South of Tianluo mainland, a small fishing village near the sea.

Working at sunrise and resting at sunset is the tradition of this village.

On this day, there was a heavy fog on the sea, which made people confused.

"Master, it's too foggy today, don't go out to sea!"

"My child, don't worry, this sea, to my old Cheng, is familiar with the palm of the hand, and with my eyes closed, I will not lose my way!"

Fishing boats chased each other and disappeared in the thick fog.

The family ashore looked back and looked worried.



A loud roar resounded throughout the world.

The white mist surged and the waves oscillated.

Two big blood-red eyes directly penetrated the fog and stared at a group of villagers.

this moment.

All the villagers are like a sinking ice cellar.

The body trembled involuntarily.

"That... that's a dragon, I... my goodness!"

"Master, come back soon!"

Shouts, screams, crying...

Sounds are intertwined.

The whole scene is noisy.

The silver dragon stared at the crowd, talking.

"You waited for the ants to eat my kind, and I don't respect it!"

"I am waiting to come, it is to come to Tu Mieer to wait!"

The words came out.

The expressions of all the villagers changed drastically, and a few of them bowed to the ground, shivering.

"Lord Dragon God, have I waited!"

"Spare, spare!"

"I'm just a mortal, how can it be..."

The shouts kept ringing.

Many people rushed to the outside of the village.

However, he hasn't taken a few steps yet.


There was a dragon chant, from the earthquake.

Dozens of giant dragons descended from the sky, blocking everyone's path.


Dozens of dragon dividends hit the small mountain village.

"Do not……"

Desperate shouts kept ringing.


There was a loud noise, and the world trembled.

When everything returned to calm, the entire mountain village was moved to the ground and disappeared.

Dozens of dragons looked at the ground with contempt.

"Little ants, vulnerable!"

"One dragon is enough, no need to dispatch the whole army!"

This was just finished.

"call out……"

Thousands of breaking sounds sounded.

Strands of white awn silk thread shot out from the ground.

In an instant, dozens of giant dragons were **** and pulled down like zongzi.

"Boom! Boom..."

Before they could react, they hit the ground heavily, dizzy.

"No, this is a trapped dragon formation, **** it, fooled!"

"In order to lure us into being fooled, even our own clan didn't even want it!"

"You were wrong, those before were all illusions!"


Dozens of giant dragons looked ugly and struggled.

However, letting them run out of strength cannot break free.



Counting dozens of rays of light broke through the sky.

Turned into dozens of figures, standing in the air.

"The Great Dean's Order, after killing it, just open your mouth and collect all the meat!"



"call out……"

Dozens of figures flew down quickly.

Seeing this scene, a group of giant dragons sneered.

"Only with your few ants, dare to do something to us!"

"Stand here, let you chop, you can't chop!"

Next second.


The light flashed.

A giant dragon's abdomen was cut open, and its internal organs were taken out.

It stared blankly at its abdomen, unable to believe it.


There is another light.

The dragon was horrified to find that the dragon scales that he had resisted were torn apart by the skin and separated from itself.

The pain has not yet come.

"call out……"

A ray of light, fleeting.

The faucet was chopped off and got out so far.

Dozens of dragons, without even the chance to resist, were chopped to death on the spot.


After the dragon meat was collected, dozens of people turned into Changhong and left.

And scenes like this were staged throughout the South Bank.



In a temporary palace on the seabed south of Tianluo Continent.

"Damn it!"

Qing Jia patted the desktop, and the desktop collapsed into dust.

He pointed to the dragon general who bowed in front of him, his fingers trembling with anger, "Thirty thousand army, is that all there?"

"Lord, the final general neglected his responsibility and was hit by a human traitor, leading to the annihilation of the Ten Route Army!"

"Lord, please give the final death a death!" Long Jiang bowed to the ground with a resolute expression.

"Master, no!"

"Lord, it's time to use the dragon now, let him take his sins and make meritorious service!"

Many dragons bowed to the ground, begging for mercy for him.

"Shut up!"

With a loud shout, all dragons will immediately shut up.

"Take it down, cut it off!"


The dragon will be dragged down.

"How many soldiers are there?" Qing Jia asked.

"Back to the Lord, the ten-way army is all old and weak! The remaining elites, there are 80,000!" A long commander stood up.

"Eighty thousand?"

Qing Jia frowned slightly.

Showing the color of thinking.

After a while.

"If the order is passed on, send an army of 20,000 to transform it into a body, spread the attack, and be sure to kill those ants!"


The messenger quickly retreated.

Two hours later.


A messenger rushed in.


"The report, the 20,000 army, the whole army is wiped out!"

The words came out.

Qing Jia staggered and almost fell.

This is 20,000 elites, but the whole army is wiped out?

How did the little ants do it?

After calming down, Qing Jia looked at the messenger, "What's the matter?"

"Master, this time the attack is scattered, a human race, no, I haven't seen a single ant."

"In the process of searching for soldiers, I was suddenly surrounded by dozens of ants!"

"Everyone has the power of a semi-fairyland, and can easily kill my clan soldiers!"

"Furthermore, skin and bones are removed, the internal organs are hollowed out, and it must be prepared for eating!"

The words came out.

Qing Jia was trembling with anger, and his face was full of anger.

"Damn, damn!"

"Too presumptuous, all ants are going to eat our clan? Unreasonable!"

"How can they be so strong?" Qing Jia asked.

"Lord, according to the priest's investigation, the reason for their strength is a kind of fairy brew!" said the messenger.

The words came out.

Qing Jia trembled and his pupils shrank slightly.

I just got three bottles, did they drink that one?

The effect doesn't seem so strong, right?

"Xian Niang? What's the matter?"

"Master, it is brewed by a man named Sun Hao. After drinking it, it can greatly enhance an ant's body, talent, realm, soul, and mood..."

"It is said that some people only drink a bottle, and then they are promoted from the ascension realm to the semi-fairy realm, and their physical bodies directly become dozens of times stronger, even more terrifying than ours!

"That kind of fairy brew is a secret medicine specially developed for ants, and it has little effect on other races!"

"Nevertheless, after drinking it, my clan can increase its strength nearly twice!"

The words came out.

Qing Chi took a breath.

If this kind of thing spreads in the human race, then it will definitely be the human race world.

What should I do now?

If this is the case, we must slaughter them clean and leave them alone to avoid future troubles!

This time, I personally lead the team.


At this moment, in front of Qing Chi, layers of ripples suddenly shook.

An old man with a turtle shell on his back appeared out of thin air.

This person is Xuan Luo, the ancestor of the tortoise clan.

"Lord Dragon Lord, I am late, old man, I am really sorry!" Xuan Luo said.

"Hmph, you also know that you are late? Our agreement will be voided!" Qing Chi snorted coldly.

"Dragon Lord, don't! You know, the speed of our race can't be compared with other races at all! If I hadn't used secret techniques along the way, I'm afraid it would be a month late!"

"Dragon Lord, our clan will open the way to ensure that the dragon clan is safe, what do you think?" Xuan Luo said.

"Stop it!"

"Hey, since the dragon lord doesn't want to cooperate, I'll leave the old man! Originally, the old man had a plan, but now it seems that it is not necessary!"

"and many more."


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