The Milky Way galaxy, on a certain life planet.

In the ocean and sea, in an ancient building resembling a dragon.

A red-bearded man with a golden robe and long dragon horns sat on the main seat.

This man is the Galaxy Dragon King.

In his hand, holding a jade bottle.

After opening the jade bottle, the pupils of the Galaxy Dragon King shrank, shaking his face.

"I just took a deep breath, which is equivalent to half a month of cultivation?"

"I am the Ninth-Rank Immortal King! This immortal brew can make me grow so fast?"

The Galaxy Dragon King muttered to himself, and it took a long time to calm down.

He looked up at the red-clad man in front of him, "Are you sure this is Human Race selling?"

"The king, I dare not lie, this thing is indeed sold by a person named Sun Hao, and he must have brewed this thing!" said the red-armored man.

"Sun Hao?"

Yinhelong frowned, revealing the color of thinking.

I have never heard of this name.

The ability of this person to brew such a peerless fairy brew is by no means simple.

If I go forward rashly, if I lose, why not end up with a dead end?

Also, this kind of fairy brew will reach the master's ears sooner or later.

If he blamed it, wouldn't he be incapable of eating?

Just in case, he must immediately report the matter to the master.

Even if the master doesn't do it himself, he will send several immortal experts.

In this way, I can be foolproof!

After much deliberation, the Galaxy Dragon King made a decision.

"This is a good job!"

"I didn't expect Qing Chi to be sensible!"

"Go back and tell him that at the end of this year, you can return!" said the Galaxy Dragon King.

"Thank you for your kindness, the king!"

The man in red armor knelt down, and after three kneelings and nine knocks, he quickly retreated.

The Galaxy Dragon King put the jade bottle away, his figure flickered and disappeared.

On the other side, the man in red armor walked out of the palace with joy.

When I just came to the square, I saw a group of guards surrounded me.

"You...what do you want to do?" The man in red armor showed panic on his face.

"Come with us, His Royal Highness wants to see you!"

"I... I have to go back to my life!" said the man in red armor.

"Don't be wordy, go!"

There is no way.

The man in red armor came to the Prince's Palace under the "escort" of a group of armored guards.

Entering inside, the man in red armor bowed down and said, "Meet His Royal Highness!"


A blue-haired man sat in the main seat, staring coldly at the red-armored man.

This person is the eldest son of the Galaxy Dragon King-Han Yi.

"Thank you, Your Highness!"

The man in red armor stood there weakly, his body trembling.

"Let's talk about it, what did my third brother give to my father? Why would you transfer him back?"

"Also, my father actually went to see the master!" Han Yu's voice is not loud, but full of power.

"His Royal Highness, I'm here to deliver the fairy wine!" said the man in red armor.


With a loud shout from the left and right guards, the man in red armor directly bowed to the ground and shivered.

"Are you really a lie to the prince? Recruit it from the ground!" Han Yi said.

"His Royal Highness, I really dare not lie to you!"

"It's like this..."

The man in red armor said the matter again.

Han Yu didn't take this seriously, his expression didn't change.

When the man in red armor finished speaking, there was a hint of anger on his face, "Come on, take it down and cut it!"


The left and right guards swarmed up and quickly escorted the man in red armor.

"No, your Royal Highness is forgiving..."

The voice faded away.

Soon after, I heard the sound of a dragon head landing.

"His Royal Highness, he doesn't seem to lie!" At this moment, a goatee stepped forward.

"You are right!"

Han Yi smiled and nodded.

"Then why cut him down?"

"If you don't cut him off, wouldn't all the credit go to your third brother?"

Hearing the cold voice, the goatee nodded and gave a thumbs up, "Your Highness, it's so tall!"

Han Yu smiled slightly, "Get ready, take someone to Ziyang Star with me immediately!"

"Your Highness, do you want to tie Sun Hao over?" Goat asked.

"Not bad!" Han Yu nodded.

"I'm afraid it's not easy to make such immortal brews. Do we want to..." asked goatee.

"Of course, take him with you!" Han Yu nodded.

"Yes, Your Highness!"

The goatee retreated quickly.



Deep in the universe, on a certain life planet.

In an ancient hall, a woman holding a scepter sits in the main seat.

The body god-level breath exudes.

In the hall, everyone bowed their heads, afraid to face it.

"A few days ago, I sensed a familiar Dao Ming, presumably the artifact of my clan—Tai Chi Tower appeared!"

"We have to find the artifact before other immortals find it!"

"Who is willing to take on this important task?"

The woman's eyes swept away, everyone bowed their heads, no one wanted to stand up.

"No one?" The woman's voice gradually became cold.

"Great Emperor, I am willing!"

At this time, a woman's voice sounded outside the door.

Immediately afterwards, a woman in white came in.

She has a beautiful face with melon seeds, her delicate features are very three-dimensional, and her jade-like skin exudes a supple luster.

At first glance, it looks like a masterpiece of God, without a trace of fault.

"Are you willing? Do you know the consequences?" The female emperor frowned slightly, her face showing a trace of displeasure

"The emperor, the courtier knows! I couldn't get the artifact back-death!" the woman said.

The female emperor sighed secretly, "Since you know the consequences, let you go!"

"I can only sense that the Tai Chi Tower is located in the Milky Way Galaxy!"

"This is a Tai Chi compass. It can sense the Tai Chi Tower. When you get there, use this object and it will guide you!"

"Remember, you can only use it three times!"

After speaking, the empress waved her right hand, and a delicate compass flew back to the woman's hand.

"Yes, the Great!"

The woman took the compass and withdrew quickly.



Ziyang Star, south of the Heavenly Demon Continent.


The sky shook layers of ripples, and hundreds of figures walked out of the ripples.

These people are the Demon Slayer Special Attack Team headed by Luo Liuyan.

These five hundred people are all immortals.

Luo Liuyan and others even reached the heavenly fairyland.

This force, even Penglai Continent, could not be compared with it.

After landing, Luo Liuyan looked at the blood mist in the sky and frowned slightly.

"This time, I am waiting to uproot the demons!"

"I'm waiting here, each person only has ten bottles of fairy wine to replenish!"

"So, we must fight quickly!"

"Remember, kill without mercy!"

Luo Liuyan shouted loudly.

"Yes, Lord Luo!"

Everyone clasped their fists and saluted.

"Leader Chen!"


Chen Daoming stood up.

"You, Elder Mu and Elder Su will take one hundred and fifty people and attack from the east!"

"Yes!" Chen Daoming retreated with a fist.

"Elder Flower!" Luo Liuyan shouted.


Flower Fairy stood up.

"You, Elder Xuanyuan, and Elder Zhong Li, with one hundred and fifty people, attack from the west!"


"Others, follow me to attack from the middle, and go straight to the den of the Demon Race!"

"set off!"

Give an order.

"call out……"

Everyone turned into streamers, and flew towards the Heaven Demon Continent.


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