A miserable old man in ragged clothes clasped his hips from time to time and limped forward.

This person is Yujizi.


With every step he took, he let out a scream.

"Damn, damn!"

"This time I come to Demon Ancestral Mountain, I have suffered a lot!"

"Two earth escape symbols, a whisk, that's it."

Yujizi clenched her teeth, and her heart was bleeding.

"What to do? Am I going to be trapped here forever?"

Yu Jizi frowned, a look of thinking.

After some thought, Yujizi took out a talisman seal.

"There is no way, only this kind of boundary breaking charm can leave here!"

"This time, I really lost it!"

Yujizi muttered to himself, and instantly lit the Boundary Breaking Talisman.

In front of him, a ripple emerged.

Without thinking about it, he got into it and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he had come to a certain location in Tushan.

"My God, all... all fairies!"

"Ancestor, what happened to this?"

"Run, this place can never come again!"

Without even thinking about it, Yu Jizi once again took out a ground talisman.

Without thinking of any hesitation, I ignited directly.

"I went to the head office of the Jinwu Clan, right?"

"Pick up a few golden crow feathers, that's not bad!"

Yujizi plunged into the ripples on the ground and disappeared.



Yaozu Mountain, Huangcheng, the palace hall.

A middle-aged woman with outstanding temperament sits in the main seat.

With a glance, he has the emperor's breath, which makes people look at him and dare not look directly.

This person is exactly the current Demon Emperor-Huang Youli.

In front of Huang Youli, there were two rows of men in brocade clothes.

Everyone is full of breath and mighty.

"Meet the emperor!"

A group of men in Jinyi bowed down and bowed their heads in salute.

"Flat body!" Huang Youli said lightly.

"Xie Emperor!"

Everyone is flat.

"If something is going on, let's go back to the court!" Huang Youli said.


At this time, the middle-aged man standing at the forefront stood up.

He is Huang Youli's husband, Xiang Tingye, and at the same time, King Ye, the patriarch of the God Elephant clan.

Xiang Tingye swept away, and the ministers behind him nodded slightly.

"King Ye, what do you want to play?" Huang Youli asked.

Xiang Tingye did not answer, but took a step forward and put his hands on the crown.



The sound of a sword piercing the flesh and blood sounded.

In the hall.

One by one the golden armored guards fell into a daze.


Hit the ground, the body was directly exploded into powder.

To death, there was no scream.

"call out……"

Hundreds of figures appeared out of thin air, and they surrounded Huang Youli in an instant, making it impossible to leak.

Seeing this scene, Huang Youli's expression remained unchanged.

She sat calmly in place, motionless.

That look is like a king who controls everything.


Xiang Tingye looked up to the sky and laughed, extremely proud.

"Huang Youli, I didn't expect it, you will have today too!"

"Now, do you have a last word?"

Xiang Tingye looked at Huang Youli and said.

Huang Youli didn't change her face, and the corners of her mouth raised, "With you, you still dare not be so presumptuous!"

"Hidden, is it interesting?" Huang Youli said.

This was just finished.


There was a burst of applause.

Five men in green robes with face masks walked out of the four corners.

Everyone exudes a fairy-level aura.

"Since you have already taken action, why hide your head and show your tail? It's better to take off the mask!" Huang Youli said.

"Demon Phoenix, I will definitely pick it when it's time to pick it!"

The leader came up, the black ghost mask smiled very coldly.

"Let's go, what is the purpose of your collusion?" Huang Youli said.



The leader of the green robe applauded again, "I like the character of Demon Emperor!"

"Since your funeral has been arranged, then abdicate yourself!" said the leader of the green robe.

"What's the funeral?"

Xiang Tingye stood up, his face full of doubts.

"You do not know?"

The leader of the green robe pretended to be surprised, "It seems that your husband is really incompetent!"

Xiang Tingye smiled awkwardly, "My lord, don't play dumb riddles, just say it!"


The leader of the green robe nodded, "The Demon Emperor knew that there would be such a day!"

"She first sent the eldest princess to Tianluo Continent in the name of investigating the Blood Phoenix Nest!"

"Then, secretly send his tribe to Penglai mainland!"

"Not long ago, she dismissed the four generals and let them leave on the grounds of various tasks."

"Doing so is tantamount to preparing to sacrifice yourself! This kind of mind is really great!"

Hearing this, Xiang Tingye showed a daze.

"Huang Youli, I didn't expect that your mind was so deep!"

"Since you know there is such a day, why don't you resist?"

"Presumably, it shouldn't be a problem to kill me with your means and scheming!" Xiang Tingye was puzzled.

"Haha, my good country minister, it seems that you still don't know anything about Madam!"

"The demon emperor is kind-hearted, and he puts the overall situation at the top of his mind. Once you are arrested and rectified on the spot, then the whole demon clan can't make a big mess?"

"By then, the lives will be burned!"

When the leader of the green robe spoke, Xiang Tingye suddenly realized.

"But, Demon King, what you don't know is that the princess is dead!"

"Your people, all of them have fallen into my hands at this moment!"

"It will be sent here soon."

"Even your four big generals, now, I'm afraid they are all dead!"

The leader of the green robe smiled and said, his expression seemed to control everything.

Hear these.

There was a flash of heartache on Huang Youli's face.

"Okay, very good!"

"In that case, the emperor wants to see how you can deal with me!"

Huang Youli's breath was released, surging immortal power, billowing out.

The coercion of terror swept the entire hall.


The ones with low strength flew directly upside down, hitting the bones and bones in confusion.

Even if it was the leader of the green robe, his body was kicking straight back, using a lot of strength to stabilize his figure.

Xiang Tingye roared vigorously, covering his body with a shield.

He looked at Huang Youli, his face full of fear, "Damn it, hiding so deeply, fortunately I am prepared enough, otherwise, I really hit an iron plate!"

"come on!"

Huang Youli roared as she was about to rush forward.


The leader of the green robe gave a soft drink.

Huang Youli stopped moving.

"Demon Emperor, this is your Phoenix City, there are billions of people here!"

"If I wait to fight here, I must be ruined in the entire Phoenix City!"

"The foundation established by the ancestors of the Huang Clan, you don't want to be ruined in your hands like this?"

"Although the eldest princess is dead, your people are not dead yet!"

"Even if you defeat us, your people will be buried with us!"

"Also, hundreds of millions of creatures will be buried with us!"

Listening to the words of the leader of the green robe, the expression on Huang Youli's face changed uncertainly.


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