Dark clouds are everywhere, blocking the sun from the wind.

The entire sky dimmed instantly.

In the dark clouds, the six-color electric light kept jumping up.


The horrible electric noise, sizzling, made people thrilled.

When Lieyang Golden Crow saw this scene, his scalp exploded, "No, six-color thunder robbery!"

"Demon Lord, what should I do? We are within the coverage!"

"Demon Lord, wouldn't it be that strong man crossing the catastrophe again?"

The faces of all the great demons changed drastically.

"Run, run, fly into the forest and hide!" Lieyang Golden Crow roared.

With this sound.

A crowd of monsters flew down one after another, hiding in the dense forest, not daring to get out of the atmosphere.

Even the Lieyang Golden Crow was hiding behind the tree, shivering.

There is no way to resist this kind of thunder.



"Look at this, it's going to thunder again!"

Sun Hao looked at the sky, frowning slightly.

He glanced at Huang Rumeng, but saw her sitting on the chair, closing his eyes, and frowning her eyebrows slightly.

"Rumeng is also afraid of thunder!"

"This **** god, you can't get through with me!"

Sun Hao murmured, stood up, looked at the thunder and lightning in the sky, panicked in his heart.

He took courage and pointed to the sky.

"God thief, do you dare to come?" Sun Hao roared.

The words came out.

The six-color electric lights disappeared one by one.

The dark clouds also seemed to be afraid, quickly dissipating.

In less than a moment, the sky was clear and warm.

"Fuck, really disappeared?"

Sun Hao was startled, his eyes swept across.

But no abnormalities were found.

The first time I frightened away the dark clouds, maybe it was luck, and I just ran into it.

Drinking the dark clouds again may not be luck.

"Could it be that an expert, while I was speaking, got rid of the dark clouds?"

"Or, he made this dark cloud?"

"Or, a certain mighty has come to see me and secretly tested my guts?"

"Could it be that I am the one who drank the Thunder Tribulation by myself?"

The more he thought about it, the more confused Sun Hao's thoughts became.

There may be everything.

These days, cultivators come to their residence from time to time.

It is very likely that the senior secretly dictated it.

Senior rescued them, but did not show up, making people suspect that he was the senior apprentice.

Who on earth is it? Have the ability to control the weather?

Is he invincible dominating and controlling everything?

Or was it just luck again and hit it?

No matter, try again next time, it will be clear.

Thinking about this, Sun Hao nodded secretly and looked at Huang Rumeng.

I saw her stand up slowly.

In the eyes, the light shines.

Just now, the six-color thunder robbery was drunk by the son.

The terrifying thunder robbery is as clever as a dog.

Moreover, before retreating, six colored thunder lights were cast into his body.

With the addition of the previous three colors, now, in the dantian, there is already a nine-color thunder light, which is terrifying.

Unexpectedly, Lei Jie sent such good luck to himself in order to please the son!

Son, what is your identity?

So kind, so good to me.

Rumor has nothing to report!

Huang Rumeng's eyes flickered with gratitude, and looked at Sun Hao blankly.


She moved.

Turning into a haste, he rushed towards Sun Hao and hugged him tightly.

The two groups were squeezed into the chest, the fragrance was tangy, and a strange feeling filled Sun Hao's body.

In some places, like a dragon going out to sea, violent and proud.

Huang Rumeng's face was blushing when he sensed that Sun Hao was abnormal.

She lowered her head, afraid to look at Sun Hao's eyes.

The son has feelings for himself!

Son, if you want a dreamlike body, then do it.

I thought so in my heart, but didn't dare to say it.

The two of them just hugged, motionless.


"Huang Rumeng, the Great Demon Mountain is attacking, you should handle this, don't let the son find out!"

At this moment, Huang Rumeng's mind sounded.

"Yes, senior!"

Huang Rumeng nodded.


Huang Rumeng yelled, showing pain.

"Rumeng, what's the matter?"

"My son, my stomach hurts, so leave first!" Huang Rumeng said.

"go quickly!"

"Yes, son!"

Huang Rumeng ran to the backyard, her figure flickering and disappeared instantly.

In the Great Demon Mountain.

A crowd of monsters slowly stood up.

They looked at the clear sky with doubts all over their faces.

"What's the matter? The Six-Color Thunder Tribulation didn't fall?"

"Is everything fake just now?"

Lieyang Golden Crow stood up from the ground, shaking slightly.

Although the six-color thunder robbery has not fallen, its power is extremely terrifying.

Will he be able to resist the thunder robbery in the future?

At this point, Lieyang Jinwu repeatedly shook his head.

"be quiet!"

Lieyang Golden Crow roared, and all the big demons were quiet.

"Assemble, with this seat, search for the whereabouts of the princess!" Lieyang Jinwu said.

However, no one responded to him.

Every monster looked behind him, panicking.

"what happened?"

Lieyang Golden Crow frowned and looked back, unable to help his pupils shrink.

I saw a woman standing in the sky.

She was dressed in white, with pointed ears and blonde hair tied behind her head. She looked so beautiful that she couldn't describe it.

She is the princess Huang Rumeng.

Lieyang Golden Crow laughed after seeing it clearly.

"Tread through the iron shoes and there is nowhere to find it. It takes no effort to get it."

"Princess, if I were you, I have to find a place to hide, practice hard, and wait for my strength to recover. Oh, no, you will never recover!"

"In that kind of poison, the gods are hard to save!"

When the Lieyang Golden Crow spoke, a group of big demons flew towards the sky.

In an instant, Huang Rumeng surrounded Huang Rumeng, and the water couldn't get through.

For this scene, Huang Rumeng turned a blind eye.

She calmly looked at Lieyang Golden Crow, and said lightly, "Let's talk, how much benefit did you receive?"

Lieyang Golden Crow was taken aback for a moment, and then the corner of his mouth raised, "Princess, what good? I don't understand what you are talking about?"

"Are you going to catch it? Or let us do it?"

Lieyang Jinwu was confident.

"Ha ha……"

Huang Rumeng smiled slightly, not eager nor slowing a finger.


Nine-color electric light, wrapped around her fingertips, rushed out quickly.


The world roars.

A big hand formed by electric light that covers the sky, peeped down from the sky, shocked into a wave of air.

The pressure of terror, like Mount Tai, crushed a crowd of monsters, breathing hard.

See this scene.

Lieyang Jinwu's scalp exploded.

"How can this be...possibly? She has recovered?!"

Lieyang Golden Crow's voice trembled and his speech was slurred.

Apart from anything else, quickly change out of the body.


A bird cry.

A red golden crow with a length of 100 meters rose into the sky.

The terrifying flames burned the heavens and the earth, and everyone who touched them was burned to fly ash.

"No, demon lord, spare your life!"


Around Lieyang Golden Crow, the big demons were burned to ashes.

"Hmph, this seat has also reached the tribulation state, let me meet the princess!"

Lieyang Jinwu uttered words, and went straight to the sky with big hands.



There was a shock.

Covering the sky with a big hand, he immediately held Lieyang Golden Crow in his hand, as if grabbing a chicken and letting him struggle without any effect.


Nine colors of thunder light swayed constantly on him, bursting out a powerful current roar.

Every time it flies, the power of the Lieyang Golden Crow's feathers becomes blackened.

The Lieyang Golden Crow roared again and again, using power to attack the big hand that covered the sky.

It's useless.

All the means were used, but it failed to cause damage to the big hand.

"This...this mighty power actually contains the power of thunder? is this possible!"

"My God! What good fortune did the princess encounter?"

Lieyang Jinwu's eyes were full of panic.


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