The young man in Jinpao turned around and looked at Sun Hao, his body trembling.

He was horrified to find that his whole body strength was imprisoned and could not be used.

what happened?

Who sealed his power?

Could it be him?


He didn't even shoot!

"You...what do you want to do?" Jinpao boy's voice trembled.

"Come as you say, leave as you say?"

"You want to kill me, you still ask me what I want to do? Are you not funny?"

Sun Hao's voice gradually became cold.

Wouldn't it be troublesome if you didn't come to kill the chicken and the monkey.


The Jinpao boy looked stagnant, "You want to kill me? Do you know who I am?"

"Ha ha!"

Sun Hao smiled coldly.


The Jinpao boy was horrified to find that there was an unstoppable destructive power in his body.

"Do not……"

There was a shout, and it stopped abruptly when it sounded.

The Jinpao teenager's body was torn apart and disappeared like smoke.

Such a scene strongly stimulated others' eyes.

Everyone stared at this scene blankly, with all their faces in astonishment.

"Dead? How did you die?"

"He is a direct descendant of the Crazy Leopard Clan, and his strength is extraordinary."

"The person the eldest princess is fond of is really not easy! I didn't even see how it was done!"

The exclamation sounded constantly.

Everyone looked at Sun Hao, their eyes full of awe.

Sun Hao turned a deaf ear to these voices.

He stood up, looked at the onlookers, and smiled slightly.

"Everyone, newcomers, you may not understand my fairy wine!"

"Here, a free tasting event is here!"

"Anyone with three hundred fairy crystals can drink a bottle for free, feel satisfied, and pay again, how about?"

Sun Hao's voice was not loud, but it was extremely tempting.

Three hundred immortal crystals are an astronomical figure for ordinary demon cultivators.

However, this is Huangcheng, and there are really many rich people.

"My son, are you really satisfied before you pay?"

A rough man came forward first.

Sun Hao smiled slightly, nodded and said: "Of course, after drinking, if you are not satisfied at all, you should leave immediately. I will never embarrass you!"

"Okay, son!"

The rough man's eyes lighted up, and without thinking, he took out three hundred fairy crystals and handed them to Sun Hao to check.


Sun Hao picked up a bottle of fairy sprinkles and handed it to the rough man.

Holding the jade bottle, with a look of curiosity, the rough man opened the bottle cap.


His eyes became cross-eyed, staring at the jade bottle in a daze, without reacting for a long time.


His voice trembled, and his whole body trembled slightly with excitement.

"Why don't you drink it?"

Sun Hao's voice awakened the rough man.

"My son, I'll drink it immediately!"

He tremblingly held the jade bottle and drank it.

After drinking, he stretched out the old long tongue and licked the bottle clean, without dropping a drop.

Close his eyes, quietly feeling the power of the body.


It sounded like the explosion of beans.

The realm of the rough man is rapidly improving.

Five steps to ascend, six steps to ascend...

One step and half a fairy, two steps and a half fairy...

After reaching eight and a half cents, it stopped.

He stood in place, shaking with excitement.

Suddenly, he couldn't recover at all.

The onlookers stood still stupidly at the moment, shocked and filled their faces.

"My ancestor, he went from a four-step ascendant to an eight-step and a half immortal! Could it be that I was dazzled?"

"A bottle of fairy wine has such effects? This is a dream, right?"

"I'm so regretful. Just now, 10 fairy crystals, why didn't I buy them? Now, I can't afford them if I want to buy them!"

The exclamation kept ringing.

The onlookers rushed in quickly, and in an instant, they pushed the rough man out of the crowd.

"My son, I'll buy 100 bottles!"

"My son, I'll buy 1,000 bottles!"

"My son, I will buy as much as you have!"

One by one, all the fairy crystal bags came forward, very respectful.

Sun Hao saw this scene with a bunch of black lines on his forehead.

"Disperse it all to me!"

The sound was not loud, but it made everyone's scalp numb, and they hurried back.

"If you want to buy fairy wine, line up for me!"

"Attention, each person can only buy three bottles!"

"The other one, was he satisfied with his drink? You can leave immediately if you are not satisfied!"

This sentence awakened the rough man.

