On a flying boat flying to the deep secluded coast.

Sun Hao's face was very ugly.

Just now, I played three songs in a row.

It has no effect.

There is neither lethality nor break through the Lingxu secret realm.

This hit him hard in the chest, and it was unbearable for a while.

"Is it really that I think too much?"

"My skills can only help others improve their strength, give others beauty, and enhance their understanding, but they have no effect on me?"

"Not even a bit of lethality?"

"I'm just a super nanny? Would you like this? Too bad!"

Sun Hao muttered, his face was full of ashes.

As a nanny, there is no way to survive in this world.

The problem is that this nanny can't treat herself yet.

It's too bad, isn't it?

Try again, if it still doesn't work, then go back and collect the blessing value!

Sun Hao thought to himself, making a decision in his heart.

"My son, are we going to make a space jump?" Huang Rumeng asked.

"No, just fly over." Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!" Huang Rumeng nodded slightly.



The western region, the northwest coast.

This stretch of coast, because it is close to the endless sea, is also called the deep secluded coast.

Throughout the year, no one was seen.


The cold wind howled and the heavy snow flew.

The earth is covered in silver.

The dim sky seemed to be suppressed.

In a cave underground.

The patriarch of the corpse puppet clan-Mohun sat in the main seat, looking at the group of men.

On the skinless half of his face, his eyes kept turning.

"Are you all ready?" Mohun asked.

"Patriarch, get ready, as long as the gods and treacherous people enter the big formation, there is absolutely no return!"


Mohun nodded, "Mega, where are the gods and treacherous men now?"

"The patriarch, is rushing here, and will come soon!"

Hearing this, Mohun nodded slightly.

"The high priest is indeed a magical calculation, knowing that the gods will come here, it is not wrong at all!"

"God and cunning man, can't you do everything? This time?"

"This time, no matter how powerful you are, you will have no way to go to the sky and no way to the earth!"

Mo Hun said every sentence, his face was full of resentment.




In the wind and snow.

Four blurred figures, from far to near.

One of them is riding on a unicorn.

His eyebrows were covered with frost.

This person is Ning Mingzhi.

Behind him, there is a monkey, a pig and an arhat.

"Oh, it's so cold, my old pig is about to become a frozen pig! Master, let's roast it after a rest!" said the pig demon.

"You are a dead pig, you are afraid of coldness! Master, a mortal, didn't say anything!" said the monkey demon.

"Monkey, look there..." said the pig demon, pointing forward.

"That's the endless sea! Master, the endless sea is here!" said the monkey demon.

"Finally to the endless sea! I'm really exhausted!"

The pig demon sat down, "Master, this has been tens of thousands of miles, let's take a rest!"


A violent shudder hit the pig demon's head severely.

The pig demon hugged his head and ran to Ning Mingzhi, "Master, the monkey beat me again!"

"That's you! Why are you tired this way?"

"Which time was it not my old monkey?" said the monkey demon.

"Master, obviously I just..."


Ning Mingzhi gave a soft drink, and the two demons immediately fell silent.

Ning Mingzhi looked ahead with worry on his face.

"Master, what's the matter with you? Is there a monster?" the monkey demon asked.


Ning Mingzhi sighed heavily, "What worries the teacher is that there is no way to accomplish the things the son confessed!"

"Master, what does this mean?"

"The son said that when we go west, we will go through nine or eighty-one hardships!"

"Now let alone the tribulation, there is not even one obstacle, everything is too smooth!" Ning Mingzhi said.

"Master, where is there no hardship?"

"We are all frozen pigs! Isn't it hard to be cold like this?"

"Even if this is not! Three days ago, I was so hungry that I lost my eyes and lost a circle. Is this finally?"

"Also, last time I met a lion demon and bit a hole in my pants. Isn't it difficult?"


When the pig demon heard Ning Mingzhi's ears, a bunch of black lines appeared on his forehead.


Ning Mingzhi gave a soft drink, and the pig demon suddenly fell silent.

