"This... this is impossible!"

The ancient blood dragon stared at Wenrenshi in panic.

I saw Wenrenshi standing in front of it, motionless.

Swallowing just now, seems to have no effect on him.

"I don't believe the deity. An ant is an opponent of the deity!"

After speaking, the ancient blood dragon stretched out its right paw, aimed at Wenrenshi and grabbed it.


The sky seemed unable to stand the pressure of dragon's claws, bursting open like lenses.

The gusts of wind roar, and the power is boundless.

In the distance, Chen Daoming and the four of them saw this scene with all their faces worried.

"No, this trick I'm afraid that even the fairy king can tear it apart. This animal deliberately showed weakness. It turned out to be a secretly accumulating energy. Elder Wen is in danger!"

"Leader Chen, what should we do then? Let's go help him!"

"It's too late, everything can only rely on himself, I hope he can avoid it!"

"Elder Wen, run!"

Chen Daoming roared loudly.

However, at such a distance, how could their voices reach Wen Renshi's ears so quickly.

Wenrenshi stood motionless as if frightened.

"Haha, little ant, I didn't expect it, the deity condensed this trick to deal with you!"

"You have a shocking power in your body. When I swallow you, the strength of this seat may be restored to 10%!"

"By then, who can stop me from Little Ziyang Star?"


The speed of the right claw of the ancient blood dragon increased a bit.

Seeing, the right paw was about to grab Wenrenshi.

At this time.

Wen Renshi's eyes burst out, and he stretched out his right hand in a hurry.


"how can that be?!"

"Catch it? He actually grabbed the ancient blood dragon's right claw by his body? It's incredible!"

Chen Daoming looked at this scene with a few people with shocked faces.


The ancient blood dragon stared at the scene blankly, and didn't recover for a while.

A heavenly immortal, did not mobilize any power, just relying on his physical body to block his own energy-storing blow?

Even if you dream, it's not as scary, right?

Next second.

The ancient blood dragon's complexion changed drastically, with cold sweat.

He found that a shocking force came from his right paw.

"It hurts... It hurts..."

"Let...let go..."

The ancient blood dragon was cold and sweaty, crying out pain from time to time.

"Let go?"

"Ha ha……"

Wen Renshi smiled coldly and shook it gently.


There was a sound of cracking bones.

The huge right claw of the ancient blood dragon was crushed into powder by the Wenrenshi, and it fell on the body like a puddle of mud.


A scream, resounding through the world.

"Ant, dare to hurt your deity, and see if I will tear you into dust!"

The ancient blood dragon looked up to the sky and screamed like crazy.

On him, blood surged and enveloped him.

The ancient blood dragon opened the big mouth of the blood basin, aimed at Wenrenshi and bit it down.

"Ha ha……"

Wen Renshi smiled slightly, revealing an indifferent look.

Next second.

Wen Renshi's expression was startled, and his face was shocked.

I see.

The ancient blood dragon turned around in an instant, turned into a stream of light, shot straight into the sky, and disappeared instantly.

"No, it escaped using the blood escape technique!" Xuanyuan Lie said.


"Ha ha!"

Wen Renshi smiled and shook his right arm.


The entire right arm directly changes into the shape of a dragon claw.


He waved the dragon's claws and grabbed it forward.


The sky shook up in layers, and the right arm penetrated into the void and disappeared.

"Get me back!"

Wen Renshi roared.


"Do not……"

An unwilling roar came from the shattered void.

Immediately afterwards, the ancient blood dragon was captured by Wen Renshi.

However, it changed from 10,000 meters to a few meters in length.

Struggling in Wenrenshi's claws.

"This...this is the Claw of the Void, incredible!"

"Elder Wen is simply terrifying, this strength is simply astonishing!"

"Senior Wen, awesome!"

Chen Daoming and others stared at Wen Renshi, their eyes gleaming indelibly.

Wen Renshi looked at the ancient blood dragon in his paws, and the corner of his mouth raised, "Let's talk, what else do you have?"

"Last word? Ant, it is you who will leave the last word!"

"The deity is just a clone, don't be proud, don't be arrogant!"

"When the deity arrives, you will wait for the moment when you die!"

"Ats, tremble!"

Finish these few sentences.


The body of the ancient blood dragon exploded into blood mist and disappeared.

"Want to escape?"

A sneer appeared at the corner of Wen Renshi's mouth, stretched out his right paw, and grabbed it forward.

A drop of blood was stripped out of the void by him.

"Spare, my lord, I was wrong, spare!"

"Don't kill me, really don't kill, if my deity knows about it, you won't have a good spot!"

The blood turned into a miniature blood dragon, begging Wen Renshi for mercy.



Wen Renshi pinched it with his hand.

"Do not……"


Two sounds sounded at the same time.

The miniature version of the blood dragon broke into powder and disappeared.

After killing the ancient blood dragon, Wenrenshi flew back quickly.

"Elder Wen, amazing!"

"This method is comparable to a first-grade fairy king!"

Hearing these compliments, Wen Renshi smiled slightly, "You are welcome, all these good things are bestowed by the son!"


Chen Daoming nodded.

"Unexpectedly, the young man counts Miss Xuanyuan and the others in danger, let us come to rescue them!"

"This is only the first meaning of the son!"

"The second layer, that is to give to Elder Wen, the great fortune!"

"This third level is to kill the ancient blood dragon!"

"Unexpectedly, I totally got the son's meaning wrong, I really feel ashamed!"

Chen Daoming lowered his head, his expression wilted.

"Leader Chen, Young Master Bogu Tongjin, how easy is his intention to understand!"

"You can realize this level, and I can't wait for it!" Wen Renshi said.

"Yes, Leader Chen, very powerful!" Su Yiling nodded.

"Thank you for your help!"

Xuanyuan Shi stood up, clasped her fists and bowed, "I'll say goodbye when I have something to do with the son!"

"Girl Xuanyuan, wait!" Wen Renshi stopped Xuanyuan Shi.

"Elder Wen, do you still have something to do?" Xuanyuan Shi asked.

"Girl Xuanyuan, since we are going to see the son, we are on the same road!"

"I'll give you a ride!" Wen Renshi said.

"Send us?" Xuanyuan Shi was puzzled, "We have flying boats!"

"How slow is the flying boat!"

Wen Renshi smiled slightly and took two steps forward.

Then, with a movement of his mind, his right arm turned into a dragon claw shape, pointed to the front, and lightly grasped.


The space oscillates and the endless waves of air keep rotating.

Then, a teleportation vortex appeared in front of everyone.

"Enter here and you will be able to reach the Great Demon Mountain directly!" Wen Renshi finished speaking and took the lead into the teleportation vortex.

The complexions of several people changed again, and it took a long time to calm down.

Afterwards, they walked into the teleportation vortex one by one and disappeared.


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