"This place is really good!"

Sun Hao looked at the attic in front of him and nodded in satisfaction.

Front yard, back yard, creek, pond...

It's almost everything, like a castle in the world.

Although it can't compare with my own residence, it's not much different, at least it's better than living in an inn.

"Rumeng, bring me a plate of cherries!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng waved his right hand, and a plate of red and black cherries was placed in front of Sun Hao.

Each one reveals an attractive luster.

The scent of strong cherry blossoms.

Let people smell, and the tongue will produce fluid.

After cleaning.

"Like a dream, sit down and eat together, the seeds stay!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Sun Hao picked up a cherry and looked at it in his hand.

I saw that above the cherries, strands of colorful air flow kept lingering.

"The white air current is spiritual energy, and the colorful air current is immortal energy."

"I can see it clearly, why can't I use it for myself, hey!"

Sun Hao sighed secretly and put the cherry into his mouth.

Take a bite.

The red and black juice filled the mouth, and a refreshing sensation poured all over the body.

Chew lightly, and the mouth is full of fragrance.

too delicious!

Shortly after.

A plate of cherries has been eaten clean by the two.

"This world cherries are so delicious!"

"Go, like a dream, let's plant trees!"

"Okay, son!"

The two went into the backyard, took out their hoes, dug holes, and buried the seeds.

Fertilize, water...

Every action is being carried out in an unstable manner.

"I have to fill you up with fruit today!"

Sun Hao looked at the Guqin in front of him, his mouth raised.


He plucked the strings and began to play.

Under his control, strands of colorful light flew out of his fingertips and entered the cherry seeds.


Just in a moment, the seed shell burst open.

The shoots grow rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The branches and leaves of the small tree saplings spread out and expanded rapidly.

It looks like magic, extremely magical.

Huang Rumeng watched this scene, her eyes twinkling, and her eyes were full of worship.




Huang Rumeng took out a letter-passing jade slip, opened it and frowned.

I saw that the letter of the letter said on the jade slip: Fairy, according to my investigations these days, there are 100,000 elite soldiers from the Turtle Race to the Tianluo Continent, and it must have reached some kind of agreement with the Dragon Race!

"Damn it!"

Huang Rumeng clenched his fists, his face full of anger.

"Blame me for being too soft-hearted. I knew it a long time ago and uprooted the dragon clan!"

"I am also to blame for my lack of strength to break the Hunyuan Bell, otherwise, how could this happen?!"

"Since Qing Jia dares to do this, I must be absolutely sure!"

"With the power of my own person, I am afraid that it will be difficult to catch it all at once. Maybe there will be danger!"

"It must be leveraged!"

Huang Rumeng made a secret decision.

She swept away her spiritual thoughts and enveloped the entire Upper Cangyuan.


After she glanced at Sun Hao, her figure disappeared silently.



Cangyuan, in a secret room underground.

Zhong Lilang and the three are preparing to leave.

"call out……"

At this time, a sound of breaking through the air sounded.

Then, a piece of paper hurriedly arrived and floated in front of Zhong Lilang.


The three released their spiritual thoughts and scanned the surroundings, and found no figures.

"Who gave this from?"

Picking up the piece of paper and looking at it, the three of them suddenly contracted their pupils.

"What? The Dragon Race wants to slaughter my Tianluo Continent?"

"Who gave us this news, and can't find the trace?"

The faces of several people changed slightly, and they kept thinking.

"I know!"

"Damn, I should have thought of it!"

"This must be given to us by the young master!"

"Hey, the son, regardless of his point of mind, pointed us three times and five times, we were so stupid to understand!"

Zhong Lilang thumped his chest and his feet, annoyed.

"It seems that Young Master wants us to fight against the Dragon Race!" Zhong Lilang said.

"This is true, but with our human strength, how to fight? How to fight?" Mu Haoran said.

"The dean, can you invite your ancestor Zhongli home?" Xuanyuan Yi asked.


Zhong Lilang directly waved his hand and refused, "With the personality of my ancestor, if I learn that Zhong Li Jingtian was killed, he will definitely arrest me and trouble him again!"

"If he learns about the Dragon Clan Tu Tianluo Continent, he might still help the Dragon Clan!" Zhong Lilang said.

Heard this.

Xuanyuanyi sighed secretly.

"Then what should I do? We are definitely not Dragon Race opponents without a fairy!" Mu Haoran said.

"I don't think you need to worry!"

"Since the son has arranged for the dean, he will naturally think of this. By the way, doesn't the son give us fairy wine?"

"Presumably the young man meant to let us drink it and break into the fairyland!" Xuanyuanyi said.

"Are you kidding? Breaking into the fairyland? Can you resist the immortal catastrophe?" Mu Haoran said.

"Of course you can resist, our two holy places will protect us comprehensively!" Xuanyuan Yi said.

Hearing this, Mu Haoran nodded repeatedly.

"What about the dean?"

"The dean has been preparing for many years, and he must have set up everything in the forbidden area. After the immortal catastrophe, there must be no problem!" Xuanyuanyi said.

When Zhong Lilang heard this, his face showed a touch of surprise, "Patriarch Xuanyuan, you can inquire well enough!"

"Haha, for old friends, we need to care more!"

"Well, let's separate now and go back to cross the robbery!"

"Master, the whereabouts of the dragon clan, you go to find out if you need help, our two families give full support!"

"You must act immediately, you know?" Xuanyuan Yi said.

"Well, I understand, I will go and make arrangements immediately!"

"Then go to the forbidden land to cross the robbery!"

Having said this, Zhong Lilang's face showed a touch of worry.

"Master, do you still have something to say?" Xuanyuan Yi asked.

"Patriarch Xuanyuan, the old man has one more thing to ask."

"Please speak!"

"Now that the son lives in the forbidden area, is there any way to invite the son out?" Zhong Lilang asked.


Xuanyuan Yi looked up to the sky and laughed, "You..."

"What do you mean? Why laugh at the old man?" Zhong Lilang was puzzled.

"You look down on the son too much. It's a mere immortal robbery. For the son, what counts?"

"You don't need to ask the son out at all, maybe the son will help you out here!" Xuanyuanyi said.

"What? The son dares to resist the immortal robbery, isn't he afraid of attracting a stronger thunder robbery?"

Zhong Lilang's face was full of surprise.

"It looks like you still don't know how terrifying the son is!"

"Anyway, I advise you, don't ask the son! Understand?"

"let's go!"

After speaking, Xuanyuan Yi and Mu Haoran walked out.

Zhong Lilang looked at the back of the two, revealing a deep thought.


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