"Hurry up, hurry up!"

"do not give up!"

Hu Liena roared loudly, tears brewing in her eyes.

Beside her, Hu Luo cried tears in his eyes, already covering his eyes.

"Damn it, what the **** is this!" Hu Luochou clenched his fists, his face full of unwillingness.

"Jie Jie..."

There was a burst of cold laughter in the sky.

"You are all our food!"

"No one wants to escape!"

This is finished.

The green claw in the sky grew rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, he covered the entire Tushan Mountain.


Under the claws, there was a shocking pressure, and he pressed down.

People of the Tianhu tribe, crawling on the ground, struggled ceaselessly.


Every time you struggle, the bones in your hands will crack.

"Patriarch, run, run!"

"Patriarch, leave us alone! It's too late!"

"Patriarch, you must keep our bloodline and run away!"

Such a voice resounded all around.

Hu Liena gritted her teeth and struggled, looking up at the sky, anger and unwillingness mixed on her face.

Her tears flowed quickly and rushed into the quiet ruins.


In the quiet ruins, a circle of colorful light enveloped the entire quiet ruins.

The whole Tushan.

At this moment, time is still.


All the members of the Tianhu tribe, with the life force on their bodies, flew up quickly, pouring into the sky-covering claws.

"Jie Jie..."

A laugh came from the dark clouds.

"Very delicious!"

"Not bad!"

"Presumably your souls are delicious, let this weak soul add a little!"

After this sound.

The paw covering the sky was pressed down for a moment.


All the shriveled corpses of the Sky Fox tribe all flew up and floated in the sky.


The ground of the mountain was shattered as quickly as possible, and the shock wave swept all over.

In this turbulent current, Youxu trembled rapidly and kept shaking.

"Hurry up, hurry up!"

In the quiet ruins, all tribesmen are praying.

Hu Liena revealed an extremely solemn color, frantically mobilizing her body's strength and pouring into the quiet ruins.

Under her control, Youxu's light became more and more bright.

"call out……"

A sound of breaking through the sky.

Youxu penetrated the void, turned into a ray of light, and disappeared.

"Ha ha……"

In the dark clouds, there was a sneer.

"You can't escape!"

After this sound, the sky-covering claw continued to press down.

The whole Tushan exploded piece by piece.

These dusts compressed rapidly under the cover of green electric light.

In the end, it changed into black spikes, more than ten meters long.

Each spike is covered with dense arrays.


These spikes are inserted upside down on the ground of Tushan Mountain.

From a distance, it looked like a huge iron plate covered with spikes.


In the sky, tens of millions of celestial fox bodies fell straight down.

One by one, hung on the spikes.


On the ground, the green electric light burst rapidly, flowing frantically in all directions.

A series of patterns, carved on the entire Tushan ground.


There was a loud noise.

A huge transparent crystal ball flew from the sky and fell in the eyes of the array like a meteorite.



Strands of light that could not be detected by the flesh flowed down from the spikes.

Through the pattern, it flows rapidly into the crystal ball.

"After a month, your souls will all flow into it!"

"At that time, I will come to collect it again!"

"Ats, where did you escape? This seat is here!"

After this sound.

Cover the sky and grab it with claws.


The sky was cracked, revealing a deep hole.


Dark clouds drilled into the hole and disappeared.



In a secret environment.


The sky shook layers of ripples, and Youxu drilled out of the ripples and slowly landed.

In the quiet ruins.

Everyone's face is full of grief and unwillingness.

"Mother, he... they are all dead, and their souls are not let go!"

At this point, Hu Luo cried.

"Now is not the time to cry, the crisis has not passed!"

Hu Liena's voice awakened Hu Luocry.

Through Youxu, looking at the surrounding scenery, his face was full of doubts.

"Mother, where is this?" Hu Luochi wiped away his tears and asked.

"Canghejie here is the secret realm left by our ancestors!" Hu Liena said.


Hu Luociao pointed to the ape-shaped creatures outside, "Mother, what is that?"

Hu Liena looked up, her scalp exploded, "That's an ape, the flesh is extremely powerful, extremely cruel!"

"Every Harmony Ape is a fairy-level strength!"

"If discovered by them, I'm afraid the Youxu defensive cover will be torn apart by them. Even you and me, I'm afraid..."

Having said that, Hu Liena couldn't continue.

"Mother, what should I do then?" Hu Luo asked.

"I can only pray!" Hu Liena shook her head slightly.

"The ancestor of the mountain left a secret realm. Why are there such monsters?" Hu Luo asked.

"Hey, the mountain ancestors can't completely destroy them, they can only trap them here!" Hu Liena sighed secretly.


Hu Liena raised her eyebrows, and she swept to a certain position, and said, "Come out, don't hide it!"

With this sound.

An old man walked out of the crowd and smiled slightly, "Friend Hu, it's polite!"

This old man is Yujizi.

Hu Liena looked at Yujizi and frowned slightly, "Why do you look familiar? What's the purpose of your coming to Tushan?"

"The poor road travels all over the world, helping the strong and cutting the weak, bah! It is the duty of the poor to help the weak!"

"Seeing you Tushan is at stake, I'm here to save!" Yujizi said with a smile.

"Only you!?"

As soon as Hu Luo screamed, Yu Jizi retreated a few steps, and his face was panicked.

"who are you?"

Hu Liena's voice revealed a bit of majesty.

"That's the case with the poor jade jade!"

The words came out.


A wave of coercion came like a torrent.

In an instant, the jade jade was enveloped.

"Oh it's you!"

"I have been looking for you for so many years, but I didn't expect you to come here!"

Hu Liena was full of anger and walked towards Yujizi step by step.

"Patriarch, what are you doing to me?"

The words fell silent.


A slap slapped Yujizi's face severely.

He hit the rock wall hard, vomiting blood.

The whole face immediately became swollen and became bruised.

"What are you doing? Of course I beat you to death!"

After speaking, Hu Liena slapped it again.

"Patriarch, grandma, don't hit me! I was wrong!"

"You want to hit me, you must let me know the reason?"

Yu Jizi waved his hands again and again, his face full of horror.

"Hmph, ten thousand years ago, the tail hair I retreated, dare you say you stole it?"

After speaking, Hu Liena thumped down with a punch.

Soon after.

Yujizi fell to the ground, angrily like gossamer.

"Go to hell!"

After speaking, Hu Liena raised a shocking punch, and hit Yujizi.

"and many more!"

Seeing this scene, Yu Jizi waved her hand quickly.

After that, he took out a whisk and handed it forward respectfully.


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