The old man Yueli and Dizun looked at Sun Hao, their expressions constantly changing.

After the two swallowed the pill, they stepped forward, bowed down in front of Sun Hao, and bowed their heads in salute.

"Thank you son for saving his life!"

"Free gift!"

Sun Hao helped them up and said, "What the two have done makes Sun extremely admire!"

"It's fortunate to have you in the world!" Sun Hao said.

"The son is absurd, I am ashamed of it!"

"My strength is still too weak. It is fortunate for the ten thousand races to have a capable person like the son in the world!" said the elderly Yue Li.

Obviously know this is flattering, but it sounds particularly comfortable.

Sun Hao smiled slightly, took out 20 bottles of fairy wine from his arms, and handed 10 bottles to each of them, "Two, this is a little fairy wine brewed underneath, please accept it!"

"Thank you son!"

The two took the fairy wine and bowed with fists.

After that, without seeing it, he threw it in the soul space.

"My son, great!"

"My son, really a role model for my generation!"

Below, the sound of praise continued to sound.

Everyone's face is full of joy.

"Hehe, you guys are too happy!"

At this time, there was a sound.

This abrupt sound awakened everyone.

"Wait, all die with me!"

A roar broke through the world.

Looking up, his pupils contracted and his face changed drastically.

I see.

The moat array was trembling violently, and the light above it became weaker and weaker.



A crack spread rapidly around in the form of a spider web.


There was an explosion.

The moat formation burst instantly.

Everyone knows exactly what this means without a great defense formation.

As long as there is spatial turbulence, everyone will be drawn into it.

At that time, the form of the gods will be destroyed, and will never be supernatural.

Compared with death, this is terrible.

"No, the great defense formation is broken!"

"Damn it, this is trying to bring us back together!"

"Run, run!"

The entire city fell into chaos.

Everyone's face was full of horror.

That kind of despair is ten times stronger than before.

They rushed towards the city gate, trying to escape from the city.

It's just that there is still time.

At the moment when the moat was broken.


A thunderbolt crossed the sky.

This sound shook the world.

Shocked everyone's body.

They looked up at the sky, their scalp exploded, and their bodies were cold.

I saw that the sky was torn in half by life, expanding rapidly.

It looked like a huge sky eye, staring at everyone in a daze.

In the cracks.


The space is turbulent, whistling constantly.

Horror power makes the scalp numb.

Every time there is a whistling, people will tremble all over.


In the cracks, infinite black filaments are scattered quickly.

Layers upon layers, like a woman's hair floating down.

A glance makes people horrified.

The appearance of these black threads made Sifang Tiandi instantly darker.

"This...what the **** is this?"

"How did the spatial turbulence become like this?"

"Help, help..."

That heavenly eye, like the abyss of hell, scattered, only despair.

The black silk is getting closer and closer, and the cold, cold breath radiates from above, covering the entire Xiluo City.


At this moment, everyone could not make a sound as if they were caught by their necks.

Their wide-eyed eyes were nothing but endless fear.

The legs trembled uncontrollably.

"Plop, plop..."

One by one, crawling on the ground, shivering.

In the entire field, only Sun Hao stood.

Even Blood Wolf and Huang Rumeng are no exception.


The sky's eyes trembled, and the cold air was all over Sun Hao.

All the black silk fluttered quickly, wrapping up towards Sun Hao.

Sun Hao stood in place, his face full of horror.

"It's terrible, what are these things?"

"Is it a woman's hair?"

"What happens if you get caught up?"

In Sun Hao's heart, 10,000 ideas took shape.

"It's like a dream, afraid of a fart!"

"I want to see what you can do!"

Sun Hao snorted coldly, his expression was serious, his eyes were clear, and he directly swept the black silk into the sky.



A scream came from a crack in the sky.

All black threads, like an electric shock, were quickly recovered.

In the blink of an eye, they all retracted into the cracks in the sky.

"My lord, I'm sorry!"

After the sound came from the crack, it quickly closed and disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, the coercion dissipated, and everyone stood up one by one.

They stared at Sun Hao stunnedly, with uncertain expressions on their faces.

"Just now, did you hear it?"

"I'm not deaf, how can I not hear!"

"In the turbulent sky, there must be some kind of powerful existence!"

"That's not nonsense! That wait for existence, so that we can not produce the least resistance!"

"Don't tell me, my legs are still shaking now, I'm out of control at all!"

"That kind of powerful existence unexpectedly apologized to Son Hao, you said, what realm is Son Hao so strong?"

"Unimaginable, it is the existence I am waiting for!"

Worship, awe, mystery...

All kinds of looks are written on everyone's face.

the other side.

The green-robed man looked at this scene, his mouth twitched slightly.

The shock and unbelief are all over his face.

"He...what exactly is he? He can make the space turbulence escape!"

"This is impossible, this is absolutely impossible! How can there be such a existence in this world?!"

The green-robed man kept shaking his head, unwilling to believe everything in front of him.

Afterwards, he struggled to stand up and carefully stepped back.



A glance came.

Suddenly, he was completely anesthetized, unable to move.

The only thing that can move is the mouth.


His body flew out uncontrollably, and landed in front of Sun Hao in a daze.

"You...who are you?"

The green-robed man looked at Sun Hao, his face was full of unwillingness.

"You only have one chance, say, who are you? Why do you want to do this?"

Sun Hao looked at the green-robed man with murderous expression on his face.

Just now, getting so much hair scared me to death!

If you don't kill you, it's hard to solve the hate

"You want to kill me?"


"Elder Yueli, Dizun, I advise you to stop him quickly!"

"Otherwise, Demon Emperor..."

The words are not finished.

"wrong answer!"


Two sounds sounded at the same time.

Sun Hao's fist directly hit the green-robed man's head.

His body exploded into powder and disappeared.

Killing the green-robed man made him feel much better.

"Let's go, Big Wolf!"

Sun Hao looked at the blood wolf and shouted.

The blood wolf struggled to get up, his whole body still trembling slightly.

It looked at the sky, revealing a look of extreme dread.

Afterwards, he looked at Sun Hao, admiring Jingmang, writing on his face.


It came quickly on the road and kept wagging its tail around Sun Hao.

"Let's go!"

Sun Hao looked at the ground, and a dizziness came.

Step carefully, walk towards the ground step by step.

Back in front of Huang Rumeng, Sun Hao let out a long sigh of relief.

Today, it is really scary.


Huang Rumeng ran forward quickly and threw himself into Sun Hao's arms.


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