"God treacherous people are supreme gods!"

"Because of his blessing, we can be safe!"

"In a few months, the statues of the gods and cunning men will be built, and then, you can pray to the gods and cunning men!"

Speaking of this, the man's eyes reveal the spirit of worship.

Sun Hao nodded slightly, took out a jade bottle from his arms and handed it to the man, "Brother, thank you!"

"No, say something that everyone knows, how can I accept your stuff!" The man waved his hand.

"A little bit of homemade fruit wine, I hope Xiongtai don't mind!" Sun Hao said.

"Wine? I like this thing, thank you son!"

"No need!"

Sun Hao got up and said goodbye to the man.

Leaving quickly with Huang Rumeng.

"This prince has an extraordinary bearing, he must be a prince from a great family, but unfortunately, he is just a mortal!"

"I don't know what wine he gave me?"

After opening the jade bottle, the man suddenly stood still.


The heart beat violently, and fine beads of sweat overflowed on the forehead.

Without any hesitation, he quickly hid the jade bottle in the soul space.

"This...this is only the Supreme Immortal Brew, this kind of peerless treasure, the son actually said to give it away!"

The man muttered to himself, and it took a long time to calm down.

Outside the teahouse.

"My son, are you going to see that statue?" Huang Rumeng asked.

"Not bad."

Sun Hao nodded, "There must be a portrait of a **** and cunning man who built a statue of a **** and cunning man. We will find a way to get a portrait of a **** and cunning man!

Huang Rumeng's expression stagnated, with a trace of worry on his face.

"If the son knows that he is a godly scheming Taoist, will Dao Xin be broken?"

"Will this affect the son?"

Huang Rumeng muttered to himself, following Sun Hao, his expression full of worry.



A group of people are walking under the statue of the **** and treacherous man.

The person at the head was Zhongli Jingtian, the special envoy of the Supreme Court.

He glanced at the feet of the two statues like Tianzhu, with a look of anger on his face.

"God treacherous people, all the other horses are **** treacherous people!"

"My son exploded your statue today. What do you think you can do with me?"

After speaking, Zhongli Jingtian rose into the sky and ran towards the statue.



Immediately after.

An old man blocked Zhongli Jingtian's way, "Building sites, no idlers are allowed to enter!"


Zhong Li Jingtian smiled coldly, killing intent fleetingly.

"Presumably you are the person in charge of building the statue. In that case, my son will destroy you first!"

After speaking, Zhong Li Jingtian stretched out a finger and blasted forward.


There was a loud noise, and the world trembled.

A white light beam quickly blasted towards the old man.


The old man let out an angry roar, and tried his best to resist the beam.

However, it was useless.

Just an instant.


The old man's body collapsed directly into blood fog, and he died on the spot.

In this scene, seeing the eyes of the immortal cultivators below, their eyes widened, and they couldn't believe it.

"Damn it, Master Lu was killed!"

"What? Who is that bitch? How dare you kill Master Lu!"

"Kill, kill him!"

A group of cultivators rose into the sky and gathered in front of Zhongli Jingtian.

"Oh? A bunch of ants, do you want to stop this son?"

Zhong Li Jingtian said with a joking smile.

"Damn boy, killed Master Lu and dared to speak wildly, you must die today!"

"Don't talk nonsense with him, go together and kill him!"

Hundreds of immortal cultivators rushed over quickly.

"Only you?"

Zhongli Jingtian raised his mouth and stretched out his hand casually.


The dazzling white ball of light quickly formed, and in an instant, it exploded in front of Zhong Liying.


Baimang flashed, everything returned to calm.

Hundreds of cultivators collapsed into powder and disappeared on the spot.

All around.

A dead silence.

Everyone stared at the sky blankly, their expressions changing.

"He... who is he? What do you want to do?"

"Damn it, if you don't do anything evil in the Terran of the Human Race, isn't it the God's Court does not care?"

"He... he wants to destroy the statue of the **** treacherous man, **** it!"

This was just finished.


The world trembled.

Two hundred-meter sky pillars exploded instantly.


Pieces of ore hit the ground and burst apart.

The entire Zhongfu Xiancheng was buzzing and shaking.

Everyone looked at this scene, their faces changed dramatically.

"Damn it, the statue of the Destroyer God of Tribulation, this is disrespectful!"

"That kid, must die!"

"No matter what his status, he dare to be disrespectful to gods and treacherous people! Even if he is dead, I will fight you!"

One by one, the cultivators rose into the sky and surrounded Zhongli Jingtian.

A look of resentment appeared on everyone's face.

In the blink of an eye, it was densely packed with immortal cultivators.

"Only you?"

Zhongli Jingtian smiled slightly, revealing an indifferent look.


In his hands, a white glow kept moving.

"You guys, go to death for my son!"


Zhongli Jingtian was about to blast everyone to death.

At this time.


A black shadow appeared in front of Zhong Li Jingtian, "Young Master, no!"

"Why, even you want to stop me from killing ants?"

Zhong Li Jingtian's face showed a trace of displeasure.

"Young Master, you are here to sharpen your mind. If Patriarch knows about this, I'm afraid..." said Heiying.

"Damn it!"

Zhong Li Jingtian showed a trace of jealousy on his face, unwilling to let go.

He smiled and walked forward, looking at everyone with a joke on his face.

"Ats, count you lucky, my son is in a good mood today, let you go!"

Zhongli Jingtian's voice faintly spread to everyone's ears.

As soon as he said this, there was an uproar all around.

Everyone pointed at Zhongli Jingtian and shouted angrily.

Seeing this scene, Zhong Li Jingtian looked indifferent and didn't care.

"let's go!"

With a wave of his right hand, he took a few entourages, and disappeared in place after ripples in the sky.

"Damn it, run away!"

"The statue of the Destroyer Cunning Man, **** it!"

"Who is he? He is so disrespectful to gods and treacherous people?"

"Killing so many people must be severely punished!"

The voice of resentment continued to sound.

The entire city center is extremely noisy.

When Sun Hao and the two rushed to the front of the statue, there was already chaos.

After some inquiries, Sun Hao knew the ins and outs of the matter.

"Damn, even if you are so cruel to the same clan, you still destroy the statue of the **** and treacherous man!"

"The gods and treacherous people are the beacon of the human race. His destruction like this is the destruction of the human race's hope!"

"This kind of person must die!"

Sun Hao secretly clenched his fists, his joints blasted.

Such people are arrogant and domineering, killing innocent people indiscriminately!

I simply don't put gods and cunning people in my eyes!

I blame myself for lack of strength, otherwise, I must find this kid and beat him to death.

"Rumeng, help me find, where did that kid go?" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng released his spiritual thoughts and enveloped the entire Zhongfu Xiancheng.


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