He stepped forward and nodded again and again, "My son, I am so satisfied!"

"This is four hundred fairy crystals. Except for the one I drank just now, I also bought three bottles!" The rough man said excitedly.

"Up to three bottles, are you illiterate?" Sun Hao said, pointing to the sign.

"My son, sorry!"

The brawny man took back 100 immortal crystals, bought two bottles of immortal wine, and strode away.

On his face, it was written Unable to suppress surprise.

The people in the line were all excited when they saw this scene.

"The fairy wine you sell is not easy!"

"I see, he must be Young Master Sun Hao!"

"What? He is the Son Hao who saved Beiluo City, no wonder!"

"What saved Beiluocheng? What are you talking about?"

"You don't even know? Beiluocheng was in great danger and was almost swallowed by the spatial turbulence. As a result, Young Master Sun Hao just glared at him, and then the spatial turbulence retreated!"

"So scary?"


The sound of cold gas continued to sound.

Everyone looked at Sun Hao, with a little awe in worship.

"I don't know if Son Hao has a Taoist companion? He looks so handsome, has such a strong strength, and sells such good immortal wine. This is a perfect Taoist companion!"

"I like it so much, no more, my heart belongs to Master Sun Hao!"

"In this life, except Son Hao, I won't find a Taoist companion!"

"Don't think about it, Young Master Sun Hao has been a companion for a long time, she is our eldest princess!"

Hearing these voices, Sun Hao didn't change his face, but he felt ashamed in his heart.

Because of the existence of the Faithful Talisman, within ten days, the matter of being in Beiluocheng was passed on here.

I'm just a mortal, but I don't have that ability.

At first, I was scared to death.

It must be like a dream to stare back at those black hair.

"Young Master, are you really Young Master Sun Hao?"

A banshee Xiu stepped forward, her two rabbit ears trembled slightly, her expression agitated.


Seeing Sun Hao nodded, everyone's faces showed their spirits.

"He is really Young Master Sun Hao! This powerful guy has really come here! I can see and buy fairy wine, it's a great luck!"

"I'm so excited! To see such a peerless character, my heart can't stand it, it seems to stop beating!"

The bombing cries kept ringing.

The banshee with rabbit ears looked at Sun Hao fiercely, "Master, do you have a Taoist companion?"

After saying this, the banshee with rabbit ears lowered her head, her face was red.


I haven't even collected the good fortune now.

Even if you can't practice, how can you find a Taoist companion.

Even if you want to find it, it is naturally a dream first.

"I only sell fairy wine here, and don't talk about him." Sun Hao said.


The banshee with rabbit ears nodded, "Master, I'll buy three bottles!"

"it is good!"

After the money and goods were cleared, the banshee with rabbit ears took out a letter jade slip and threw it on Sun Hao's table, "Master, this is my letter jade slip!"

After speaking, the rabbit ear banshee repaired quickly and left.

When Sun Hao reacted, he was gone for a long time.


Sun Hao looked at Chuanxin Yujian and shook his head secretly.

"Too famous, this is really..." Sun Hao secretly said.

Fortunately, the banshee repair here is not so fanatical, and has high quality.

Otherwise, being pushed to the ground by them would have unimaginable consequences.

Sun Hao weighed the jade slips and put them in the Qiankun ring.

"My son, I'll buy three bottles!" The voice of a nun woke Sun Hao.

"it is good!"

"Ding, blessing value +3."

Sun Hao was in a good mood when the prompt sounded.

"My son, this is my letter jade slip!"

After that, Banshee repaired away quickly.


Sun Hao was dumbfounded.

If you received such a letter from your body, wouldn't it be noisy to death by the vibration?

No, it must not be collected again.

It's not good if you are jealous.

Thinking like this, Sun Hao stood up, "Everyone, please don't send jade slips again, otherwise, I won't sell immortal wine!"

With this sound, the girl demon repair lowered her head, and her face was a pity.

"Ding, blessing value +3."


Such prompt sounds kept ringing.

Sun Hao looked at the blessing value panel with his eyes shining.

"If this continues, it won't take long to collect 300,000 blessings!"

"I don't know what will happen after the value of fortune reaches 300,000?"

In Sun Hao's eyes, there was an expectant look.


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