Zhong Lilang stepped forward and stopped talking.

"Grand Dean, if you have something to say, you are welcome!" Sun Hao said.

"The Zhong Li Jingtian you killed today is the only son of Zhong Lixiao, the Patriarch of the Blood Wolf Star Zhong Lishi's family. He protects his short personality with Zhong Lixiao, I am afraid..."

Zhong Lilang sighed secretly, his face all worried.

Sun Hao raised his eyebrows when he said this.

Judging from the great dean's jealous appearance, Zhong Lixiao must be very difficult.

However, there is no fear at all if there are gods and treacherous people.

"My son, I advise you to leave Ziyang Star and find a safe place to hide first!"

"If he can't find anyone, he shouldn't..."

Zhong Lilang's voice gradually became smaller, his expression gloomy.

"Master, are you kidding me?"

"Since Zhong Lixiao protects his shortcomings like this, if I leave, I'm afraid it will be a disaster for the entire Ziyang Star. Am I right?"

"Master, there are gods and treacherous people, even if Zhong Lixiao arrives, there will never be any storms!"

If it doesn't work, stay in the nest by yourself, presumably the gods and treacherous people are nearby.

If Zhong Lixiao dared to come, he would surely end up dead.

Before Zhong Lixiao's arrival, it would be better for oneself to gather the good fortune and embark on the road of cultivation.

"My son, you are right! There are gods and treacherous people, not to mention one Zhonglixiao, a hundred Zhonglixiao are here, so what?"

Zhong Lilang's face was bright.

"How far is Zhong Lixiao from Ziyang Star? How long does it take for him to come here?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, Zhong Lixiao lives in Blood Wolf Star."

"It takes several days to walk the planetary teleportation array." Zhong Lilang said.

"So fast?" Sun Hao was surprised.

"My son, don't worry, the news of Zhong Li Jingtian's death reaches Zhong Lixiao's ears, I am afraid it will be a few months later." Zhong Lilang said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, I have time.

"My son, since you have come to Shang Cangyuan, you should stay for a while before leaving?" Zhong Lilang said.

Stay for a while?

It seems okay.

I just can reap the value of luck!

Otherwise, play music by yourself to reap blessings?

No way!

That kind of super power cannot be easily used.

Only those who are reliable can use it for them.

To earn blessing value, sell things reliably.

Continue to brew and sell by yourself!

Anyway, the brewing speed is also very fast, and you can brew many tanks a day.

"Yes, please find me a quiet place!" Sun Hao said.

"Master, there is no problem, then you live in the forbidden area, where no one will bother!" Zhong Lilang said.

"it is good!"

Sun Hao stood up, took Rumeng, and walked out, "Lead the way!"

"Master, please!"

Zhong Lilang personally led the way and sent Sun Hao to the forbidden area.

After a while.

Zhong Lilang walked back.

In his eyes, there are endless surprises.

Son Hao must be the celebrity next to the gods and treacherous men.

I can completely get acquainted with gods and treacherous people through him.

Until then……

Before he knew it, he had already walked back to the hall.

Looking up, he saw Xuanyuanyi and Mu Haoran staring at him.

"Two Patriarchs, why are you looking at me like this?"

"Today's matter is really none of my business, I am completely restrained." Zhong Lilang said.

"Find a secret room and talk about it!" Xuanyuan Yi said, looking around.

"it is good!"

Zhong Lilang took the two and walked into a secret room.

After banning the lower layers.

"Zhong Lilang, you old fellow, amazing!" Xuanyuanyi said.

"Patriarch Xuanyuan, what does this mean?" Zhong Lilang was puzzled.

"You don't know how to get such a shocking good fortune?" Xuanyuan Yi said.


Zhong Lilang stroked his long beard and smiled, "This is true. Soon, the old man will be able to meet the gods and treacherous people!"

"See you big head!"

Mu Haoran pointed at Zhong Lilang, and then scolded him, "Do you know who Son Hao is?"

"Isn't it Young Master Sun Hao? Is it possible?"

Thinking about this, Zhong Lilang raised his eyebrows and his pupils shrank rapidly.

The look on his face kept changing.

"You... do you mean that Young Master Sun Hao is a **** and treacherous person?" Zhong Lilang asked.


"Keep it down!"

See the two nodding.


Zhong Lilang gasped, his body trembling with excitement.

No wonder, the son did not show any power, but beheaded the immortal so easily.

No wonder, Zhong Li Jingtian didn't even have the opportunity to struggle in front of the son.

He also persuaded the son to leave Ziyang Xing, slapped his face severely.

Thinking of this, Zhong Lilang couldn't help but blush.

"Open the fairy wine you bought today!" Xuanyuan Yi said.

"Good... good..."

Zhong Lilang took out three jade bottles, his hands trembled slightly.

The immortal wine brewed by the son is not ordinary.

Open the cap and take a look.

The whole person was shocked by two steps in a row.


The cold air was cold, and he drew in.

Zhong Lilang's face changed again and again.

The immortal wine contains infinite immortal power.

The immortal power is pure, without a trace of impurities.

With just a slight inhalation, I feel that my suppressed state is about to break through.

And this breakthrough, without the slightest sense of stagnation, is simply extremely smooth.

This kind of peerless fairy, I'm afraid I can't buy a bottle of 100,000 fairy crystals.

The son actually only sold a piece of fairy crystal.

What does this mean?

Moreover, so many sold today.

The gods and treacherous people he was looking for came to him unexpectedly.

As for myself, I don't know it silly.

It's simply lack of heart!


Zhong Lilang let out a few long breaths before he calmed down.

"Two Patriarchs, why are you only selling a piece of fairy crystal for such peerless fairy things?" Zhong Lilang asked.

"You really don't know?" Xuanyuan Yi asked.

"Please also Xuanyuan Patriarch for advice!" Zhong Lilang clasped his fist.

"Zhong Lilang, as the dean, what is your duty?" Xuanyuan Yi asked.

"Of course it is to protect the Tianluo Continent." Zhong Lilang said.

"Since you still know this, let me ask you, what did the son say today?" Xuanyuan Yi asked.

"The son hates the evil spirits, scolds the dragon clan, and hates the scattered sand of our human clan more!" Zhong Lilang said.

"Good point!"

Xuanyuanyi nodded, "The idea of ​​the son selling these fairy wines is to let us grow faster!"

"At the same time, we must unite together to fight against the two demons and kill them all!"

"The reason why he stays here is to supervise you!"

"If you do a good job, the young master will definitely give you great luck and become a fairy, no problem!" Xuanyuanyi said.

Hearing this, Zhong Lilang gasped again.

"It turns out that the son is testing me, if so, then I must act!"

"My son, don't worry, I will pass your test!"

Zhong Lilang clenched his fists with a firm look.

When he stepped forward, he was about to go out.

"call out……"

A sound of breaking through the air sounded.


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