"Master, isn't the lion demon that I knocked to death last time?" said the monkey demon.

"Not counting!"

Ning Mingzhi shook his head for a while, "You knocked the lion demon to death with a stick. We ate for three days, so there is no tribulation, it is obviously enjoyment!"


The monkey demon's expression was stagnant, "Master, then I will do it next time!"

"do not!"

Ning Mingzhi waved his hand, "If you don't try your best, it will be perfunctory, and the son naturally knows!"

"These ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties must be dealt with with all our strength!" Ning Mingzhi said.

"Master, I understand!" The monkey demon nodded.

"Monkey, I blame you, if your strength is weak, we have already experienced eighty-one difficulties!"

"This is all right, these eighty-one difficulties can't be accomplished at all!"

The pig demon looked at the monkey demon with a sneer.

"Bah... beg!"

The monkey demon lifted the stick and rushed up, fighting with the pig demon.


The metal cried and rang continuously.

After a while.

"Ouch, don't slap your face!"

"Master, help, the monkey kills the pig!"

"Smelly monkey, dead monkey, my old pig won't let you go!"

"Grandpa Monkey, don't fight, I'm wrong, can't I be wrong?"

Han Yan looked at this scene and smirked, "Big Brother and Second Brother, it's really troublesome!"

"It's fun, I will play for a while!"

After speaking, Han Yan lifted the pole and rushed over.

Seeing this scene, the pig demon and monkey demon's complexion changed drastically.

"Big brother, second brother, let's play for a while!" Han Yan said.

Hearing this, the two demons broke into cold sweat.

Who dares to play with you a pervert.

Last time, I was almost killed by you!

"Fourth Junior Brother, this game is not for you to play!" said the pig demon.

"I feel so funny, I want to play with me next time!" Han Yan said.


The pig demon secretly wiped out the cold sweat, looked at the monkey demon, and saw him nodding, he secretly relieved.

After the fight, everyone returned to Ning Mingzhi and followed him to look ahead.

"Let's go!"

Ning Mingzhi gave a soft drink and walked forward first.

The other three followed closely behind.

Shortly after.

The three stood by the sea.


A cold wind blew.

In the snow, thick black smoke suddenly appeared.

In the blink of an eye, they wrapped up a few people.

Looking at this scene, Ning Mingming's eyes were full of brilliance.

"The first difficulty is finally here!" Ning Mingzhi said.

"First difficulty?"

The pig demon narrowed his eyes and couldn't help but explode his scalp.

"Master, this... this is terrible!"

After speaking, the pig demon picked up the nail rake and moved back.

However, before he ran two steps, he stopped.


He slammed into an invisible barrier, rebounded and fell to the ground, gnawing on the ice and snow.

The sight of everyone was blocked and they could not see clearly around.

At this time.


A burst of laughter came from the black fog.

"God and cunning man, do you have today?"

"Even if the king of heaven comes, I can't save you!"

"Today, you must die here!"

The sound came from all directions, resounding in everyone's ears like thunder.


The monkey demon snorted coldly, "Fourth Junior Brother, protect Master, leave the rest to me!"

"Okay, big brother!"

Drought Yan guarded Ning Mingzhi behind him with a serious look.

"Pretend to be a ghost, break it!"

The monkey demon swung the iron rod and pointed it at the front, then smashed it.


With a bang, the black mist shattered and turned into a vacuum within two miles.

The monkey demon hasn't reacted yet.

When I looked up, my pupils contracted.

I see.

A big dark hand, covering the sky, peeked down towards the monkey demon.

The monkey demon's face changed drastically, and he ran wildly.

It's just that there is still time.

"Little monkey demon, dare to be presumptuous and die!"

Along with this sound, covering the sky with big hands, fell from the sky, and patted the monkey monster again.


The ground shook, and snow and ice splashed.

The earth bulged and exploded in rows.

The monkey demon was photographed underground and disappeared.


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