At the foot of the mountain, in an attic secret room.

Chen Daoming sat together with four people.

Su Yiling put her cheeks in her hands, looked at Sun Hao's residence from time to time, and curled her small mouth.

"Dear elders, there is not enough understanding here, this deputy leader can't be anymore!"

Chen Daoming bowed and bowed, his face was bitter.

"Leader Chen, among us, you have the best understanding. If you are not appropriate, who can do it?" Wen Renshi said.

"Yes, why do you say that?" Mu Bing asked.

"Leader Chen, your understanding is really amazing. When you get the broken arm, you immediately realize that Elder Wen will break his arm!"

"I also prevented Wen Chang. Fortunately, Wen Chang had his left arm broken by Hou Qing. Otherwise, how could Elder Wen gain such good fortune?" Su Yiling said.

The words came out.

The corner of Wen Renshi's mouth rose, and his expression was triumphant, "Hey, that's the right thing to say, my arm can crack the best immortal artifact with bare hands!"

"However, all this thanks to the son!"

"As long as we realize what the son means, the son will not treat us wrongly!" Wen Renshi said.


Chen Daoming sighed heavily.

"Ashamed, ashamed!" Chen Daoming shook his head for a while.

"Leader Chen, what does this mean?" Wen Renshi asked.

"The son gave us a broken arm, which has four meanings!" Chen Daoming said.

"Four floors?"

Everyone was puzzled.

"Isn't it three floors?"

Su Yiling scratched his head with a look of incomprehension.

"The first level, that is a self-breaking arm!"

"The second level is to beat us, we can no longer rely on the son!"

"The third layer, the earth-shaking good fortune given to Elder Wen!"

"As for the fourth floor, the young master told us that if we win the world, let us destroy it!" Chen Daoming said.

"What? Win the tick?"

"Where do you see it?"

Seeing the puzzlement of the three, Chen Daoming secretly shook his head.

"Do you remember the action of breaking the arm?" Chen Daoming asked.

"Like a finger, but also like a seducing action!"

"Yes, isn't the Sky-Splitting Claw used by Win Go?"

"The son hinted that the win hook is about to be born!" Chen Daoming said.

As soon as these words came out, several people gasped.

"Unexpectedly, the young man actually has a fourth level of meaning, the young man's intention is so deep that I can't imagine it!"

"It's terrible. If the son hadn't come out in person, I'm afraid the entire Nanfu Xiancheng would be destroyed!"

Several people murmured to themselves, looking ashamed.

"From today, we can no longer rely on the son!"

"The son gave us many pointers and shots many times!"

"Every time, the son has to risk his Dao Heart being broken, and save us!"

"The son has the world in mind, regardless of fame and fortune, this kind of mind has never existed in ancient times!" Chen Daoming said.


Wen Renshi looked at Sun Hao's residence, tears brewing in his eyes.

"That's right!" Mu Bing nodded.

"It makes sense!"

Su Yiling stood up and sniffed her nose.

"I have a few ideas to share with you. If you have any comments, please mention them!"

Chen Daoming said each sentence, spit out all his thoughts.

Wen Renshi and Mu Bing nodded in agreement from time to time and expressed their opinions.

Su Yiling sat there, resting her cheeks in her hands, looking at the three of them, frowning.

"It smells really good!"

Su Yiling couldn't help standing up and walking out.

"The son is making good food, here I am!"

Walking out of the secret room, Su Yiling stepped forward, rushing into a light and shadow, disappearing.

Several people did not notice Su Yiling's disappearance and continued to discuss.

"I must take care of the evil spirits, and I can't ask the son to give instructions every time!"

"Now, the power of our evil alliance is already relatively large, and it can be compared to the Supreme Court!"

"I am going to set up a hunting squad to hunt down demons. Elder Mu will be the captain, responsible for selection and appointment!"

"Look, how about this?" Chen Daoming asked.

"no problem!"

Mu Bing nodded, "However, to set up a hunting team, you can't just rely on slogans, you need actual rewards, so as to keep everyone motivated!"

"Our evil alliance, how can there be financial support?" Mu Bing asked.


Chen Daoming was taken aback.

When it comes to funding, it is really a headache.

The Alliance for Suppression of Evil is not generally poor.

None of the principals sent letters to each other.

Not to mention, own a flying boat.

If this is said, I am afraid that I will lose my teeth.

The Evil Suppression Alliance, which was famous throughout the Tianluo Continent, was so poor that it clinked.

What if I don’t have funds?

Charge for joining the union?

not good!

At first, everyone was doing the job of tying their heads to the waistband, and maybe one day they would die.

Moreover, most people are not wealthy cultivators.

Forcing charges will only distract the evil allies.

Then there is only one way to sell enlightened tea!

One piece is enough to support the one-year expenditure of the Alliance of Suppressing Evil!

However, this thing came out.

It will surely cause a **** storm!

I'm afraid that Ziyang Xing will fall into chaos.

It may even cause immortal cultivators on other planets to covet and attack Ziyang Star.

No, absolutely not for sale!

so what should I do now?

For a while, Chen Daoming was caught in a dilemma.


Suddenly, a shock came.

Open the soul space and take out the jade slip of the letter.

It reads: Leader Chen, all the five spiritual fairy gold fragments are sold, and more than 2 million fairy crystals are obtained! I have already sent it to you, on the way, sitting on the Zhan Shao Xianzhou!

The person who sent the news was Xiang Shichen, the master of the Chilian Sect in the Northern Region.

Upon seeing this news, Chen Daoming's eyes lit up.

It's really effortless!

"What? More than 2 million fairy crystals?"

Mu Bing's eyes widened, she couldn't believe it.

Even her Mu family, as one of the three holy land families, earns only a few hundred fairy crystals a year.

Excluding expenses, the rest is less than 100 yuan!

After so many years of accumulation, the inventory is only tens of thousands.

Obtaining more than 2 million fairy crystals at once is simply unimaginable!

"Since there is financial support, then I will be the captain of the hunt!" Mu Bing nodded.

"With funds, we must pass the jade slips to each other!"

"In addition, flying with the power of immortality will consume too much, and in case of danger, we cannot cope with it. Therefore, each of us must have a flying boat!"


Hearing Chen Daoming's arrangement, Wen Renshi nodded their heads in deep agreement.

"Huh, where is Elder Su?"

The expressions of the three were stagnant, and they looked left and right, looking incomprehensible.

When Su Yiling left, the three had no idea.

"I'm here!"

At this time, Su Yiling ran in quickly.

"Don't be stunned, the son is asking you to eat!"

"Hurry up, the dishes are ready!" Su Yiling said.

Hearing this, Chen Daoming trembled.

Surely he didn't realize something? The son is going to start pointing again!

You must pay attention to your son's words and deeds during the meeting, and don't be careless.

Chen Daoming took a long sip, and after looking at each other with Mu Bing and Wen Renshi, each nodded.

The four quickly ran up the mountain.


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