Flower Fairy stood in the sky, looking at the void, her eyes twinkling.

"My son, your strength is beyond imagination!"

"It feels like every word and every move you make is a move!"

"It looks like you are really setting up a big picture!"

Flower Fairy muttered to herself, it took a long time before she looked back.

Afterwards, she flew down and landed over the fairy city of Zhongfu.

"Everyone, my clan is weak, anyone can bully!"

"If it weren't for the gods and treacherous people, wait, have you disappeared?"

Fairy Flower's voice blasted everyone's ears like thunder.

A crowd of immortal cultivators bowed their heads, their expressions wilted.

"I am so weak, the root cause is not unity!"

"The strong will only suppress the weak, and don't know how to help each other!"

"How strong are the gods? Who can imagine?!"

"This kind of existence, I don't mind if I wait for the weakness, and try again and again to save us!"

"This kind of mind, never seen before!"

"If I wait, if I still only intrigue and don't understand unity, one day, it will be annihilated in the dust of history!"

The sound is not loud, but every sentence is full of weight.

Many immortal cultivators bowed their heads in shame, with regrets all over their faces.

"Okay, that's it for today, the dragon meat and the turtle meat are still hot, hurry up and eat!"

After saying this, the flower fairy turned into thousands of orchids, falling with the wind, and gradually disappearing.

The only thing left in place is the scent of orchids.

"Don't be stunned, eat quickly, and practice hard after eating!"

"I must unite, so that the ten thousand races will hear the word human, and they will tremble on the ground!"

In the fairy city of Zhongfu, there is a hot scene.

Mu Shijie looked at Zhongfu Xiancheng and glanced around. After confirming his safety, he took out a jade bottle and his eyes beamed.

"There are 4 bottles left, I must swallow them all, and my strength will increase a lot!"

"At least you can reach the earth immortal!"

After speaking, Mu Shijie flickered and left quickly.

Not long after he left.


In the sky, a ghost slowly condensed.

This phantom was covered with green hairs all over, and it looked like a monster, very awe-inspiring.

No one can see this phantom, as if it does not exist.


The green-haired monster stretched out his claws and quickly spread it out.

A soul eater flew quickly and fell into the hands of the green-haired monster.

"Jie Jie..."

The green-haired monster grinned and held the Soul Eater in his palm.

Then, after looking at Zhongfu Xiancheng, it disappeared.



Next to Bishuitan.

The old man Jiuyou watched Sun Hao pulling up his fishing rod, motionless.

After a while.

His scalp exploded, cold sweat.

"That... that's a fairy king-level dragon!"

"What? You can't move the son with one hand?"

"All power has been sealed!"

"The fairy king has no chance to struggle in front of the son!"

The old man Jiuyou's heart beat violently, and fine sweat dripped on his forehead.

In front of the fairy king, he didn't dare to get out of the air.

The strong, in front of the son, not even a fart.

It seemed that Emperor Xianzun was afraid that he would have to kneel and lick him.

Unexpectedly, my old man Jiuyou not only obtained this kind of good fortune, but also got the guidance of the son.

This is the supreme good fortune, which can't be repaired in ten thousand lifetimes.

One thought ends here.

Old man Jiuyou's face showed a touch of anxiety.

Beside him, Luo Liuyan looked calm, without any surprise.

It seems that everything is reasonable.

"Friend Luo, aren't you surprised at all?" Old man Jiuyou said.


Luo Liuyan smiled and shook his head, "Just this little means is nothing at all, the real strength of the son is simply unimaginable!"

"I dare say that even if the Supreme Immortal Emperor is in front of the young master, he still has no chance to struggle!"

The words came out.

The old man Jiuyou gasped.

The Supreme Immortal Emperor is far from the Immortal Emperor.

This kind of supreme power didn't even give a chance to struggle?

Doesn't it mean that the son has reached the realm in the legend?


Old man Jiuyou trembled, and it took a long time to calm down.

"What a big eel!"

Sun Hao looked at Huo Tun, his face flickering.

He grabbed Huo Tun in his hand and pressed it lightly to seal all the power on Huo Tun's body.

Throwing into the fish basket, Sun Hao's eyes shined.

One rice eel, one eel, one bastard.

This is enough for these people to eat a big meal.

"What a strong Xianli, the fish in this world are really different!"

"No wonder the taste is so beautiful!"

Sun Hao muttered to himself.

"It looks like everyone can't catch it, but it's okay. These three big guys are enough for us to eat!"

The words came out.

Huo Tun's body trembled.


This mortal, no, cannot see the existence of the realm, and wants to eat himself.

Is it possible that he is a **** and treacherous man?


He was going to be eaten by the human race?

Do not!

Inwardly, Huo Tun let out an unwilling roar.

Afterwards, he fixed his gaze on Qing Chi.

I saw Qing Jia lying in the corner, motionless.

There is regret in his eyes.

"You livestock, what are you provoking?"

Huo Tun let out a roar, awakening Qing Chi.

"Second brother, I don't want to, I don't know how scary he is..."

Qing Jia lowered his head, his expression wilted.

"Do you know, my clan is over!"

"It's all because of you! Is your head full of urine?"

"You want to harm my clan, even if you have ten thousand lives, you are not dead enough!"

Huo Tun breathed fire in his eyes, as if he was about to swallow Qing Chi.

"Brother, my clan is over? Don't be kidding me!"

"No matter how strong the gods and treacherous people are, can there be a strong father and king? Can there be a strong master?"

"Furthermore, the ancestor of my clan, that is the supreme existence, and the existence of the Lord of Thunder Tribulation must be jealous!"

"I think this **** and treacherous person is at most a third-rank immortal king!" Qing Jia said.

"Three-Rank Immortal King? Put mud horse shit!"

"No power was released, so I sealed my Dragon Ball and also sealed my physical strength!"

"Today, who has such means?"

"I dare say that the ancestors didn't have such means!"

Huo Tun roared angrily, and Qing Chi was dumbfounded.

"This... so to speak, doesn't it mean that the gods are better than the ancestors?" Qing Jia asked.

"Of course!"

"Second brother, what should I do? Send a message to the father, don't let him come to Ziyang Star!" Qing Chi said.

"I tried it, it's useless, no means can be used!"

"I just hope that the father will not find here after he learns that I die!" Huo Tun said.

"Second brother, I sent someone to send immortal brew to the father, and he will be here soon!" Qing Jia said.

"Xian Niang? What kind of fairy Niang?" Huo Tun looked puzzled.

"Second brother, it's like this..."

Qing Jia said about the fairy brew.


"You livestock, see if I won't kill you!"

"It's all because of you, my family is in danger!"

After speaking, Huo Tun rushed towards Qing Chi.


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