at all.

Yujizi is like a dumb man who eats Coptis chinensis.

Xiongtai, you made a mistake, you really made a mistake!

I'm really not a **** and treacherous person!

I am Yujizi, the weakest immortal in the human race!

When did I break your good deeds?

I seem to see you demons are taking a detour!

Why would you treat me as a **** and a treacherous person?

Which link went wrong?

Do not!

"Oh, **** it, you're too cruel to cut off your feet!"

"I don't have a Taoist companion yet!"

"Oh, don't slap your face, you won't find a Taoist companion if you hit the old man again!"

"I was wrong, I was wrong, please don't beat me!"

Yujizi shouted in her heart, but couldn't say a word.

After a moment.

Yujizi fell to the ground, angrily like gossamer.

In the mouth, blood bubble was constantly spit out.

The entire face was swollen into a pig's head.

It looks as miserable as it is.

Xueye stood up, looked at Yujizi, and let out a long sigh of relief.

It looks like a breath of malice.


Five figures flew quickly.

"Master, this person is so weak, he doesn't look like a **** and treacherous person!"

When Yu Jizi heard this, it was as if he heard a sound of heaven.

Someone finally opened his eyes!

Yujizi used all his strength, walked tremblingly in front of the **** night, and knelt down.

"The devil, he... he's right, I'm really not a **** and treacherous person!"

"You must have been deceived. My name is Yujizi, the weakest immortal in the human race!"

"When did I see the Demon Clan walking around? Give me ten thousand courage, and dare not ruin your good deeds!"

"The devil, the gods and treacherous people do everything, don't you know it?"

"If I am a **** and treacherous person, can I do everything, as to make you like this?"

Yu Jizi kept kowtow as he said each sentence.

Xueye looked at Yujizi and nodded secretly.

Indeed, if the gods and treacherous people really do everything, they will surely count that they will trouble him!

If he is not a godly treacherous person, then what is the explanation for the message sent by the great Pharaoh before his death?


At this moment, a jade slip began to vibrate.

Xue Ye took out the jade slip and looked at it, his face changed drastically.

I saw it read: Lord, Ying Gou was beheaded by Flower Fairy, and Flower Fairy was a subordinate of the gods! This mission failed.

It was Soul Sha that sent this message.

Xue Ye immediately returned a message to the soul.

However, there was no reply.

This shows that the soul is dead!

"Damn it, it's a treacherous man again!"

"Whether you are a **** or not, you must die!"

After speaking, Xueye stretched out his claws and pressed it to Yujizi.


Yujizi's body was scratched and disappeared on the spot.

Xue Ye looked at the whirlpool in front of him, gritted his teeth with anger, and his face was full of anger.

"God escape talisman, **** it, fooled!"

Xue Ye was full of anger.



There was another jade shook.

After opening it, Xueye's eyes shined.

"Go, go back!" said Xue Ye.

"Yes, Lord!"


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