"Like a dream, let's fly back directly!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng nodded, controlled the immortal boat and flew to the Great Demon Mountain.

Sun Hao passed through the immortal boat, looking at the outside scenery, and sighed secretly.

After these days of testing, no skill was found to have damage.

Not to mention destroying the world, even the ground did not explode a crack.

In other words, he is nothing but a permanent BUFF, specifically to enhance various strengths.

However, this BUFF has no effect on him.

"It seems that I will have to collect the blessing value honestly in the future!" Sun Hao muttered to himself.

Although he has no harm right now, the horror method of permanent BUFF will still make many big people jealous.

Once let them know, they will send a variety of masters to kill themselves.

At that time, I don't know how I died.

Low-key, must be low-key!

These abilities, in other places, must be used less or not!

Also, a group of diehards must be cultivated!

Thinking of this, Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng and nodded slightly.

This girl is definitely a diehard herself!

Let her go east, she will never go west.

Even if she asks her to do something happy with herself, there is no problem.

"Rumeng should focus on training, and find a few more reliable ones to train them as diehards!"

"Su Yiling is not bad, Brother Chen is also good, and the old news is also reliable. Although Miss Mu Bing is not talkative, she is also good!"

"There is also Miss Liu Yan, who seems to admire me very much. It should be no problem to be a diehard trainer!"

Sun Hao muttered to himself, thinking about all this in secret.

He opened the blessing value panel and found that the blessing value had reached more than 92,000, less than 8,000.

"It will be 100,000 soon, and once it reaches it, it's ten steps forward!"

"Go on!"



South of Sun Hao's residence.


The two figures arrived quickly, and after landing, they turned into two women.

The two of them are Su Yiling and Ruoxi Taoist.

"Senior, have you remembered all the 100 points I just said?" Su Yiling said.

Ruoxi Daoist waved the dust and leaned slightly, "Thank you Miss Yiling for your guidance, I remember it!"

"Senior, you are too kind!"

Su Yiling smiled slightly and looked at Baihua Valley, "Girl Xiaolan, are you at home?"

With this sound.

Soon, a figure quickly drifted over.

"Fairy Flower!?" Taoist Ruoxi was taken aback.

"Are you?" Flower Fairy frowned slightly, her face full of confusion.

The Taoist aunt in front of her was familiar but unfamiliar. For a while, it was difficult to identify.

"I am Taoist Ling Xu, have you forgotten me?" Taoist Ruoxi said.


Fairy Flower ran over quickly, with a look of surprise, "Are you still alive?"

"Aren't you the same?" Taoist Ruoxi said with a smile.

"What the **** is going on?" Flower Fairy asked.

"Hey, it's a long story, but it's actually like this..."

Ruoxi Taoist incarnates himself as Lingxu Taoist, and he says everything in order to accomplish what his lover wants.

Hearing the words, Fairy Flower nodded secretly, her face was full of admiration, "You must be a confidant, and you will never be separated from now on, I really envy you!"

"Stop talking about me, how about you? How did you come here recently?"

Flower Fairy recounted her recent events.

Hearing this, Ruoxi Taoist thought to himself.

"It looks like the son saves you and me, I'm afraid there is a deep meaning!" said the Taoist Ruoxi.

"Yes, the son told me about demons, these days, I have not been idle, killing a lot of demons!"

"In addition to the hunting team of the Evil Suppression League, more than 90% of the demons in the entire Tianluo Continent have been killed!" Fairy Hua said.


Su Yiling's eyes widened, with a look of surprise, "Sister Xiaolan, are you too good? It's only a few days now!"

Fairy Hua smiled slightly, "All this is not a big loss to the son, I can count the evil spirits now, kill the evil spirits, that's all!"

"Since the evil demon has you to deal with, then why do you want to help me break through?"

"I'm afraid it's more than just helping me break through!"

Ruoxi Taoist frowned slightly, revealing a thoughtful look.

"Senior, if you regret it, don't think about it, you'll know when you see the son!" Su Yiling said.


If Xi Taoist nodded, "By the way, where is your teacher?"


Su Yiling sighed secretly, "Master went to find Elder Jiuyou!"

"Old man Jiuyou? That old fellow?" Dao Xi's expression was startled.

"Sister Yiling, why are your masters looking for that old guy?" Flower Fairy asked.

"Sister Xiaolan, I heard from Master, it seems that it was the request of the son!"

Su Yiling scratched his head, showing a thoughtful look, "The son is looking for someone to fish, and he can fish the road. It seems that there is only Elder Jiuyou!"

Upon hearing this, Dao Xi's body trembled, revealing a thoughtful look.

"In this way, the young master helped me to break through, so I must help find the old man Jiuyou?"

"The son is just looking for him to fish? Impossible!"

"With the strength of the son, as for fishing with a fairy?"

"Presumably there must be a deep meaning in this, I must help Young Master find Old Man Jiuyou as soon as possible!"

Thinking of this, Taoist Ruoxi looked at Dongfang and muttered to himself: "Old man, I hope you haven't offended the son, otherwise, you're done!"

"Sister Xiaolan, if you are sorry for seniors, let's go up!"

Su Yiling's voice broke Ruoxi Taoist thinking.

"it is good!"

Fairy Hua and Taoist Ruoxi nodded together, followed behind Su Yiling, and walked up the mountain.



At the foot of the mountain to the west of Sun Hao's residence, in an attic.

Zhan Tianpeng stood in front of the window, waving his fan gently.

He looked at the top of the mountain, frowning slightly, "The son should be back today, right?"

"Young Master, otherwise we ask Girl Yiling to give the fairy gold fragments to the young master?" Fang Lao asked.


Zhan Tianpeng sighed secretly, "I still want to see the son again!"

"Young Master, we are just going back to our home planet, there should be nothing wrong!" Fang Lao said.

"Yes, young master, I don't have such good luck, I can run into the dragon clan!" Zheng Lao said.

"It's hard to say!"

Zhan Tianpeng looked sad, "The clan association is still three months away, the patriarch is so anxious to summon us, there must be something big!"

"My biggest worry is my father!"

Having said that, Zhan Tianpeng looked sad.

"Young Master, Patriarch Ji Ren has his own vision, nothing will happen!" Fang Lao said.

"I hope so too!"

"We show home and create Wangxinglou. Not only are people coveted, but there are also many venomous snakes who look forward to it!"

"Even some ancient tribes are the same!"

"I'm afraid that some people will be used by foreigners for their own benefit. I'm afraid..."

Zhan Tianpeng clenched his fists, his joints exploded.

"Young Master, do you want to see the son again, hope he can give a hint?" Fang Lao asked.

"Not bad!"

Zhan Tianpeng nodded secretly, "I really hope the son will come back soon!"

"Young Master, look!"

At this moment, an exclamation sounded.

Zhan Tianpeng looked at the immortal boat in the sky, his eyes blooming strangely, "The son is back!"


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