The endless sea, an island, in a tall tower covered by skulls.

In the ghost candle's hollow eyes, the soul flame beats violently.

Killing intent galloped across the Quartet.

In front of him, a patriarch crawled on the ground, shivering.

"Say it again!" Ghost Candle's voice was cold.

"Lord, all the people sent by our clan to the Western Regions are missing!"

A patriarch's voice trembled and buried his head on the ground.

"Trash! What use do you want?"

Ghost Candle stretched out the skeleton's claws, and a group of gray flames rose up and flicked on his fingers.

"Master, spare your life!"

The patriarch bowed down to the ground, begging for mercy.

"Huh, no small things can be done well, die!"

The flame in Ghost Candle's hand was about to explode.

At this time.

"Master, master..."

A scream, from far to near.

Immediately afterwards, several figures arrived quickly.


One by one, they all bowed to the ground.

These people are all other patriarchs of the evil race.

"What's the matter? So panicked?" Gui Zhu asked.

"Lord, the 10,000 people sent by our clan were attacked in the northern region of the Tianluo Continent and the entire army was wiped out!"

"Lord, all of the 20,000 people of our clan lurking in the southern region of the Tianluo Continent have been found out and the entire army has been wiped out!"


Hearing these news, the soul flame in the eyes of Guizhu kept trembling and screamed.

That expression, as if anger to the extreme.

"Waste, all waste!"

"Why does this happen?" Gui Zhu retreated his anger and asked.

"Lord, it's all because of gods and cunning men!"

"He sent Flower Fairy to kill members of my clan from time to time!"

"Furthermore, the Human Race, under the leadership of the Suppression Evil Alliance, twisted into a rope and set up a hunting squad specifically for us!"


Hearing these news, Gui Zhu sat there, motionless.

Only the two soul flames in the eyes were still beating.

"God treacherous man?"

Ghost Candle clenched his fists and the joints exploded.


At this moment, a messenger skeleton came swiftly.

"What's the matter?"

"Report Lord, the ink soul lamp has been extinguished! Presumably the whole army of the corpse puppet clan is annihilated!"

As soon as the words came out, Gui Zhu staggered.

"The corpse puppet clan was annihilated? Are you serious?" Ghost Zhu asked.

"Lord, it's true!"

"Mohun is a god-destroying cunning man, and he brought all his clansmen into action, using the sky puppet secret method, presumably, he died in the hands of the **** cunning man!"

The words came out.

There was dead silence all around.

In the eyes of the patriarchs, there is full of jealousy.

"Damn it! It's you again!"

"Let me meet you!"

When Ghost Candle finished speaking, he was preparing to move.


In front of him, there were suddenly layers of ripples.

Two figures walked out of the ripples, and suddenly appeared in front of Ghost Candle.

Ghost Candle's soul flame trembled rapidly, "It's you? Bloody Night!"

"Brother Guizhu, do you hate me so much?" Xue Ye smiled slightly.

"Anyway, you're here, nothing good!" Gui Zhu snorted coldly.

"This time is a great thing!" Two wings behind Xue Ye, a barrier enveloped them.

"Say if you have something, let it go if you have a fart!" Ghost Zhu said.

"Brother Guizhu, are you worrying about gods and cunning men?" Xue Ye asked.

Ghost Candle's soul flame froze slightly, then nodded, "Why do you know?"

"I am also annoyed by the gods and treacherous people. This person has done my good deeds over and over again, and all the people of my clan lurking in the Tianluo Continent have been killed!"

"Fortunately, I have a few hands to prepare, this didn't let him succeed!"

After that, Xue Ye waved his right hand, and a phantom was formed.

The appearance of this person is no different from Yujizi.

"It's him!" said Xue Ye.

"Are you a scheming man?" Gui Zhu asked.

"Not bad!" Xue Ye nodded.

"No, you are mistaken, this is a **** and treacherous man!"

After speaking, Gui Zhu also condensed a figure, this person looks like Ning Mingzhi.


Both stood there stupidly, motionless.

a long time.

"It looks like we are all wrong!" said Xue Ye.


Gui Zhu shook his head slightly, "The gods and treacherous Taoists have done everything, make arrangements in advance, and harm our clan's good deeds everywhere!"

"Who can do this except for the bald donkey in Elysium?" Ghost Zhu said.

"Brother Guizhu, you are right!"

"With this kind of ability, no one can do it except the bald donkey in Elysium!"

"But, Brother Guizhu, don't you know that the bald donkey has a way to become incarnate?" said Xue Ye.

The words came out.

The ghost candle froze in place and did not move for a long time.

"Damn, this **** and cunning man is too cunning and fooled!"

Ghost Candle clenched his fists and the joints exploded.

"Brother Guizhu, since that bald donkey is so cunning, I have a plan, don't you know if you want to listen?" said Xue Ye.

"Let's talk about it!" Ghost Zhu said.

"Since that bald donkey is transformed into thousands, it must be in the Paradise of Bliss. We just need to find his body, and then..."

Xue Ye made a neck wipe.

"Blood Ye, didn't you wake up today? Go to the Paradise of Bliss, just rely on us?"

"That's their lair, what's the difference between going there and looking for death?" Gui Zhu shook his head for a while.

"Brother Guizhu, don't worry, listen to me first."

"Since I proposed, there is a way!"

"But..." said Xue Ye.

"But what?" Ghost Zhu asked.

"Brother Guizhu, you must have dry blood on your body, right?" Xue Ye asked.

"Blood night, you come here, it really is nothing good!" said Ghost Zhu.

"Brother Guizhu, don't worry, I didn't come to you for what you wanted. I'll come to you and do that big thing together!" said Xue Ye.

"You dignified demons are frightening, how can you use my help?" Guizhu shook his head for a while.

"Brother Guizhu, don't say that!"

"You and I are in the same spirit, and if one is prosperous, it will be prosperous.

"God and treacherous people are here, and none of us can afford to lose!"

"As long as that thing is done, that bald donkey will definitely pay a heavy price!" said Xue Ye.

Hearing this, the soul flame in the eyes of Ghost Candle gradually calmed down.

That look seemed to be thinking.

After a while.

"Even so, so what? Me alone is not enough!" Gui Zhu said.

"Brother Gui Zhu, don't worry, I have the other three drops!" said Xue Ye.


In the ghost candle's eyes, the soul flame was beating rapidly, "What should I do?"

Xue Ye smiled slightly, pretending to be mysterious.

"I learned a top secret message!"

"After half a month, the Dragon Race will attack the Tianluo Continent and bloodbath the Human Race!"

"With that old bald donkey's personality, I will not sit idly by!"

"We only need to choose at that point in time to do this big thing..." said Xue Ye.

"This method is not bad, but how to divide it?" Gui Zhu asked.

"Half and half!"

"That's OK!"


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